Fall Art Walk

So, art walks are a thing in my town, as I sure they are in a lot of towns in the US.  If you’re unfamiliar, it is generally an event where people walk around in a centralized location to look at art which is set up in buildings or on the street.  Anything artistic really.

So, to get this story started in as short of a way as possible, there is a guy who owns a business downtown which is where our art walks take place.  He really digs my sister.  Not in a creepy or romantic way, but just because she’s got a nice wood sprite-esque spirit about her that generally most people enjoy, and he likes her work.

Picture a 1920s vaudeville producer telling a young ingénue, “I’ll make you a staaaaaar.” complete with cigar and that rat-a-tat way of talking, as one imagines a vaudeville producer would talk.  This is basically what happened earlier this year.  His actual words to The Sister were more, “I’ll give you a show” and the cigar and pencil-thin mustache were imagined in my brain, but that rat-a-tat way of speaking, which is not normal for this guy, was most certainly in that line.

The Sister got that show, and also a permanent space to display any of her art.  This time she wanted to do an exhibit and incorporate other people.  One of those people was me.  I admit I was nervous.  I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t be, but you know how that goes.

This guy had a call for artists and I took some stuff to show him.  Long story short, he didn’t like it.  I’ll admit it stung the way it went down, but what can you do?  People are people and don’t generally handle things well, or well according to the feelings of the other person involved.  But it is what it is.  He also never cared one way or the other for me, as a person.  Not a problem.  I’m not a big talker, and though I may be at The Sisters side 80% of the time and met him four years ago, his indifferent treatment towards me seems pretty on par and not a big deal.  But couple that with the illustration “fiasco” and what if he eats me for being in this exhibit.  Sometimes my imagination runs away with me, you have been warned.

This is why I was nervous.  It’s irrational, but it was still there, looming in the back of my mind.  And the result was generally the same as any other time.  I worried, yet things were fine.  So, I was in an art exhibit.  I wasn’t eaten.  The world did not go splodey.  So, let’s get on to that portion, shall we.

The Fab Four of Origami? (photo cred = The Friend)

So, here we all are posing in front of our exhibit with all of our origami.  It is me, The Sister, The Sister’s Friend, & The Friend of The Friend.  The Sister & I are like night & day, I know.

Holy origami, Batman!

And here is a hodge-podged collage of the exhibit; from the beginning process through to the end.  Lots going on, but it’s hard to capture accurately unless you’re just there standing in front of it.

Thomas Jackson Art

While my parents were viewing the O Art exhibit, my mother made an aside to me.  She pointed left and said that my art was MUCH better than that persons.  That person is someone whom I know through The Sister, and is someone whose work I really admire.  “Mom… that’s Thomas Jackson’s work.  I really like his stuff!”  😦  If I had the funds, I would definitely own one of his pieces, probably, if it wasn’t weird, then more like four or five of his works.

The Sister; in the recognition line-up | her piece entitled The Portal | posing with her work | talking to The Mom while The Friend photographs me.

The Sister was selected to participate in the Emerging Artists Exhibit, so naturally my entire family was there to watch and listen while she was being recognized, along with the other artists in the show.  She just had the one piece in the show, but it was enough because loads of people were really digging it.

Lady in Orange & O’phelia ;; Shanquita Jones | Treasure ;; Anna Dancisin | Sunrise ;; James Hennis
Awaken & Tired ;; Kenika Weaver | Tranquil ;; Zina Brown | Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos ;; Hector Boldo

I always imagine how awesome it would be to capture the types of photo’s that brave people capture; where they ask someone to pose next to whatever it is they should be posing next to.  I wanted to be that person that night and ask individual artists if I could photograph them next to their art.  Besides not knowing which face went with each piece, the thought also gave me jelly knees.  So, that probably would not have happened.

Arts Council Promo for Emerging Artists Exhibit | Mark Klinedinst & Betty Press with their book.

However, I know this guy!  He lets The Sister & I swim in his and his wife’s pool during the summers.  When he sees either of us out, he says hello.  I was still nervous, but hitched up my big girl pants and took a shot at it.  I have come to realize that while people may not bask in the spotlight, most of them do want the recognition and publicity.  They’re already putting themselves out there and the added exposure is welcome.  I need to remember this, as I’ve missed opportunities to take photo’s of people, of artists, because to me it seems partly hokey… and what if they don’t want that spotlight…?  Or not from me…?

So, this guy I know, he compiled a book about Hurricane Katrina.  The lady that took the photographs was there and he dragged her into the photo as well, which is awesome.  So, Editor Mark Klinedinst and Photographer Betty Press, everyone.  They had the book published, so as to be available to anyone; different formats and varying prices >> http://katrinatenyearsafter.com/.


It was raining a lot during this art walk, so the streets weren’t blocked off, there weren’t throngs of people strolling about, and just not a lot of activity, but I did venture out with friends to two places.  First was The Lucky Rabbit.  It’s been here for a couple of years now, and only open the first weekends of every month.  I also have never been able to find it, nor had I been, until last night.

The Lucky Rabbit | The Friend & her family | Hey, I had that wrapping paper one year!

It’s basically a market place with different spaces for people to sell vintage and handmade wares.  It was pretty nice.  I should go again.  And I want to say bless The Friend because when I asked to get a photo, she’s standing there giving it her all like a grand gay pirate while her family seems a bit afraid.  This is why The Friend & I are, well, friends.

Art Deco details at our Historic Saenger Theatre

I know it can’t just be me, but is there a place that when you go, you just sigh a great sigh of happiness and feel peaceful?  Our historic Saenger Theatre is one of those places for me.  I have a lot of memories there, from seeing plays and musicals when I was a child, to performing in dance recitals, as well as attending concerts and films in my later years.  But it’s also just the bones of the place.  There’s just something magical about it.  And yes, I did the happy, peaceful sigh and was content just being in the space.

The sign for the Ladies |The Friend wanting to photograph the fountain | Details | the raised, rounded hall separating the theatre from the foyer.
Silent German Sci-Fi film that they were screening. Wish I could have seen the entire film.

I did a minor bit of walking towards the end of the evening.  I popped my head into one gallery & came away with a free art print.  I also snapped a photo of the sidewalk outside of a bank that has not been a bank for at least thirty years.

The Chickens are Out ;; Bobby Walters | Bank

Also, The Friend gave me a gift that night.  Tenderheart Bear.  Huzzah!


So, in closing this very weird blog post, it was a really odd night, but also a really great one.  I didn’t sell that much of my origami, but I did make two sales, and hey, it’ll be up awhile… & more importantly I was in an art exhibit during Art Walk!  I got to see some really fantastic local art, conquer a few irrational fears, and meet a few new people.  I was able to go somewhere I’ve never been and to one that I always love going to.

While I wasn’t able to see the entirety of the film, I was still able to see a Silent film… from Germany… a Sci-Fi to boot, with a hauntingly beautiful score in a 1927 theatre that I adore.  While the rain kept people at bay, the weather was actually rather lovely with the slight chill in the air, that our region has been unaccostomed to for so long this year, as well as the pitter-patter of the drizzling rain.

And I just got the spend some nice quality time with The Friend, which is always nice.



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