Trump Supporters Are Nazi’s


OK, so this is the message that I’m receiving loud and clear through my news feed today.  It reads that all, or most, Trump supporters are throwing out the Nazi salute at rallies.  It reads like it’s a thing that is happening with lots of people at rallies for Donald Trump.  Perhaps I do read too much into things, but then I know I’m not the only one.  Luckily for me, I don’t trust things and must research further when inundated by lots of information that is like this.

So, my first thought was, “Holy shit.  I need to research this, because if this is a thing, this is very, very bad.”

Research done, and thankfully I am glad to say that it is, in fact, not a thing.  It’s just the one woman.

I haven’t decided exactly how I feel about Donald Trump yet, as a Presidential candidate.  I don’t like him and would vote for pretty much anyone over him.  But, there was an opinion that had a reasonable tone to it, which was that this is pretty much a reality show production.

I do know and understand the things that he has said.  They are asinine and ridiculous.  They are also hate and fear mongering and are terrifying things.  Yet, half of the time most of what he is saying can be laid down with television and I can’t help but think that he’s just watching a lot of telly (or someone is watching it for him) and then saying, “THIS!  OK, let’s push this and see if the people go crazy, this will be hilarious!”

So, I haven’t decided if he really is that evil or if this is some huge real life reality show…  or both?  Either way, the man should never be president.

While I theoretically like the character of Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future films; because it is a fictional universe and Biff is kinda cute (I know, I know!  He’s a terrible person!) in the 50’s and the 1880s (though I know it’s his relative) and I like the actor because he seems cool; however, none of this means that I want anything remotely akin to Biff Tannen as President.

All I can think if Trump wins is the alternate 1985 where Biff Tannen rules the world Hill Valley.  That is never a place I want to be.  Ever!  Yet, that’s pretty much how the US, at least, will be if he becomes President.

But moving back to Nazi Salute Lady.  There is very conflicting information, as you have when it’s a he said-she said situation.  But I’m leaning towards Nazi Salute Lady as slightly crazy in this instance.  Why, you ask?  You might be thinking that it is for THE Nazi Salute.  Not really, though that is bad enough.

>>Anti Trump Protester

So, here we have Michael Joseph Garza, the anti Trump protester in the photo giving his spiel.  First of all, I do believe that Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, and in this instance the school yard pissing contest is so beyond juvenile.  I understand protesting and not agreeing, but middle school name calling?  Please.

I know one would say, “But they’re protesters and they have every right to say what they want… and those supporters are racists.”  Yes, that’s technically true.  But what is the point of fighting hatred with hatred or ignorance with ignorance?  It never works.  Yes, those people were getting pumped over horrible things that were said, but those things aren’t about them.  Once you start saying horrible things ABOUT them, do you think they’re going to listen?  Nope.  Not a chance.  You have essentially wasted your protesting time, basically.  You’ve just made them hate you and cling to what they already want to believe.  Trump: 1 – Protesters: 0.  Good job.  Don’t get me wrong.  This goes for any protesters who use the same tactics.  It’s ridiculous and doesn’t work.  Unless what you’re going for here to also spread hate, then never mind, you’re doing it right.  *rolls eyes*

Next up, he’s trying to help them leave through the crowd.  I’m taking note here that while the supporters are downcast and some have pent-up anger, it is actually, via Garza’s words, the protesters who appear to be hopping at the chance to take some people out.

He does initially state that they are really great protesters in the world of protesters, but goes on to say that a protester ripped a sign out of an older man’s hands and Garza and only a few others are willing to clear a path through other protesters for these elderly supporters to leave.   Sounds a bit crazy to me!

Anyways, he’s trying to motion her through and he claims, ‘She goes, and I quote “Go? Back in my day, you know what we did-” Bam. Hail’s Hitler.’

Which doesn’t make any sense at all.  But we do have a Nazi Salute for some reason, so let’s see what the woman and her husband say.

>>Husband of Nazi Salute Lady

The husband of Nazi Salute Lady is Don Peterson.  He claims that the protesters were calling the supporters Skinhead and Nazi.  They told a girl who had a sign equating Trump to Hitler that it is really stupid.  He goes on to say that the protesters were shouting Bernie Sanders name while doing a fist pump, which his wife said reminded her of the Nazi Salute.

Peterson and his wife decided to give the young whippersnappers some schooling and said if they were going to do it, to do it correctly, and she heiled Hitler for them.

Well… that escalated quickly.

He goes on to state that they need to know what the Nazi Salute is and what it meant, so as not to bastardize history.  Also to let people know that they are not Nazi’s.

Okie dokie.  First of all the raised, or clenched fist, is a symbol of solidarity and support.  The initial reasons it was used was as a resistance to violence, and later to organize labour unions.  It has been used mainly for groups in a positive way, though there have been instances when negative groups will use it, including people for White Power.  However, the only time in Germany’s history that this was ever used was prior to WWII, for the communist party.  It has nothing to do with Nazi’s or Fascism, at least not in Germany’s history.  If you are the slightest bit confused, Nazi’s and communists are NOT the same thing.  Not even slightly.  The communists despised the Nazi’s and vice versa.

So, tell me again how your mind immediately jumps to Nazi’s when seeing this symbol?  Because I’m assuming that most of the world does not… unless they are woefully uneducated.  I’m also well aware of his statement that his wife grew up in West Germany, but I’ll get to more of that in a minute.


>>Nazi Salute Lady

Now we can read from Nazi Salute Lady, Birgitt Peterson.  She describes the protesters as rude and states one of them was holding a sign with Hitler on it and she took offense to that.  So she questioned them about it; asking if they knew what their sign stands for, who Hitler really was.

She goes onto state that they were demonstrating something they had no knowledge about; that they don’t know what they are doing.  Then she heils Hitler for them.  Then states about the Nazi Salute that she is not a Nazi.

None of that article makes mention of the protesters making a fist pump.  To what I’m reading Mrs. Peterson is only upset over a photo of Hitler, which the first article never even mentions was part of the protesters signs.

However, I have problems with everything Birgitt here said.  Both the article quoting her and her husband say she was born in West Germany.  Which is a huge clue, even before they quote the date as 1946.  Just a recap, prior to WWII, it was just Germany, or more accurately Deutschland.  It was relatively the same area as present day Germany, though the Nazi’s did later recapture lands that had previously been there’s in past years; like during The Holy Roman Empire.  It wasn’t until after the end of WWII, that Germany split into East and West, along with Berlin.  The end of the war was in early May of 1945.

So, dear Birgitt never grew up in a Germany that was occupied by Nazi’s.  She knows the same as any of us who came after the war.  She might have a slight advantage, having actually grew up in Germany directly after the war, so she would personally have the opportunity to hear people shushing her about the war, or perhaps saying things like, “Wir reden nicht darüber.” or some other such thing.  Possibly even a “Wir tun dies nicht!” in correlation to the Nazi Salute.  But, for the most part, during the years after the war, the people of Germany were more worried about the split of their country, rebuilding, loss of family either through war death or this new country.  Just dealing with this new life.  And none of them were actually doing the Nazi Salute, at least not in public.  So, if she saw people doing this, what type of family is she from anyways?

So, Birgit, did not live it.  She has absolutely no personal rememberings or knowledge of any part of Hitler or the Nazi’s.  To even be believable she would have had to at least be born in 1939/1940 and then I might believe that she personally remembered.

Someone commented with my exact thoughts and was rebuttaled with ‘but there were news reels and photographs.’  So.  I too have seen these.  It doesn’t mean she has personal knowledge.  That’s like me saying, well even though I was born in Mississippi in 1980, and I have seen photographs and news reels on Mississippi’s Freedom March that I know about it because I lived it.  That’s just ridiculous.  Do you prefer a year that’s closer?  Jimmy Carter.  He was voted out of office the year I was born, so I know all about him because I’ve seen news reels and photographs.  Give me a break.

Not that Nazi Salute Lady is mentioning media, but both her and her husband act like they were forced to work under the man, and they weren’t even born yet.  And if they can’t see any correlation between Trumps words during this campaigning or Hitlers words prior to becoming chancellor, then they are woefully uneducated.  Just about anyone can see that, I suppose, except for the people actually supporting Trump.

I honestly think that Birgitt and her husband have no clue what they are talking about.  Ya know, because every time that I see a photo of Hitler I assume that the kids these days don’t know anything about him, so logically I throw the Nazi Salute… and perhaps add a goose step in there along with it for good measure.  Because that will tell them everything they need to know about history.

Seriously, how does that even happen?  That’s the most ridiculous thing I have probably ever read in my entire life.  First of all a fist pump is NOT a Nazi Salute.  A half-assed wave (like what’s pictured for Beyoncé) is more akin to a Nazi Salute in appearance.  Does she Nazi Salute her friends when they wave?  Also whatever the lady may or may not have learned about Hitler, I’m not even going to question, though my thoughts are that it wasn’t enough.  When I disagree on another’s view of Hitler I don’t Nazi Salute them to “teach” them about history, even in a passive-aggressive way.  This is not a thing that people do unless they are, themselves, the stupid one’s.  I think The Peterson’s need to actually watch some BBC Nazi documentaries and expand their knowledge on Hitler, The Nazi’s, and WWII.  Or perhaps they just need to socialize more, or take a class on how to human, because they are doing it wrong.



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