Mississippi Receives Refugees with Open Arms

No, I’m sorry, apparently we don’t welcome you.

I really wish that this could be the true title of this post, but sadly it isn’t, as our current Governor who will do “everything in his power” on all things that don’t fit into his personal agenda, has stated he won’t have them.

Really, Tim?  Cancer?  They’re humans!

Mississippians tout themselves as The Hospitality State, but apparently they’re lying.  They are also lying when they claim they are loving, giving, and helpful.

Yes, Lance tell us all what The Hospitality State really means!

There are people in the world who need asylum.  People who have had to leave their country and need somewhere else to live.  It shouldn’t matter what nationality these people are, only that they are homeless and suffering.  Mississippi, with all of its claims, should be the first state to roll out the welcome mat.

Yes, because Jesus didn’t wash peoples feet, or feed them or clothe them.  He was too busy thinking just like you, Richard!

Yet, collectively they are slamming their doors and bolting them tight, afraid of things they do not understand.

Perhaps read The New Testament again, Tim.  I’m pretty certain that this is NOT what Jesus would do…

The majority of Mississippians also claim to be Christians.  A Christian is supposed to be someone who helps others.  Someone who follows the New Testament of The Bible; follows in Jesus’ footsteps.  Yet, the majority of Christians chiming in are so unlike the savior they say that they follow that the hypocrisy is blinding.

Annette, you do NOT have a Christian governor.  You have a governor who is everything that Jesus was NOT.

More non practicing Christians of Mississippi are the one’s wanting to help people in need.  How is this possible if non-Christians are heathens, like it is said, and Christians are the embodiment of Christ.  I think someone needs to re-evaluate the world they’re really living in.

Thank you Miss Missouri, yours was really the only reasonable & logical statement in those comments.  Sadly, it was ignored by most.

I am personally appalled at the hatred of these Mississippians.  The blind arrogance and ignorance that they are all marching to.  Refugees are not terrorists.  Refugees flee from terrorists.  You are simply wanting to damn them to an unreasonable fate because they don’t fit into your little “perfect” box of what a suffering human is; a white Christian, who is bigoted and hateful.  Who are you people?!?

I am ashamed to say that you are my statesmen or that this is my home.  You are the worst type of people, you know that?  In films and books you are the type of person who ALWAYS gets their comeuppance.  I don’t even want to wish any ill will on you, but Goddamnit y’all, have some fucking compassion for other people or stop calling yourselves Christians.

Man up and help someone else.  Stop being the petulant child who doesn’t want to share its toys.  I don’t know what book you’ve been reading your entire lives, but Jesus shared.  Who the hell are you really following?  I mean, really?

What are you even talking about, Judy?  Children will still go hungry here because the governor and other “Christians” only care about them while they are still in the womb.  What planet do you live on & what does this have to do with the topic at hand?

I’m so disgusted with this state right now I want to spit nails.  Actually and literally want to spit nails.  How dare you.

Dear Syrian refugees,

I know you probably won’t read this, but in case that you do, I apologize for the immature and selfish reactions from my fellow statesmen.  We’re not all like this.  People do care that you’ve lost everything.  I hate that you are going through this and might end up reading that practically the entire south seems to hate you for no other reason than ignorance.  You’re not hated.  You are people.  You deserve so much better than this fear-mongered backlashing.  Pay it not attention.  There are people who will help, because they have kindness in their hearts.  Just think on that & ignore the rest.


A girl from Mississippi


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