Adventures in the South… Part II

Some more random photos from adventures.  Last post centered on my hometown.  These photos are from anywhere in the south-eastern US.



Finding the perfect home

Driving just to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in the theatre for the first time because you were too young back in 1981
Bricks & green
The Big River at the south
Go home museum, you are drunk!
A happy little elephant
The fanciest parking garage in the world
The cathedral
The time you stumble into a Russian-themed bar and realize they know Russian worse than you do! (Hint: It should say ‘I work’, but they neglected the dash between l & o. Without l-o this means nothing)
The Big River in the middle of the state
Finding Oscar the Grouch in an appropriate setting



The Kentucky Infantry during the War of 1812. These guys were super swell, not to mention how adorable the wee guy in front is in his little outfit!
Learning, from a plaque in the ground, that a tribe of the Sioux branched off and moved way south
Abandoned spider web
Historic church
Entrance to the Jewish Cemetery
The War of 1812
Discovering a labyrinth walk in the middle of nowhere
Ending up in the heart of football where they play music in the downtown area like you’re at Disney World. This was my favourite thing about that place.



Detailed fort glass
Edgar Allan Poe



The Sister & I experiencing locally made ice-cream in freezing weather
Colonial door detailings
Reminiscing about telephone booths
Practically deserted 1950s Mexican themed “wonder” land
The curious incident of the Spider Saves books
Owl & bricks
Brick & Fern
Early Type



Dia de los Muertas



The crow who graciously allowed me to photograph him. Seriously, a super highlight in my life!
The Sister & I at the top of the world



The time my mobile putzed out and decided to take photos in 1940s Kodachrome.
The mobile deciding on its own that things needed that vintage hue

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