Adventures in the South… Part I

I do a lot of adventuring in my hometown & the immediate surrounding areas.  Mainly the adventures are with The Sister, my older sibling and best friend.  So, I wanted to do a blog post where it’s just random pictures from my random adventures.  So, here we go!

Fabulous mid-century architecture that houses a local branch of AT&T.
Long ago vacant building downtown with it’s beautiful two-toned greens.
The interior of our historic Art Deco theatre to see the premiere of the indie film, SubSIPPI.
A rusted panel truck & rural landscape outside of town.
The time the Winchesters breezed through on a hunting trip.
Momma & baby just taking a break.
When I needed a bit of direction.
The happiest fence in the world.
The plate & pull.
Kickin’ it old school Star Trek with this fab architecture.
Pipe & brickwork.
Meeting an owl at the farmers market.
Finding fossilized coral on the walking track in the woods.
The gorgeous colours at the Big & Tall.
The stunning architectural details of our Art Deco post office.
When two strangers, whom society thinks should hate each other, have a nice & soothing conversation about fish.
The resplendence of autumn during the Thanksgiving holidays in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
Mid-century modern architecture that was always slated to be businesses; all tucked in a little row.
Stunning nature, that I had neglected to notice for my entire life, until I decided to turn my head to the right.
Sculpture in dedication to the elephant and the goat that were best friends, once upon a time.
The serene sunset at the local state park during mid-December.
Knowing that there is a rose bush that flowers outside of the comic book shop.
Late summer clouds that remind me of The West.
The B-24 Liberator on a chilly & windy March day.
Because I adore a prehistoric relic that is native to my stomping grounds.
When something so out of place just feels so familiar.
Because The Sister & I love being tourists in our own town.
Loving that our train station was saved & revitalized… & wishing I had somewhere to go.
When the tiniest feature in a public setting has the largest impact on me.
When The Sister & I stumbled onto sacred nature that has now been wiped away by an apartment complex.
When on a tiny, quaint hedgerowed drive that feels like it belongs on the outskirts of a an English village…and then there are fantastic clouds.
Historic plaster & exposed bricks.
When your aunt is a world renowned expert in Persian carpets… and then there’s one randomly on the floor of an art gallery.  You get excited.
When The Sister’s shadow reminds you of the sixties.
Stumbling into the Himalaya’s.
Watching the paint peel.
Bronze statue of a bird that doesn’t reside in this state, but is everywhere.
Remembering that while springs are unrulingly hot; they make up for it in glorious bursts of colour.
That one time the Empire invaded.

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