Art Walk

My town hosts several Art Walks through the year, and this past Saturday was the first one for 2015.  They’re held downtown from mid-spring through early winter.  I, myself, haven’t been to one in a few years.  This one was rather low-key to ones I have gone to in the past; but it was nice and relaxed and I am quite fond of nice and relaxed.

Art Goers (photo cred = The Sister)

Like I said, nice and relaxed.  This is what it looks like when Mountain visits an art show.  That is me, sitting down, next to our mutual friend, in the Gallery of Persian Carpets; which is what I have renamed that particular gallery, since it contained something I was super excited to see. Note that Mountain will always end up sitting under a painting that they resemble, colour wise.

Persian Carpets

This was an unexpected surprise!  We had no idea that this gallery would be showing carpets.  Growing up with hand-loomed Oriental and Persian Carpets, we were like kids in a candy store.  Having a knowledge, also made my sister and I cringe when people trampled all over the rugs, or that the art gallery owners didn’t even care.  Until it is purchased and in your home you don’t walk about all over rugs.  They are art.  If they are in a gallery or a store you treat it like you would a painting.  A painting you don’t get to rub your hands all over until it’s purchased and in your home.  These people were basically taking the paintings hung on the walls, putting them on the floors and stomping on them.  You can see why we cringed.

The largest rug is a Persian Tabriz.  Persian rugs come from Iran (what was once Persia/The Persian Empire).  The secondary name is the town in which that particular rug is made.  The Tabriz is made in Tabriz.  These rugs are known for their intricate flower motifs in the border and field.

To the left is a Serapi.  From the Heriz region in Iran near Azerbaijan, the town was formerly known as Serab.  These carpets will either be known as Serapi or Heriz.  Besides thinking it was beautiful it made me think of my Aunt.  My Aunt is the reason we know about carpets and were surround by them.  She named one of her cats Serapi.

Hosseinabad is a higher quality Hamadan

The next one up, the pink one is the Hamadan, from the region of the same name in Iran, situated west of Teheran.  This city is one of the oldest in the world, one with a long history of carpet weaving, but only recently are they getting the attention they deserve.

The corner one is a Kazak.  This is not a Persian, but a Caucasus, from the Caucasus region in Asia.  The Kazak rugs come from Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

Top middle is a Turkish carpet, using the Turkish instead of the Persian knot, but I am no rug expert, so I have no idea exactly what type of Turkish carpet as the gallery didn’t deem it important enough to say.

The last rug is also a Hamadan.

Gorgeous carpet, but the gallery didn’t even supply info for it.

The rest of the time was spent strolling along the closed off streets, photographing what caught our eyes, stepping into galleries to view the art or perusing street vendors wares; and really just enjoying the nice cool breeze.  Really though, my favourite part were the carpets.

Art Walk Collage

What caught my eye, you might wonder?  Roses at dusk next to the comic book store.  Chalk art at The Little Building.  A view of our downtown.  A cute couple, where the girl was excited about having been asked to have their picture taken.  A sculpture of iron and stone at The Shop Downtown.  Coloured lotus flower inlay on a historic building.


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