Rooms via Polyvore

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I like to play around on Polyvore.  When I’m not creating outfits I’d love to wear, I’m creating dream rooms.  So, with this post I’ll be showing off my lovely rooms.

Living Room #2

This is my most recent room and the first one where I created an actual picture.  It’s a bit intense, but I like it, especially those fab chairs!  They’re called Goldfinger.  Awesome.  They have similar dining chairs in the Goldfinger line and I can’t wait to create a dining room using them.

Those are mirrors behind the table lamps, but in this photo they are windows.  That’s also a rug above the sofa, but in Polyvore-Sarah-Pretend-Land it’s a piece of art and not a rug.  Also the two rugs on the floor would only be one.




Living Room #1

Apparently I do so well at home decorating that The Sister said, “OK, I will DEFINITELY live with you in your house!”  She won’t be able to look at me in my “terrible” outfits, but she’ll move into my dream home without a second thought.  haha.

In the top right corner are all the elements of the room.  There’s the wood flooring, the walls would be white, but that larger turquoise pattern would be one wall.  The other turquoise was for the pillows and the gold for the curtains.



I think this is possibly the most fabulous bathroom that could ever exist.  But then of course I would say that.

The shower area would have mint green subway tiles with the silver and white marble chevron design thrown in there somehow.  The honeycomb tile would be all of the flooring in the bathroom, shower area included.  For the sink area would be the mint tiles with the other one’s in there somehow.  But just around that unit.  The walls in general would be a grey-ish/silver/white.

Everything else on the bottom is lighting, art, and of course we need fabulous colourful rugs!  And a bidet!



I created the bedroom around all that patchwork wood furniture from West Elm.  The Sister and I ended up with a catalog years ago and shopped their after Xmas sale and we spent a total of $10 on tons of cool stuff.  Anyways.  I saw this in one of the catalogs that came after and absolutely LOVED it, so I was going to make a bedroom around that furniture!

Obviously, top left is all the artwork for the room, the center are all the linens, and top right are the wall and floor elements.  I actually created all of these rooms three years ago and am having trouble remember exactly where I was going with them.  I can tell the floor, the walls would be that cream colour with the wall behind the bed that white brick.  But the other element piece, though while fabulous, I’m not sure what that was for.  The ceiling?



I realize that mint and copper kitchens were a thing three years ago, but they have been a dream for me since I was at least five, when I saw a vintage 30’s kitchen in a book.

The appliances would all be that mint green that I’ve got slapped onto the middle of them.  I specifically found that lacy look and layered it onto the oven door, because I love that aspect of retro 50’s and 60’s oven doors.  I’d have lots of windows over the sink, and while I have a farm sink, I really just want a nice big sink.  Very unlike the double stainless that we have here.

The majority of the cabinets would be white and be mixed like that between solid and glass, with cubbyholes like that throughout and marble counter top.  I’d either have an island or simply a section of the cabinetry that had a wooden surface.  I’ve shown this with the wood island below the white and glass cabinets.  I like the latches and pulls on that, it would be white and that blonde and dark striped wood would be the top.  I’ve also shown the marble counter top with mint green paint and the mint and black drawer and cabinet pulls above the appliances.

No, I’ve not put much thought into this kitchen at all.  Haha.

So, I’d have different, but really awesome canisters for staples like sugar, flour, and coffee, as well as cookies, like what I’ve pictured at top center.  Then of course I’d want copper pots and saucepans for cooking and a copper kettle.  As well as copper and mint dishes that are not very matchy-matchy and copper flatware.

I’d also have a coffee maker and an espresso machine and those two are perfect.  I’d have a copper and black table and some sort of really colourful comfy chair for it.  Something that I think looks fabulous with the room, but really doesn’t go at all, like the chair pictured.





The perfect room for spinning records, relaxing, or playing on the computer.  I built this room around the floral print record player that I wish I had.  The patchwork wood furniture in this picture; the light brown square panel at the top folds down because this piece is a secretary.  That is where I’d put my Apple All In One computer.

I would totally have a retro telly that works and could hook up to a DVD player as well as a Roku, but the one pictured is a bed for cats and that’s just a win-win right there, so why not use that photo!?

Top left is the flooring and wall room elements.  Center is art.  Top right starts the lighting.


Dining Room

The very Art Deco dining room.  I’m pretty certain this hasn’t been in fashion recently, but nevermind, I’ve wanted this since I was somewhere between five and eight when I first started seeing Art Deco dining rooms in films and books.

Pretty self-explanatory, I think.  The chair has that white bit there because I’d want the seating to be white.  The room elements are at the top left-center.


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