Meeting Sarah; The Girl Behind The Blog

I haven’t really talked much about who I am, as opposed to how I feel or memories.  That changes right now.  We’ll take a fun photo look at what makes me up as a person.

So instead of a survey, you get this!  It’s fun, I promise.  Or at least, I think it’s fun!





I was born in 1980.


in Mississippi.


in September.


in the Year of the Monkey.


making me a Virgo.


Which means that my birth flower is the Astor…


…and my birth stone is the Sapphire.


For fun I like to get crafty in various ways, some of which include:


The time that I constructed a house out of cardboard and fancy paper and collage.


Creating beaded jewelry from a design taught to me by a friend.

>>photo cred = The Friend

Sewing felt plushies by hand.

Creating collages.

Weaving baskets.

Creating things with my sewing machine.

Making glitter Xmas ornaments.

Building vintage-style Putz Houses.


I also adore:

Baking, as it puts me in a good mood.

Listening to records.

Going through the drive-thru car wash.

Playing video games that are not all that difficult.

Learning languages on my own.  I’m currently brushing up on my French and also tackling German, Russian, Hindi, Choctaw, and Cherokee.

Playing board games.

Drawing illustrations, mainly of females as aliens or in historical or vintage fashions, though I’ve been known to draw males and other things in general.

Experimenting with various fingernail colour combinations and simple nail designs.

Reading books.

Taking pictures.


Making Animal Friends: 

The Crow who graciously let me take his photo at Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  I’m always happy to hear crows and seeing them flying around the tree tops near my home or near the tall parking lot lights at the local shopping center.  It always makes me happy when they are about.

The mother and baby (the dark brown fuzzy spot on her right side) bat who took a breather in my employers back yard.

The Highland Cow at the local fair’s petting zoo.

The toad that I’m glad I didn’t accidentally step on.

The moth who landed on my finger.

The Death Bee that fell asleep in The Sisters’ window seal that one time.  I whispered my hello’s to him.  And when the Death Bee’s are buzzing about our front yard I say hello to them.  They’re very social creatures and want to know who’s near their home and meet them.  It’s adorable.

The 60 year old alligator, named Jacques, at our local zoo, whom I’ve been taking pictures of and visiting for years.

The little snake that I stumbled upon at Bellingrath Gardens whom I was accidentally scaring with the flowy skirt of my bridesmaids dress.  I did apologize to him and he stopped long enough for me to take his picture.

Eels at aquariums.

Extreme macro shots of the rather tiny spiders that took up residence outside my bedroom window.  Yes, I did name them.

Stray cats that I see out and about.  Or neighbourhood/family cats at friends houses.

The little girl owl that was at the local farmer’s market.

Horseshoe Crabs in touch pools at aquariums.  You’re allowed to pick them up.  They’ll take their little crab legs and wrap them around your forearm to hang out; their barb pointed out and way from your body.  This is one of my most favourite things to do in the world, is to hold a Horseshoe Crab on my arm.

The real life version of the Spider Saves… books by Robert Kraus.  Spider, Fly, and Lady Bug.

Any Anole Lizard.  I always marvel at them, say hello, and warn them against coming in the house because of the cats.  When they do manage to get in the house I try my best to save them from the cats and cry when I find one that didn’t manage to escape.


I’m keen on collecting various things, though I try to keep it to some sort of minimum:

Cool buttons

Vintage telephones; though my entire family, including myself detests talking on the phone.

Geological specimens; which was instilled into me by my parents, who in fact started our ginormous collection when they were first dating in high school.

as well as Natural Specimens.  Though I never kill or injure to obtain a specimen.  Ever.  Mainly it’s an insect who has just died or creatures that happened to get caught up in shrimping nets, so are in our mess of shrimp that we buy off the boats.  I have baby squid twins and a small crab specimen from this.

Postcards; I still have postcards that friends and family sent me in my childhood, the one’s they continue to send to this day, as well as one’s I received while I participated in Postcrossing.

Vintage keys

Vintage spice containers.  Tin or glass.  I do use these, instead of new containers, to hold the spices.

Stamps; new and old.  My mother started my stamp book for me when I was a child.  My aunt and grandmother gave gifts of stamps from various lands for me to add to it.

Coffee mugs.  I really enjoy coffee mugs.  These are just a few of the one’s from my own collection and mean a lot to me.  The first I received as a gift when I was a child, it’s Peter Rabbit, his mom, siblings and Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter.  The second is one of a four set of various design mugs from Canada that my aunt gave us when I was a kid.  We each have one, though keep the set together.  The third I purchased and I like because it is orange, made in Germany and features cute cats with love hearts.  The fourth is The Lincoln Imp, and was a gift from my grandmother when she visited England.  The fifth, the black and white one, is a mug that I won.  The sixth is one that I purchased.  It’s a Starbucks mug, which I generally don’t buy anymore because they don’t have any that I like, but I love the watercolour floral element and shape of this one, and I like that it arrived on Xmas Eve.


There have been numerous vehicles, of one sort or another, in my life:



We owned this exact 1971 red International truck.  It belonged to my maternal grandfather, and my grandmother gave it to my dad when I was a kid.  This was also my very first vehicle in high school and I adored driving it around, though I wish it’d had a radio.




This was the very first car I ever purchased.  A 1964 Plymouth Belvedere.  I also wish it was still running, but that’s a story for another time.  The original owner purchased it in blue with a white hard top, but had it repaired to red with a white hard top and added in her own upholstery design.  That is the actual back seat upholstery from my car.  Wonderful!




This is the second car I’ve ever purchased and the one I still own.  I actually co-own it with The Sister as evidenced by our weird, overly grinning photo together.  He’s a 1997 Audi A6 Quatro.  He was made in German and then shipped all the way over to Montana for which ever very wealthy man decided he couldn’t have an American factory made Audi.  He was later driven down here to Hattiesburg.  A most impractical car for our area as he equipped out the woo-ha for everything severe winter wise.  We named him Frosty Fritz.

He had a bit of a bad go there for a bit, but I’m happy to announce that he’s feeling MUCH better now and is up and about again.  I even gave him a complete bath last weekend to celebrate.

I also have a general love of Classic Cars.  Anything from the very beginning of automobiles to the early 1980s.  It depends.  Most 1980s cars I don’t like, unless they’re pretty fab and unusual.  This was something my dad and I could share in when I was growing up as I would voluntarily go to classic car shows with him to ooh and ahh over all the beautiful designs.

Then there are trains.  I first rode a train on a first grade field trip and fell in love with them.  Then I was fortunate enough to be able to ride the train from here to Washington, D.C. and back on holiday when I was eleven.

Here’s a photo of me on that trip.  Yes, I realize that I look like a female version of Chunk from The Goonies… and it’s AWESOME!

It was a trip I took with my maternal grandmother.  We had a sleeper car on both the embarking and returning trips.  It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever experienced in my life.  I would certainly travel the rails more if I had the means to do so.


Perfect foods:

Fancy breads and cheeses

Snow cones with only a smidgen of flavouring

Raspberry dark mocha espresso’s

Chicken fried pineapple rice.  It’s all my favourites!


Homemade chocolate chip cookies with pecans.

Iced espresso with creamer


Other, random happiness:

My pet rock Igneous; Iggy for short.


Taking a promenade around the midway

My grey hair, which I have wanted since I can remember

Cats, since they are the most perfect creatures.  This happens to be my Gingie baby, Jupiter Poe.  He’s named after Edgar Allan Poe and one of Poe’s characters.

Making wishes on dandelions, which I still do.

Random happenstances of Pareidolia, such as the super happy face in my tzatziki.

Old and outdated globes

The Dark Crystal, as it’s my most favourite film of all time.

Persian rugs

Lemon patterned items

La Minatura, my favourite Frank Lloyd Wright building.

Rainy days!

Silent films

The term y’all.


Directional signs


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