Reality via Polyvore

In my last two posts I shared dream outfits and rooms that I created through Polyvore.  This last post I’m going to show all of the reality creations; the rooms and outfits, as close as I could get them, to what’s actually in my house and what I actually wear.




This was basically my wardrobe from age 16 – 25-ish.  Wide-leg jeans, combat boots, various black graphic T-shirts, messenger bags.  Yep.


When I joined the site in 2011, this was my wardrobe.  The grey clogs are the only actual item that I owned, everything else I had to just find the closest things.  I did have a pair of flair jeans and a pair of cuffed roll up jeans.  All the shirts and tank tops are close enough to get an idea.

I still own the representations of the orange and the purple fancier shirts, as well as the red wedges, the cop shades, the purse, the earrings, and the acorn and the Hamsa pendants.  The acorn pendant that I have was made by The Sister.  I actually have three now.  They’re small, colourful felted balls attached to real acorn caps.  Very awesome.


1 year Polyvore

Made an updated wardrobe last year.  Forgot to include some past things, but I still have representations of all four pairs of shoes, both skirts, the blue T-shirt and the fun print next to it (it’s actually the same style T-shirt, but I chose to go for something similar in print), both the coat and jacket, the black cropped leggings, and the loungy black yoga pants, and the purse.

I run through tank tops and T-shirts like crazy.  They either get stains on them that won’t come out or the cats’ claws end up digging into them and making holes while I hold them.



This is the wardrobe I made a few days ago.  I included just about everything.  I left a few things off the other ones, but my wardrobe has grown since then, which is good.  I did have a flower print, halter-top takini five years ago that I didn’t include, but had gotten the black takini three years ago, but didn’t include it in last years wardrobe update.

A few things are the same as before, I just found different representation.  The colourful purse at the bottom is supposed to be the same purse from the previous years wardrobe.  The two skirts and both boots are also supposed to be the same.  I also still have the blue T-shirt and the bright print one, but chose to show the print one as the bright blue and pink one this time.  The bottom scarf is meant to be the same as the previous year as well.

I’m generally a contact wearer, but always have a pair of eye glasses as back up.  Had the one’s pictured here when I made the previous one, but didn’t add them until this time.  Have gone through two pairs since five years ago.  One was my regular pair, then obtained a free pair through some promotion online… but then my prescription changed slightly.



Recently decided to do some work-out sets.  Dream vs Reality.  This is my dream work-out outfits and places for general working out and swimming.  I’ve pictured a natatorium, but it could be a pool outside that was really and truly public.  Or hell, really, I’d just rather have my own pool, but I just chose something more realistic.  Absolutely a swimmers suit would be ideal.  I had one all through my teen years.  I wore it until it fell apart.  Can’t find them anymore locally, so I haven’t gotten one.

And for working out, I’d love to join a gym and have access to all the machines and knowledgeable people helping me with stuff… and actual work out clothes!



But, you make do.  So, I have non sweat-wicking “work-out” clothes.  I have just one of my tank tops and kind of thick wide-leg yoga-style pants.  These are not ideal for working out, as they are hot and heavy.  I also do not have any trainers, which would be ideal and helpful.  I have ratty, old sandals.  So, I have one kettlebell (though one should have two), I could have put an old milk jug filled with water as well, but I didn’t.  I have a Bollywood workout DVD that I also didn’t include.  I also have the road in my neighbourhood or a walking track… in subtropical weather… again, that is terrible put with the clothes that I have.  Oh and Sam’s Club water in a plastic bottle.  Woo!  hahah

For swimming, I do have a pool I can use, but you can’t go to it very much as it’s someone’s home pool.  There are certain hours and times of the season and you can’t just go all the time.  I want to swim EVERYDAY!  And I have that black takini that is terrible for actually swimming.  I have to tuck the top under the leg portions when I get in the water or it’s floating out and away from my body and all in my face and in the way of actually swimming.



This one I did together.  Yoga.  It would be awesome to have real yoga clothes that are conducive to movement and aren’t hot and heavy, as well as being able to go to yoga classes… but for beginners… or for fat girls.

But I have the really hot clothes that get in the way of movement, and either a yoga DVD or The Sister teaching me things, or sending me videos online.

It does sound complainy, but really I’m just dreaming.  Although, while I don’t have to have “official” work-out clothes, something less cumbersome, sweat-soaking, and hot would be nice.  Trainers I think are a must.  Otherwise, it’s fine.  Though I do wish I had a pool I could go to more often, even if it wasn’t everyday, as swimming is my all-time favourite thing in the entire world.  😦



And for fun… I give you The Sisters wardrobe.  She has plenty of swimsuits and better suited work-out clothes!  She also has a lot of boots, but that’s because my calves have always been large and even with Plus Size companies make boots for us fat girls, my calves STILL don’t fit!

If she can get away with it, you will always see her in yoga/work-out type clothes or shorts and tank tops or sun dresses with flip-flops.  It’s warm 3/4 of the year here, so that’s all the time.  If it’s cold, you’ll see her bundled up for an Arctic expedition in boots and sweaters and her white puffy marshmallow coat.



I created a few rooms from our home last year.  I was able to upload actual items that we own, but I have no idea how to do that now.  So… my actual photographs from our dining room are all of the tea-cups and saucers, the candlesticks, as well as the plate and green item on the sideboard.

The tea-cups with saucers are from entire china sets.  As in ENTIRE.  Like Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, and various serving dishes and platters.  The top set, Roses, was inherited through my maternal grandmother and belongs to me.  The second set The Sister inherited from our California Mom.  The third set dad received in trade for jewelry work and belongs to The Sister.  The green plate at the bottom is from a small set of just eight plates and two different tiered serving plates.  Dad also received that one in trade for jewelry work and is my mom’s set.

I also found our exact crystal online, so didn’t need photos.  The top picture is the set that was passed down through my maternal grandmother, so is mine.  There are taller glasses, squatter glasses, and tiny glasses, as well as a pitcher and a sugar and creamer set.  The next picture is for the set dad received for jewelry work, and it belongs to The Sister, as does the bottom photo, which is gold-rimmed, as it was inherited from our California Mom.  It’s the only crystal that actually was purchased to go with the china set (when it was purchased sometime in the 50s).  Everything else we have is hodge-podged and doesn’t really match what it’s going with, which is fine.

That green thing at the bottom is a reproduction Victorian pickle container.  It’s from the twenties or thirties and was passed down from my maternal grandmother.

So, everything else.  Let’s see.  The huge oak buffet was in the house my mother grew up in.  Her dad purchased the house furnished and my grandmother gave us that a little after I was born.  The sideboard, dining table and chairs, and the little table were inherited from my maternal grandmother.  The dining table and chairs are from the forties, the little table came with my mothers childhood home and the sideboard is from the eighties.  The mirror also came with mom’s childhood home and was inherited, as did the candlesticks.

The chandelier came with the house and the Persian carpet was given to my maternal grandmother in the seventies by my aunt, who sold them, then my grandmother gave it to us in the eighties.  So, the only thing that’s showing that was actually purchased, was the lavender paint on the walls, the chandelier (because we purchased the home) and the tall lamp that I purchased.  There is a vintage tall, narrow, wooden cabinet that my parents purchased at an antique mall when I was a kid, but I couldn’t find a good representation of it, so didn’t include it.



This is the office/guest room in our house.  My office actually.  I’m currently sitting in this room typing this out to y’all.  A few things have changed, but not much.

So, a lot of things in here were inherited as well.  The rug for one.  It was also gifted to my grandmother by my aunt and then gifted to us.  When we first acquired them, one was in the dining room and this one was in the living room.  This one we just moved up here.  The bed and dresser came with my mothers childhood home and were inherited and belong to me.  There’s two dressers and two twin beds.  They don’t have the actual one’s online anywhere so I did the best I could.

They’re probably from the 19-teens.  They are birds-eye maple veneered (though it was always just called Curly Maple by everyone in my family).  They’re both wavy front dressers like the one pictured, but I’ve shown in a swatch to the right the exact colour and pattern of the furniture.  The back feet of the dressers are just rectangles, but the fronts are intricately carved feet, and the mirrors are held in place by fancy curbed brackets (which the one pictured doesn’t appear to have.)  The footboard of the beds curves out a bit and all four feet on the beds are half balls.  The mirrors and brackets I removed and they are stored in the closet behind me.

The red wing-back chair, little side table, little white table, and desk are all from my mothers childhood home and thus inherited.  The bench is representative of an antique church bench that came out of some chapel at the university my aunt attended and when they were getting rid of them, she gave one to my grandmother.  I just stopped using that as my desk seat after six years.  I’m using a dining chair now.

The roosters (exact roosters, but ours are an antique gold colour), the mah-jongg set, and the large chinese painting were inherited from my grandmother.  My aunt gave her the mah-jongg set, and she purchased the art in China, not sure where the rooster came from, but they are cool!  The globe was a gift from my grandmother to The Sister.  It’s from the 60s or 70s and she found it at a yard sale.  It’s super nice.  I also love how out of date it is.  Honestly!

Then we have real currency from Holland, which The Sister brought back from her trip in the early 90s, my Alice in Wonderland poster she gave me as a gift (but that is in my room now).  The Swedish Christmas Elves that I got for $1 each at that West Elm after Xmas sale I talked about in my last post.  I do have a yellow iPod that was handed down from The Sister and that exact speaker/charger set for it.  The Ikea pendant lamp that we purchased on a trip to North Carolina.  We rigged it to be the actual shade on my flush mount ceiling light.  This was my bedroom until five or six years ago, but I switched rooms and the light stayed.

The alien looking art, top center, is my actual artwork that’s hanging in this room.  We no longer have the colourful stacking coffee cups, as a handle broke off one of them.  And the green lamp, roosters and telly are on the dresser.  The coffee maker is on the white table.  The wooden lamp is on the triangle side table beside the bed.  And I have a different lamp on the desk, and a MUCH older model computer than what is shown.


RBedroom2My bedroom, though it has changed a bit since last year.  First off, I no longer have my Beta fish, Fish, as he passed away.  😦  I didn’t take any of these photos, like in the Dining Room, but some of these items are accurate to what I own.  The chevron table lamp and the black and red record player.  The record holder and those exact records.  The wooden-style pendant lamp.  The curtains and the bed linens.  Though both lamps mentioned, the record player and record holder are in the next room now.  See this room has a smaller slant roofed room off of it.  It was always called the playroom.  I utilize that area as well.

So I have the bed long ways in front of the window along the wall and those curtains are hung in front of the bed.  I have a wooden side table that does not match the curly maple, but which my grandmother always put with this bed set beside my bed.  It’s tall with a flat back flush against the wall and curves out.  It has two shelves and now a scarf on top as the veneer on top is coming off.  And I have a small Persian prayer rug, given to my parents to give to my dad’s parents that I inherited after my paternal grandmother died, hanging on the wall.  The Persian rug on the floor was a gift from my aunt to my parents.  It was always in our den.  It’s my favourite and I think is way cooler than whats shown.

The natural looking shelves our family friend built and put into our closets.  I pulled both of the one’s in this closet out to use in my room.  One is now in the slant room holding books, but was my TV center near the room entrance.  Now, the other one is at the foot of my bed being my TV center.  The table that the record player is on was from my moms childhood home and is now elsewhere in the house.  Now I’m using a vintage red and silver fifties rolling metal kitchen table cart thing as my record playing station.  It was my paternal grandparents and our grandmother gave it to dad and he let me have it.  All that’s in the other room now.

The black book-case is a four shelved one with cut outs in the wood on the side.  I inherited it from my maternal grandmother.  It’s from the fifties or sixties and I have it painted pink.  It also got moved into the other room.  I did share photos of that room, if you’d like to see those here.  I have more art in my room now, mainly things painted by The Sister as I love a lot of her things.  But I also have a print of Owly and Friends in Autumn, which is from a comic book series for kids, and some framed pieces by another art friend of mine as I also really like her stuff.  The Quick Witted Crow print by John W. Golden, which I purchased while on a trip in Wilmington, NC., has been in this room since I brought him home, except for when I got him framed.  Although interestingly enough my art print was only $10, perhaps because I was buying from his actual store?

The rug loom that I have is different but this was the closest I could find.  It was a souvenir gift from my aunt to The Sister on one of her many trips to The Middle East.  The Sister gave it to me a few years ago.  But, I have it hanging on the wall in the other room now.



OK, the slant, or playroom.  The vanity, side table, and cedar chest were all from my mothers childhood home.  The vanity was hers growing up and was always painted white.  I used it as a kid, but it needed to change.  I painted it green and put new pulls on the drawers.  Where this is showing a second drawer and then just vanity front, ours has a door on either side.  So one drawer and then a door.  The side table is solid wood, so no metal, and is a lighter shade of wood, and has a bottom shelf where this one pictured doesn’t.

We purchased a stool for the vanity, which looks like that in shape, but I’ve supplied the actual fabric on top of it.  We also purchased a mirror, that exact one, in fact.  We almost broke it at the store.  All of the mirrors here were inherited through my maternal grandmother and are old, so the frames are heavy wood and the mirror is full of heavy lead.  It takes a bit of strength to pick them up.  We’re not used to new mirrors and when pulling it off the hooks at Target, we were expecting heavy and it almost flew out of our hands.  hahah.  I’m still amazed when I clean it how light and well, flimsy it is.  It’s weird.

The tall dresser is now in my bedroom area, and all of those bookshelves (except the one at the end of my bed) are now in this room.  Along with a low, rectangular wooden one with three shelves that was my moms from the seventies… or sixties.  The laundry hamper was gold and awesome and quilted vinyl over metal and only $5 at a yard sale.  But I find that I didn’t really use it and my cat, Scully, at some of the piping off the top, so now it’s going to end up in our yard sale… whenever we get around to having it.

I do have that actual lamp and it’s on my vanity.  The wooden doll was my grandmothers souvenir from either Morocco or Egypt that I inherited.  The Sister received one from my aunt from that same trip.  Her doll is tall and skinny and dressed in green.  Mine’s short and plump.  Kind of perfect.  heh.  I do have maps on the slant ceiling and postcards on a portion of the wall.  I also have a prayer rug in here on the wall.  It was a gift from my aunt to my parents.

That basket did hold my linens but they’re in the cedar chest now, which is in the bedroom area now.  I also don’t have a fake Persian rug that The Sister and I got at TJ Maxx in there anymore as the cats were always flipping it around and bunching it up.  There is a Persian rug that we inherited from my grandmother in there now though.  I also have The Sister’s old seventies dark blue, low sitting swivel chair from the seventies in this room now.

And the blue and white art in the black frame beside the dresser is an actual piece by The Sister titled The Patronus.  It’s Harry’s stag.  But it was only “on loan” to me for a bit, now it’s somewhere else in the house.  I do still have a Harry Potter theme piece she created; The Cloak of Invisibility.  It’s awesome and tiny and it was a gift for me.  ^_^

And now we’ve come to the end of this little tour.  Huzzah!


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