Swimsuit Ready

Since I was just on the topic of body image and linked to my previous article on being swimsuit ready, it’s time for this post.

Because of the initial post referencing the gals who were against the propaganda of needing a perfect body in order to be beach ready, it got me all fired up to do a Swimsuit Ready illustration series.


Why, yes, I do create illustrations, more of which can be viewed at PeruvianPinkArts.com.  I generally illustrate people, mainly women.  I strive for imperfection with my illustrations, because humans are very imperfect.  Which is a fabulous thing, I think!  Everyone is so different and I try for that in my works.

Anywho.  I did create an entire series centered around being Swimsuit Ready, which if you don’t feel like visiting the other posts, I’ll recap:  You’re already Swimsuit Ready!  Just put your suit on and go.





Aren’t they lovely?  This is y’all ladies!  In all of your varying body styles!  Varying sizes in breasts, hips, arms, waists and thighs.  Dimply skin, perky and not so perky boobs, etc.  You’re all fabulous and beautiful just as you are.

Summer is fast approaching.  You want to swim?  Just put on that swimsuit and get in that water!  Have fun.  Enjoy the sun.  You don’t need to become perfect to put on that suit.  Honey, you’re already ready for that suit, no matter which one that you wish to choose.



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