Too Late With The Retro

Retro Renovation was doing a massive uploader project, where readers could submit photo’s of their retro living rooms… and I missed it.  But you don’t have to!

>>349 Photo’s of Readers’ Living Rooms

It’s a lot to look through, but there’s some great stuff there.  Some are everyday people’s homes like one would think, while others look like they staged their home to be an extra set of Mad Men (and I think some did, because they’ll say, “And check out that Mad Men lamp”, etc.)

As for me, I did take the photo’s, but only today was getting around to choosing the good ones and wanting to upload them.  That’s kind of typical of me.  I really want to do something and then, “Ooh!  A Kitty!”  or  “Ooh!  A nice rainy day!”  or  “Ooh!  Ice Cream!”… you get the picture.  So, I’ll just “submit” my retro living room photo’s here on my blog.



Here’s the thing.  I live with my parents, so I have a living room/den of my own.  Also, while the uploader was for living rooms, some people chose their dens, because really it’s kind of interchangeable during this day and age.  We do have a living room in the front of the house, but everything’s older than retro.  But our den, where the telly is located is rather retro, so I chose the den.


The Den:





So, we have groovy early 70s wood paneling and box lighting.


  • Boomerang Coffee Table
  • Green Chair
  • Zodiac Art Nouveaux style woman (above green chair, done in 60s/70s)
  • Red wall tapestry
  • White and red Erector Set rocket (middle left shelf)
  • Rocket piggy bank (top left shelf)
  • Doll House
  • Fireplace bellows
  • Round yellow vase (top right shelf)
  • Kids Chair
  • Side table (beside kids chair)
  • Framed kitten greeting card pictures (above couch)
  • Cat pillow (made out of 1973 fabric calendar – on couch)


  • Colourful diamond shape rug
  • Lamp (bottom right shelf)
  • Putz Houses (bottom left and middle right shelves)
  • Retro Telly picture frame (middle left shelf)
  • Tree weaving art (wall beside green chair)
  • Paper lantern light
  • Black and white Euro pillow (on couch)
  • Travel wall tapestries of Great Britain



My Den:



This is an extension to my bedroom.  It was unfinished when we moved in and my parents fixed it up.  It was always called The Play Room, but now it’s called The Slant Room, for obvious reasons, as the roof is slanted.  It has absolutely no windows.  These pictures are fantastic, considering the no light thing.

I also realize that my den is very retro kitchen kitchtastic, which is probably tacky and odd, but who cares, I love it.  And you, dear readers, get the full tour.  Lucky you!



My adorable Alien Kitten, Scully!  I know, I know.  I’m planning on putting material on top of the seat cushion, but for now you get a photo of it in all it’s cat fur glory.


Side table beside the chair.  Also Scully’s basket, which she now refuses to use, because   A: I cleaned the blanket?   B: She detests roses?   C: The chair seems more inviting?

Retro items:  Everything, basically!  haha.  The rug, scarf, table, chair, knitted pillow (in the chair), tea cup, top book (green), Colorado ashtray, yellow lighter holder, view master and slides.


Ah, the View Master.  This is the oldest one in the house.  We also have my brothers red, white and blue one from the early 70s along with his Scooby Doo and The 6 Million Dollar Man slides.  Then there is a grey one that came with official NASA slides of the moon landing and then general space and rocket pictures.



I welcome you to the record playing area!  I could have fit all of my records on that shelf, but then I would have no use for my awesome vintage starburst record holder.  We couldn’t have that.  And that black record set is for learning French.  So cool.

The table is a red, metal kitchen rolly cabinet from the 50’s.  It belonged to my paternal grandparents.  It kept begging to be my record table.  I almost used it earlier, but didn’t, but the force was strong with it and now it is pleased as punch and so am I.

Retro-esque:  The Gumby figures (behind the rock with a face), Star Trek TOS Scotty plushie, 1980 Black Barbie (hard to see, bottom shelf left), 50’s House Wife Tarot Card Set.

Retro: Table, table cover, planter, yellow container (bottom shelf), hand painted by my maternal grandmother, Pablo the Penguin book.


The vintage roses lone pillow case that had its day as my favourite pillow case, so I then split it and am using both pieces as table cloths.  The other is in my bedroom.  Then this pink and grey cobblestone-esque planter with toys in it.  There are playing cards and dice from Colonial Williamsburg, Silly Putty, a miniature Etch-A-Sketch, Han Solo frozen in carbonite, and that little white and black thing is a look through thing with a 40’s photo of Pirates Alley in New Orleans.


Retro outfitted my record player.  Collage of vintage magazines for the insert and then a collage of flowers for the top.



So, next up, one of three bookcases.  This one is also retro.  The lamp is retro-esque, but the baskets on top are vintage and handmade by my maternal grandmother.  Then we have a handkerchief, which was probably also stitched by her.  Then a matching Erector Set rocket.  My mom gave this set to my dad when they were dating in the late 60s.  We found it again, and it was in pretty bad shape, so I salvaged what I could and made three rockets, one of which I gave to dad for Christmas (which is the one in their den), and is pretty similar to this one that I claimed for myself.



Next bookshelf.  It is also vintage.  Along with some books and postcards and the wee owl on the top shelf, and the birds from Russian on the bottom shelf.  Retro-esque would be postcards making up a postcard wall, and the lava lamp.



Another shelf!  This one was hand-built by our family friend.  It’s awesome that she’s self-taught in all her craftiness.  Anywho.  A couple of books, the vase, some trinkets.  Top shelf, the windmill, car, and floral tin.  Retro-esque, The Birds Barbie and the Star Trek TOS Captain Kirk mug.



That fabulous flowers painted on wood thrift store find?  It’s personal.  My mother painted it while she was pregnant with me.  Also my retro-esque Putz house (covered in penguins! – I made all of the Putz houses in our home – there’s four) and another handkerchief, also probably stitched by the same grandmother.



Vintage watch parts tin from my dad’s old shop, a souvenir rock from the Norwegian-Russian border, and tobacco tins.



And because it’s in the same room, next to that last bookshelf, you get to see my vanity.

Retro-esque:  the stool, lamp, mirror, Alice in Wonderland poster.

Retro: the vanity, the Egyptian wooden doll, the hand stitched table cover, the basket, the matroyshka pin, the green dish with lid, and the oriental rug loom on the wall.


The Office:


And since I don’t wish to make a separate post, you get to see the office too, because I just organized and redid it.


The main bookshelf


Three of the shelves.  The second to bottom has all of my language books and practice journals, while the very bottom has the sewing machine and a basket with extra bits.  Note the View Master in the second photo.  That’s the one that was my brothers and it’s sitting on the box that mine belongs in, but which is full of slides.  And the awesome miniature sink and fridge from The Sisters’ Swedish doll house she had as a kid.



The left side closet, which is directly behind my desk and chair.  The top shelf has paper, some books to be sent off to a friend, and a basket full of origami folds, and secret closet art!  The top side shelf are mainly my dad’s Marine and Boy Scout books, then my photo albums, as well as a vintage Brownie Camera and a Vintage Polaroid.  The Brownie was my mom’s camera and the Polaroid in the black case was my dad’s.  Then we have the scanner/printer, and then drawers with work stuff.



The right side of this big, double closet.  More secret closet art!  Then my typewriter and extra coffee and sewing things in the baskets up there.  This side is for art and craftiness mostly.  Fabric for sewing, papers for collaging, books for illustrations, my pens, a small jewelry section (though it does have pretty bottles of coloured writing inks), postcards and stationary.  I also labeled everything… in German… because I’m a language nerd like that.



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