I’m Not A Dork, But I Play One On TV

My sister and I spend a lot of our time watching films.  We also like to align ourselves with the characters, bonus points for pairs in terms of siblings or best friends.  We choose mainly on either personality mostly, but also sometimes merely by looks; occasionally the choice comes out with both attributes.


I’m the Nick Frost to her Simon Pegg (Paul, Hot Fuzz, and just in general).  It’s pretty obvious.  We look more similar and I’m just more goofy in a Nick Frost kind of way.


I’m The Black Widow to her Iron Man (The Avengers).  Only because Black Widow is intelligent and speaks Russian.


I’m the Edith to her Margo (Despicable Me I & II).  Because I would think dating is gross and would be ecstatic over pancakes in the shape of a dead guy.


I’m the Iris Simpkin to her Amanda Richards (The Holiday).  I totally would need an awesome older Hollywood guy to tell me to start being the leading lady, whereas Amanda and my sister ARE their own leading ladies… among other things.


I’m the Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen to her Mikey Walsh (The Goonies).  I do like ice cream and I do, indeed, end up breaking a lot of things, besides the photo evidence where I’m smiling my chubby cheek smile and sporting a flower print button down shirt and windbreaker.


Alexandria (The Fall).  I pretty much looked just like her when I was young.  It was hard for people to understand me.  I was shy and then brazen.


I’m the North to her Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians).  I would have tattoo’s.  Wield two swords.  Seem kind of scary.  Filled with wonder.  Russian.  Has Yeti henchmen/workers.  Lives in the cold.


I’m the Shawn Spencer to her Burton “Gus” Guster (Psych).  My favourite fruit is pineapple.  She always had the real jobs.  I’m really good at noticing random, small things.  I’m more goofy and less sexy.


Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club).  Besides the photographic resemblance here… I was socially awkward in high school and not well liked.  Very odd and eccentric.


Hellboy (comics and films).  He’s big and scary, though actually really nice.  The main factor here is that he really digs cats.


I’m the Louise Belcher to her Linda Belcher (Bob’s Burgers).  feisty and menacing.  Maniacal and clever.


I’m the Sam Winchester to her Dean Winchester.  I’m better with research.  I make pouty face.  I’m more likely to have demon blood and be tapped to be Lucifer’s vessel.


I’m the Maw Maw to her Virginia Chance (Raising Hope).  I have always wanted to be the grandma.  I would be the batty old lady who eats in the bathtub and runs around in her bra.


I’m the Melvin Frohike to her Fox Mulder (The X-Files).  I would totally be in an underground conspiracy theorist group.  Fussy.  Weird.


I’m the Kate Flax to her Charlotte Flax (Mermaids).  I resembled Christina Ricci in different parts of my life.  I was a huge swimmer trying for a free breathing record.  I was taken care of more by my sister.  Bonus points for my mom resembling the mother, Mrs. Flax.  My mother too tried to work her beauty to her advantage and served finger foods really well.


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