When I Had A Pet Rock

I have a pen-pal.  We were both on Postcrossing.com, which is a site all about sending and receiving postcards.  When you want to send a postcard, a receiver is randomly selected for you, and you send them a postcard.  Your address will also be given to a random user so that you can also receive a postcard.

Vintage postcard, from the Netherlands, received through Postcrossing

I have received postcards from all over the world.  I adore postcards and postal history.  Of course I would sign up for this.  I also learned a lot and it was really a lot of fun.  Sadly, however, I’m no longer able to participate because it just began costing more than I could afford.  But, early on in my Postcrossing days, an address for a girl in the western part of the US came up for me.  In her thank you response to the postcard I had sent her, she asked if I would want to be her pen-pal.  I’m not one to say yes to that.  Later, I would find out that she’s not one to ask that.

Photo Adventure’s Club photo-a-day

I did say yes and we’ve been writing to each other for five years now.  There are a multitude of reasons why I am glad that I said yes (and that she asked), but one main reason was the photo-a-day challenge that we created.  She came up with the idea to do her own at the end of last year, but wanted my help.  Our photo-a-day challenge, The Photo Adventurer’s Club, launched in January of this year.  We’re taking a break, but that’s not the point.  The point is that while the first part of this year was filled with photo-a-day awesomeness, the month of April was my absolute favourite so far.

Pet Rock Goes For A Walk

The April photo-a-day was Pet Rock.  Participants chose a rock, and followed the prompts with their new pet.  So, let’s meet Igneous, or Iggy for short.  My pet rock.  I had so much fun following the prompts with him.  That months photo-a-day actually made April a much better month for me than it normally would have been.

Watches A Film, Plays An Instrument, Takes A Nap, Goes Someplace New

Iggy enjoyed an evening of watching the film Jonah Hex.  Most people don’t like it, but we do.  Don’t judge.  He also learned how to play a drum, which is something he’s always wanted to do.  There was a much-needed nap and his very first visit to the midway when it was in town.

Takes A Bath; Iggy likes to pretend pirates in his little bath tub.
Plays A Game; That Paper is a nasty piece of work!
Makes A Friend, Goes For A Ride, Runs Into His Old Nemesis Paper, Learns

Iggy befriended a Carpenter Bee; they are friendly bees after all.  He took a ride in Pappy’s pick-up truck, which he really enjoyed.  Day 14 was a rough day.  Paper showed back up.  Paper’s a bully.  Iggy also learned some Russian.  He’s very interested in Russian.  He’s also interested in desserts, which is the section that he started learning first.

Goes On A Date; Iggy asked the super foxy Swedish Christmas Goat on a date to the Disco.

I had fun using vinyl record albums for back drops.  Two were used for the Disco Date.  A 60’s album of Enoch Light’s Big Band Bossa Nova for the background; a personal favourite, and Kenny Rogers & The First Edition Greatest Hits for the floor.

Goes Skydiving, Goes Shopping, Tries A New Food, Hosts A Tea Party

Iggy had fun skydiving, though he’d never thought about it before.  He had loads of fun at Walgreens checking out the new nail polish colours.  He tried hot buttered rice for the first time, which is something my grandfather passed down to me & is an important comfort food.  Iggy’s high tea was a huge success with his friends Mini Buffalo & Fox.  They’re all fans of Downton Abbey, so of course there would be a high tea!

Meets A Celebrity; Iggy thinks that Legolas is THE coolest person ever.  They met, Iggy fan-girled a little.  It was awkward.
Cooks Dinner, Attends A Rock Concert, Reads A Book, Saves An Animal

Iggy made dinner for me when I wasn’t feeling well, isn’t that sweet?  Iggy does have the ability to time travel.  He accidentally time traveled Legolas back to our house.  He also time traveled us to a 1979 Van Halen concert, which was awesome.  Iggy’s a big fan.  Van HALEN, not Van HAGAR, though.  Iggy re-read one of his favourite books, The Lord of the Rings.  He also saved Baby Hippo from a very high ledge.  Baby Hippo is Iggy’s Pet-pet.  Baby Hippo was very glad to be saved and Iggy was very relieved that Baby Hippo was alright.

Goes To The Beach; Iggy is an avid surfer.  He thoroughly enjoys it.

Here I used The Ventures “Surfing” vinyl album cover and one of my favourite skirts and my pink mirror to create this awesome, in my opinion, surfing scene.

Gets Some Culture, Works Out, Flexes His Superhero Persona, Gets Artistic

Iggy and I took a trip to Egypt.  It was lovely.  What was also lovely was the Egyptian woman at the bazaar that he really liked.  Umm.  Iggy doesn’t do a lot of working out, but he does try on occasion, but those girya’s are HEAVY!  Iggy is a huge fan of Wonder Woman.  This is going to be his Halloween Costume this year.  He made it all by himself.  He is very pleased and excited.   He’s also so sweet he drew me a picture of himself to hang on the fridge!

Misbehaves, Does Chores, Plays A Sport, Hangs With A Rough Crowd

Iggy got into all of my embroidery floss.  It was not fun.  In addition to helping clean up that mess, he also helped me with laundry the next day.  Who knew he’d be really good at towel folding?  Even though polo is a posh person’s game, he’s always found it interesting because it’s like vicious croquet on horseback.  He does LOVE croquet.  He’s on a team.  They won.  He also had a small kerfuffle with some Dwarves.  They’re not mean, but they are a bit rough.  They thought he was a mountain and proceeded to try and bust into him to make a home.  They’ve since smoothed that over and I’m glad to report are now very good friends.

Non photo-a-day related fun

Iggy and I also had some non photo-a-day related fun.  We went to a glorious historic opera house and saw Verdi’s Il Trovatore.  We do enjoy opera, but are only ever able to listen to it at home.  This was a first for both of us.  We also went on a picnic to the park.  A play-date with another pet rock, Hap.  During a trip to the grocery store, upon our exit we witnessed a really beautiful sunset.  We also visited Iggy’s friend, Beaver, in hospital.  Beaver’s all fine and dandy now!


The title is a bit misleading.  I still have Iggy, he just hasn’t made much of an appearance lately, though I think I should change that.


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