The Misadventures of a Southern Family

We’ll, just insert a low-key post here.  I just want to do another picture post, but this time of photos that I find to be hilarious of amusing in some way.

It all started when I found out about this app called Perfect 365, which from the photos helps girls who look perfectly fine, enhance themselves to be “perfect”.  All I took away from that were all the possibilities of hilarity I could come up with!  Perfect beauty is codswallop, but for more on that, you’ll have to wait on another blog post.  For now, enjoy my Perfect 365 beauty creations as well as other amusing photos from my past.




When I get a new app tool to “enhance” myself, ALWAYS expect results like this!


Yes, folks, this is my answer to “perfect”.


This photo of me in my baby time literally makes me laugh out loud.


“Yessh, cake… bring me more cake…”


Gnoshing on ornaments… like ya do.


Can’t miss a photo opportunity with a massive train crash!


“Table for two, Bernard.  And DON’T keep us waiting!”




Winding up a music box… like a BOSS!

“YEEE-haw!  To the bandit hide-out Virgil.  Let’s ride!”


“Honey… I’m home!”


The family that builds dams together in a national park… well, just builds a dam together while all the other families think they are odd.


The only time that I ever officially graduated.

I’ll just go ahead and add that the girls with the stars were my very best friends in Kindergarten.  The boys with the circles, the boy in the top row is who I had a crush on, while the boy in the middle row had a crush on me.  Who thought it was a good idea to get a bunch of fidgety kindergarteners together for a photo?  hahaha


When the fake bear is MUCH too small.


Falling asleep in a cave, because that’s just how I roll.


The south Mississippi version of Frozen.  Baby sis Anna representin’ y’all!


“Because I wear my sunglasses…”  INSIDE!

This photo, by itself, isn’t amusing, but every time that I look at it I can’t help but remember our shenanigans together.  So, we rode the bus together.  I was in the 4th grade and she was in the 1st grade.  No one liked us, so we became friends; banded together for greater security, which led to us being best friends until she moved away.

I wanted to help her not be bullied so decided to give her some street cred with the kids on the bus.  For a few days I would hold my 4th grade math book up behind the seat that we shared.  She’d read from the advanced long division page like she just knew what she was talking about.  We would LAUGH about it later, but the ploy worked.  They thought it was cool that she was so smart and stopped bullying her.

The next incident happened at the time of this photo.  It was my birthday party.  I was a hyper kid and acted before I thought.  She’d gotten something on her dress and my “logical” solution was to just use the water hose to clean her up.  If you’ve ever seen the film Tommy Boy, it was a very Tommy Boy moment where Paul is hosing Tommy down with petrol.  Sung was having as much fun as Tommy Boy did in that scene, only unlike Paul I was also having fun.  We were just some crazy kids.  However, her parents were aghast when they found out I’d washed their kid with a water hose.  Thinking on it now, it was a terrible idea, but Sung and I had a blast.


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