Tasha Tudor: Around The Year

Tasha Tudor: Around The Year exhibit

The uni library partnered with the main downtown art gallery to display the work of Tasha Tudor.  She was primarily known for her miniatures, her details, her greeting cards and the borders that accompanied her illustrations in various children’s books.  We did not know who she was, but were nonetheless interested in seeing the collection.

I was especially thrilled with her tiny, miniature drawings, her borders and not that I’m a fan of dolls, but she made things in miniature for her children’s dolls to play with.

Untitled; 1931

One of her early works that inspired her mature work.  This illustration was only about 2 or 3 inches in size.  To draw so tiny is amazing to me.  I also like the border work and the subject detail of Colonial America.

Untitled; 1970

An adorable, and miniature, doll size Christmas card.  It was so cute, in fact, that I used this as my happy picture of the day for the #100HappyDays project I’m working on.

She created a tiny post box, which she named Sparrow Post, so that her kids dolls could send letters to each other.  She even created a catalog with fabric swatches and patterns, so that her kids could place orders for doll clothes.  They would send their orders through the Sparrow Post, and she would make the clothes and send the parcels back through the Sparrow Post.  Seriously, too adorable!  This was also about only 2 inches in size.

Merry Christmas greeting card; 1958 – Take Joy! The Tasha Tudor Christmas Book; 1966

A lot of her greeting cards were really great, with tiny details or borders, but this one was my absolute favourite.  This is the one that I would have sent to people.

Edgar Allan Crow short story; 1953

Besides illustrating for other people’s children’s books, she did come up with some of her own.  Miniature books that were hand written and bound with tiny illustrations.  My favourite, however, was her tale of Edgar Allan Crow for several reasons.  First, Edgar Allan Poe.  The fact that she also thought his name was spelled Allen.  Crows, I love crows & she did too which is really cool.  Plus, it’s just adorable.  I also like knowing that they would put a hand crafted crow on top of their Christmas tree every year.  I want to do that!

Oddfellows Gallery Little Free Library

On a similar note, my town is putting Little Free Libraries up all over the place.  I love them.  I think they are a great idea.  Oddfellows crafted theirs to look exactly like their 1907 neoclassical building & it is right at the entryway.


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