Normal People

Tonight I was keeping my sister company while she made dinner.  She was trying to flip food on a tray in the oven, but when it wasn’t really working out, she asked, “How do normal people do this?”

I had to honestly respond with, “I don’t know how normal people do things.”, and it’s a true statement.  People, the masses, society, civilization, all those other people out there in the world that are not my family.  It’s like that internet meme about the cat forgetting how to cat.


Yeah, that.  We feel like this on a regular basis.  The cat who forgot how to cat.  So many people will talk as if things, that are difficult for us, are exceedingly easy, every day occurrences.

One, is making money.  They can make money hand over fist, seemingly from thin air.  Or to be hired for a job as easily.  Not that we’re looking to make money hand over fist, but a bit more money would be nice.  We’re not looking to get married in this moment in time either, my sister and I, but according to the way other people, out there in the world put it, it’s the easiest thing in the world to accomplish.  They’ll meet someone and BAM they’re getting married.  How do they even meet someone that quickly?  They’ll tell you to get out there and mingle, when they themselves do not even do this.

Or even mundane things seem to elude us.  The recipe we find online states, “and just turn food item and continue baking” like it’s so obvious, so easy, like breathing air; only when we try it, you can’t just simply turn the food item over as easily as the recipe writers statements would have you think.

But then I think that perhaps everyone forgets how to cat at different times in their lives, as I’ve read numerous articles and heard people recount various scenarios in which they can’t comprehend how some other human could accomplish such and such so easily, or how they too have forgotten how to cat, because they forgot how to spell the word rain or forgot their age or that two and two is four.

Perhaps it is a seamless assumption that other humans move so effortlessly through this life and that we must be doing something wrong and aren’t quite up to scratch with the rest of those humans when we’re a bit off.  But it might only be that humans do not like to retell their fuck ups, so the picture is skewed and seemingly perfect.

I know I am not the only one who will state about not doing something as good as another human, and will also turn around and state that we’re all always messing up, else no one would be chiming in with how “we’ve all had those days” or “we’ve all been there” when it’s one of those very normal forgotten how to cat moments.


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