Relations of Race

So… I have a few things to say on the topic of Interracial Couples/Marriage.  This post is brought to you today by an Old Navy advertisement.  I rarely shop at Old Navy, as I hardly have money for new clothes, but sometimes I still go in there.  Needless to say, this also means that I don’t follow them socially or receive emails from them.  However, this whole “fiasco” has come to my attention on my news feed and so, well, here we are.

I’m also realizing that my words up there might seem misleading on how I feel about such matters.  Personally, I don’t care.  I mean, it’s not my business whom people fall in love with unless I happen to be one of those people.  I do care as in, people should be able to love who ever they want to love.  I have absolutely no problem with same-sex marriages or different race marriages or couples, but it’s also none of my business and it seems weird to exclaim that I’m for it or something, when I have no desire to date or marry anyone, and no one needs my blessing or acceptance either really.  BUT!  without getting too nit-picky and logical, yes, I agree with any consenting adults loving whom ever they wish.



And while I am not seeking a partner, nor am I a homosexual, it still does bother me when people are just so mean, ignorant, and rude on such matters.


So, I’ll link to Hello Giggles, because their article was better presented.  If you haven’t read, Old Navy sent out a sale event advertisement and supplied a photo with it, the one above.  The only thing I see wrong with it is how it is very clearly staged and very, very fake.  Not that families can’t or aren’t this way, but that they are obviously models being paid for a photo shoot.  I don’t like that about most ad’s, unless I can find some humour in them, then I kind of like them.  But, this is what it is, an ad featuring models paid to wear these clothes and act out for the camera.  I just prefer more authentic and less staged smiles and laughs.

Anyways.  If this had come up in my Twitter feed, I probably would have skipped past it, because I’m not looking for clothes or a sale at the moment.  If I had looked at it, I wouldn’t have really thought any thing of the photo, not even the staged fakeness of it, as I’m only really looking at it now to really see if I have any problems with it.  I merely would have seen that there’s a sale going on and thought, well the only thing that’s even speaking to me about this is her scarf… does this make me interested enough to go in the store because it seems like their entire line is going to be a wash of summer linen white and pale blue…?  I’m thinking the scarf wouldn’t be enough to get me into the store for the sale.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have even noticed the family, I’d only have noticed the clothes and not been interested.  Perhaps if I were paying better attention, I might have said, “Huh… their not all white, well that’s cool.” but I doubt it.  I more than likely wouldn’t have noticed whether it was an all race family or a mixed one, because I wouldn’t have been paying that much attention… and that would be if I hadn’t just scrolled past it to begin with.

From a couple stand-point though, it doesn’t bother me in the least.  Personally the guy kind of bothers me a bit, but really he just seems like he would be kind of snappy and not a nice guy if you didn’t fit into his cool circle.  But, again I’m only dissecting this picture because there are issues with it.  My issues are not even issues; even though I don’t like overly posed advertisements… and I don’t care for the guy, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t shop in this store.  I simply always assume that the models for these things will be overly posed and am only surprised if they aren’t (whether it’s overly posed to be super happy, or super ennui) and it looks natural.

The issues that are actually surrounding this photo, shouldn’t even be issues to begin with, and really are just as petty as my issues.  If you haven’t guessed, people are up in arms over the fact that this isn’t an all white family.  (can I insert an eye roll of disgust here?)



These people’s responses to a photo are quite horrid, which the really terrible ones can be found in this article from All Night.  So, that one up there.  For one, I’d really like to know why that photo is “absolutely disgusting” because I’m just not seeing it… at all.  Also the only thing I can think when reading the line, “Pedophilia acceptance propaganda” is ‘for the love of all that is holy STOP listening to conservative talk radio!!!’

My dad listens to conservative talk radio.  He was never a horrible man.  He wasn’t a perfect man, but he wasn’t this thing that this radio talk has turned him into.  There words are nothing but poison!  It’s all fear mongering.  Fear leads to hate.  They just want you to hate everything.  It’s poison, plain and simple.

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to logically have a conversation with my dad in recent years and conservative fear mongering gets in the way.  His logic has flown the coop apparently.  He’s convinced, because they have said so, that interracial marriage and gay marriage are the exact same thing has pedophilia.  Also, if we open the doors for those two abominations, then pedophilia and bestiality will run rampant.

Who in their right mind wants to sit around and discuss the all-tells on pedophilia and bestiality.  Just talk about it constantly?  Sicko’s it appears to me.  Yet, apparently that’s really all those radio shows are talking about.  All it reminds me of is that scene from Harold and Maude where they go to see this preacher and he’s talking about how it’s an abomination that a 19-year-old boy and a 60 something year old woman would be having sex.  He’s talking about how gross it is, but really he’s getting excited by it, because he’s a sicko.  And he’s not even supposed to be talking about them sexually in the first place!

I’m not even saying my dad is a sicko, he’s just being brain washed by the stupidest stuff.  It doesn’t matter how many times I try to tell him that they key phrase is CONSENTING ADULTS, he just won’t listen.  He won’t even go to Free Comic Book day for me, if I happen to be out-of-town, because he’s convinced by conservative talk radio that everyone will look at him and think he’s a pedophile.  How is that helpful?  How is that not poisonous?

In case you are confused by consenting adults, I’ll break it down for you.  Most people in the entire world, not just the US pretty much agree that consenting adults is the only way to go.  Perhaps those place in the world, along with a lot of the US, do not understand what they are agreeing to, but they know what they are disagreeing against.  They are not for pedophilia or bestiality.  Pedophilia is one adult/one child.  Bestiality is one adult/one animal.  The child and the animal are not adults and they also do not consent.  End of story.

However, as for the consenting adult bit, while people agree that it should only ever be two consenting adults, they can’t agree on what that means, except what it doesn’t mean, which I’ve explained above.  So, really the term logically applies to any two people who are over the age of 21.  End of sentence.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s.  They are both adults, they both consent, and everything else is just hogwash and shouldn’t, logically, be used as an exclusion, or else one doesn’t understand what the term really means.

It should never matter who people love, or what they do in privacy, as long as they are both consenting and that they are both adults.  Examples of adult-non consensual situations would be a kidnapper and his victim, a rapist and his victim, etc.  They may both be adults, but only one in the party is consenting (the kidnapper and the rapist), that’s why they are against the law.  Though, some conservatives don’t seem to see a problem with rape because they are idiots.

So, two adults consenting could be two people of the same-sex or opposite sex, two people in the same adult age bracket or different adult age brackets, the same race or different races, the same religion or different religions, etc.  While I can totally get on board with pedophilia and bestiality as being abominations, though I detest this term now since it’s been overused by people at every turn who don’t even know what they are talking about, I can not get on board with two consenting adults of any type being an abomination.  At all.

And while I don’t have a problem with it; a Protestant and Catholic, or a Black woman and a Japanese man, or two women, or two men, or hell even a transgendered people with a non transgendered person… I still don’t understand why even if one doesn’t want that type of partner or that relationship, why they think it’s any of their business.  No one tells the white Christian couple what they can or can not do in bed.  Besides love is love, you can’t plot or plan that, it just happens.  You just fall in love with who you fall in love with.  And speaking sexually, none of that is anybody’s business but the two people who are engaging together.

You don’t have to agree with or accept it, but get off your high horse about it.  No one wants to hear how you don’t like something.  Believe me, we know.  Stop worrying about things that aren’t any of your damn business and let people be.  I might agree with all of the above scenarios of adult consenting, but none of it is for me.  Do, I meddle in people’s personal affairs?  No.

And that whole, “they’re shoving their agenda down our throats” business is tired and old.  Agenda is only a term used by crazy conservative talk radio people who spread their poison of fear and hatred.  Stop hating people or fearing what you don’t know.  You become a twisted and angry person and no one likes you.  You think the “opposition” is shoving their “agenda” down your throats?   Try again.  They are trying to not be harassed to death by people like you who are constantly telling them that they are wrong and YOU are shoving YOUR “agenda” down their throats.  First and always.  Don’t even get me started on the bathroom fiasco, as I’m saving that for an entirely different post.  Just… seriously.  Do everyone in the world a favour, including yourself and your own family… STOP LISTENING TO CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO!

Ahem… moving along now.

I might, and that’s a very, very slim and tiny might, understand if one had never been in the presence of an interracial couple before.  I might could see how someone might not realize that a lot of families are not “traditional” families.  As in opposite sex, same race, same religion.  But, that theory is blown out of the window by various factors.  One, just about all of these people know of at least one interracial couple, if not more, and for most of these people it’s someone they get on with.  And two, they seem to only ever have a problem if the couple is black and white.  More so if it’s a black man with a white woman, as opposed to a white man with a black woman, as per the “family” that is pictured in the Old Navy advertisement.

I have theories about this.  I think the reason that it’s so white/black centered is that white people just really, really dislike black people.  Not all white people, but apparently a lot of them.  And not just white people, I have known other people from other racial groups that really dislike black people, or even black people disliking other racial groups.  Apparently loads of people have problems with races that are not their own.  It’s not right, but then it also can’t be used as an argument against, considering that white man has ruled the world for so long and still does basically.

I think it is because the black people had Civil Rights.  They were a downtrodden group whom most white people didn’t care about, but then they fought for rights that they didn’t “deserve” and for equality in the work place, etc.  They are the only non-white group to have fought so long and to gain so many rights.  I think that those white people see the black people as more of a threat.

Sure, other non-white groups have rallied.  The Native Americans have, but it was too random and in spurts that it was always easily suppressed, white people didn’t have to stand up and take notice.  Other groups have tried, but then they haven’t had the numbers, the strength, nor the longevity of the cause on their sides to really put a dent into the white world, as the black people had done.

So, that is my theory, as sad as it is, that white people for the most part, don’t care about people who are not white.  They see them as subservient, as lesser than.  They continually sweep them under the rugs, so to speak.  But the black people caused the largest and most felt rift in the “normal” structure of things.  They were seen as a group to watch out against, a formidable opponent and foe.  They still are.  They don’t have nearly the same rights as white people even to this day, but they have more rights than any other non-white group.

I don’t agree with any of that.  I mean I stand by my theory, but what I mean is that I don’t see people as lesser or greater than another.  I don’t think it’s right that one group is dominant, or still dominant, and that others are cast aside, being seen as lesser than.  It’s wrong.  I’ve always thought that it was wrong and I always will.  But, I think because of all of that this is the reason why there’s such an issue with black people and why the interracial coupling of black and white is still more of a heated debate as opposed to white people with other races or an interracial mix that doesn’t contain white people at all.

I also think, as per my theory, that there is more outcry over a black man and a white woman because the black man is out stepping his place, as in ‘how dare he, oh, the poor white woman.’  Where as a white man with a black woman, while that does get backlash, I never see the same amount as the afore-mentioned, and I think it’s because of slavery.  That some white people might not see a problem with that, because it’s still generally seen that the man is the end all be all of the household, though that’s not really all that true anymore, but that a wife’s place is seen as lesser than to the husband, thus a black wife would be lesser than to the white man.

I don’t like any of that.  These people aren’t getting together to form ranks and see who’s better or worse than the other and these people certainly aren’t marrying to tie old bonds of slavery.  They’re getting married and being together because they are in love.  I’m only saying that I think that is why there is more outcry over one white/black coupling than from another through the general white community.  Also why there is more outcry over any white/black coupling than other interracial couplings.

Which to extend my theory on why those whites never really seem to have much of a problem with other interracial couplings, I’ll explain.  When I was growing up, I didn’t encounter many variations from “traditional” marriages.  I was raised Catholic, so the families at our church were all Catholic and they were also the same race and the opposite sex.  Except one.  A white man and a Filipino woman.  No one seemed to care at all.  If they did care, if was only a tiny bit.

Enter some family friends of ours, and enter an interracial factor of white and black.  Some of the family members did not approve at all.  At all.  Most of them were on board with another member of the family was an interracial couple of white and Asian.  Another family member with an interracial coupling of white and black, and there’s more opposition than the white/Asian, but it seems that they’re getting used to it.

My parents didn’t have a problem at all with the white/Asian one, but had reservations about the white/black one’s.  Why?  If you don’t think people should mix races then you don’t think people should mix races.  The white/Asian should be met with the same opposition and feelings as the white/black one’s.

I’ve seen black/Native American, black/Asian, Asian/Native American, black/Latin American, white/Latin American, etc.  I’ve never encountered people to have any real opposition to those couplings.  I don’t think people should be against it to begin with, and if they are, I don’t think they should have a say so, but if you’re going to be committed to something then, damn it, at least be committed to it and consistent.  One just seems like a hypocrite when one scenario of the same thing is OK and another is not.


I also still do not understand this rigmarole about wonky children from interracial marriages.  What wonky children?  I could show you picture after picture of children from interracial relations.  Asian girls with red hair and freckles and creamy white skin, black girls with golden skin and blue eyes, white boys with a slight slant to their eyes, etc.  I generally only see really, really pretty people as a result of interracial marriage.  I have seen a few wonky looking kids but I believe it’s more to do with the person they chose to fall in love with; their particular genetics and not really the colour.  However, I have seen far more wonky looking children from an all white marriage than I have from any interracial marriage.

The above photo was a tweeted response to Old Navy’s advertisement.  It was from a white person who finds interracial marriage disgusting.  I honestly don’t see anything wrong with any of those people.  How are they wonky?  Is it because they’re not completely white?  Is it that they are not completely any one race?

There are arguments about interracial marriage from more than just white people.  I can understand that.  When your race has been stripped, its language and culture and anything else that pertains to it, one might want to keep something.  I can see that.  But also some of those cultures are dying out because there isn’t anyone to reproduce with who isn’t related to you.

Also for white people, sorry but the reason that you are so pretty in the first place is because your ancestors intermarried with other races.  And why are you having a hissy fit over interracial marriages when you’ll proudly exclaim that your ancestry includes “Indian”.  You can’t have your cake and eat it to, you know.  If you don’t have a problem with the fact that your white ancestors married Native Americans, thus producing you down the line and your now, non bland features, then you have no room to talk about these so-called “wonky” offspring or that interracial marriage is wrong or an “abomination”.  Wake up!

I also notice that these white people never reveal if they have any black ancestry.  Why is that so undesirable?  I can not find any in my history, though it is probably there.  Sadly, it might not even be there for a good reason by consensual means, if it is there at all.  Seems like that type of thing would go undocumented, or else my white ancestors didn’t like the relative who went off and married out of their race, so never talked about it.  Either is a possibility, but it’s more likely of the sordid variety, and if that were the case, it would be very sad news indeed.  However, if I were to find out for certain that there was black ancestry in my lines, I’d be proud of it.  I wouldn’t deny that it was there; it would not be the proverbial skeleton in my closet.  Because consensual or no, that woman would still be part of me, her heritage and ancestry and family.  I wouldn’t slap her in the face by denying that I was part of her.

If this were the case (and it wasn’t simply a loving marriage), then she’s already been slapped in the face by either being enslaved or by being beaten down in society even as a free woman… and she was also slapped in the face by being raped.  I’ll not like the circumstances, but I won’t hate her.  I could never.  And I’d proudly say she was part of my family as I do with other people whom I know were part of my ancestral line.  How come other people wouldn’t feel this same way upon discovering that they had “undesirable” blood lines in their family history?  I don’t understand it.  Why is anything of this sort ever even considered undesirable to begin with?

I also have thoughts on the general acceptance in the white community of Native Americans and black people.  These are just my theories.  I do a lot of varied reading on things in history as well as current affairs and this is what I’ve come up with.

So, basically white people saw non-white people as lesser than; not people at all, for the most part.  There are the few and far between historical accounts of white settlers to the America’s being friendly with the Indigenous tribes they encountered, or of early white Europeans encountering Africans for the first time and being cool with them.  But for the most part there was enslavement of both races.  There were hostilities and fear against the Indigenous tribes of the Americans and extermination.

Some stories relate that extermination was unintended, as in the Europeans would happen upon tribes and things were cool between to the two peoples, but unknowingly the whites exposed the tribe to diseases that they had no immunity to.  However, this knowledge was later used against the tribes to purposefully exterminate with disease infected items.

I’m also not talking Columbus, The First Thanksgiving, or General/President Andrew Jackson as all three incidences have been white-washed so to speak.  Columbus was a fool and was selfish, arrogant, and cruel.  The Europeans involved in the first Thanksgiving were not on friendly terms with the neighbouring tribes.  And Andrew Jackson was not a “friend to the Indians”.

The Indigenous peoples were used for slavery, they were pushed from their lands, they impeded white progress.  They were seen as stupid and savage and far beneath the whites and simply just had to go away; gone and forgotten; cast aside; out of site out of mind.

The reason that the Africans were enslaved is simply because the white Europeans felt that no other nations of importance would miss them or even realize that they were gone.  Because somehow in the span of fifty-one hundred years they’d gone from actual people to things.

Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial School | >>

But then something weird happened.  By the latter part of the nineteenth century, slavery was over.  Yet, for the most part, white people in both the north and the south, including territories, black people were not well tolerated.  However, the Indigenous peoples were forced to assimilate.  The children were forced into boarding schools.  They were forced to speak only English, they were forced to dress appropriately like white children.  They were given Christian religions and Christian names.

None of that was good.  The white people were simply making something not white into something that was white, and therefore “acceptable”.  It was a cruel existence.  Children had the “Native” beaten out of them.  But why try and assimilate this group and not the other; the black people?

No, during this time period black people were ostracized, especially if they were mixed.  If, they could pass as white, many of them chose this, so to have an easier life.  They were not accepted as a black person, but only someone who other white people saw as white; a game of pretend, no one could ever know that they were really black.  Ever.  An Indigenous person who mastered the approval of white washing was seen in a better light than a black person who posed as a white person.  Not that the Indigenous person was really accepted or an equal, not at all.  If they “won”, they were now a white person, brainwashed into being culturally acceptable, and losing who they were.  They could have a job, but low menial white jobs, preferably where they didn’t have to interact with white people because their skin colour was wrong.

Both are terrible circumstances, but in the white man’s world, a “trained Indian” was better “accepted” than any black person.  Only a black person pretending to be white had it better than a “trained Indian”, but then if they were found out, they could be killed for it.  So, again… why did the white people want the Indigenous people to assimilate so badly, yet did not want the black people assimilating at all?

Move forward through the twentieth century and into today.  Black people have more rights than Indigenous peoples, which I think is due to the Civil Rights.  Black people are not all the same, even today.  More so, speaking historically as each nation was its own, but white people just saw all Africans as being the same.  Now, if one encounters black people, time has all but mostly erased the individual tribes and nations, so they are all simply American, yet they are not all the same, depending upon where they grew up.  Northern black people are not the same as Southern black people are not the same as Western black people.  However, they can all pretty much agree on most things and are easier to band together for causes.

Native people’s, each tribe is completely different, though white people in the past just saw them as all one people, and most white people today see it no differently.  However, in their separateness, they stay separate.  While some tribes in a general area might band together, like tribes of the southwest, not every tribe all over the US is banding together, so the movements don’t have the numbers to succeed.  They are starting to come together in larger numbers, but only on certain issues and those are few.  Which is why any Native Civil Rights events always fizzled out because there wasn’t enough momentum to make the government or the white people stand up and take notice.

It’s probably why in some schools it is taught that there are no Native Americans left.  People don’t understand that they are still out there.  They don’t understand that all the tribes are different.  Some have lineage and history together, so might be connected on certain points, but they are alive, they are still here and they are all different.

Though black people have greater rights than they did merely forty years ago, it is still lacking a great deal.  Generally they are still not seen as equals by the general white population.  I see them making a greater effort and a greater stride, even today, to assimilate, to be seen as equals, to garner the same respect and rights that white people have.  And the more they try, the more that white people have issues with them.

The Native Americans are a strange bunch, no harm intended, and remind me a lot of myself.  For the most part, they just want to be left alone, but are upset when people don’t realize they even exist.  They want things to change, but most just go about their lives and don’t actually get up the work it takes to stage a massive protest or march on Washington.  They want to be seen and also not seen at the same time, which is a giant conundrum and one that I completely understand, because I want to be seen and also not seen as well.

Is it because of this that keeps the white man reaching for them?  Because they are somehow elusive, somewhat of a mystery?  I’m not saying that tribal life is paradise or bliss and it all depends on the tribe.  It depends on treaties and reparations and the government.  The Lakota and Dakota tribes living on the Pine Ridge Reservation are extremely poor, while the Navajo are quite comfortable.  There are even actual tribes that receive nothing because the government won’t acknowledge that they even exist.

It also depends if you are a broken tribe, ones like the Choctaw and the Cherokee who were forced to move along the Trail of Tears.  So, some have been living in Oklahoma since the early 1800s when they were forced to move, while others hid or broke free and returned to their homes and are living in Mississippi or North Carolina, or where ever their home was originally.  These are the same people, but are now different not only because of environment and what they went through, but also because of how they are seen by the government which dictates the reparations or rights each tribe is afforded.

The government still doesn’t acknowledge certain treaties or breaks them, or will come in and take reservation land because there are reserves that they want.  It’s not all peachy keen.  But, most white people like Native Americans… at least in theory.  They want to copy them, want to claim that this is part of their ancestry, want to read about them.  Somehow it’s cool to be Native American, but a disgrace to be black?  Is it because they haven’t been as much of a “nuisance” as the black people?  Is it because people think they don’t exist anymore?  I don’t really know the why’s, I just know what I see and read.  It’s plain as day that to most white people neither race is really seen as people or equals, but that Native Americans are super cool and black people are not cool at all.

And I don’t understand this.  Both are cool.  Neither are what most white people think they are, and shouldn’t be counted as cool for weird things like being a  “noble savages”, or this unobtainable mythological “creature”, a “magical shaman” or what… because they get free money and you can get some too or because they can do drugs or other misconceptions white people have about them?

Nor is the black person uncool for being “hoodlums”, “savages”, “thieves”, “gangstas”, or any other thing you think that every black person is.  I’m not even saying that there aren’t bad black people.  There are bad people in every single race.  I’m not even saying that there aren’t black kids out on the streets shooting each other or doing drugs.  But can you blame them really for the lives they’ve had to endure?  After awhile people who are walked all over give up.  Not that they should and it’s sad if they do, but it happens.  But, black people as a general race are not these bad and terrible things that you’ve made them out to be.

Or you think that “Indians” are still around.  You think they’re all the same person and they’re nothing but “hooping and hollaring ingines getting drunk on fire whisky and gambling.”  There are Native Americans who drink a lot.  Can you blame them?  What if someone kept killing your family, burning down your homes, and making you move all the time.  And to inhospitable land that no one else wanted.  Taking away everything that you are culturally.  Continually slighting you, berating you, attacking you.  You might take up drinking to, because you’d given up.  However, not all Native Americans are this thing that you think of them.  Hardly any of them are this terrible and bad thing that you think of them.

And the “Indian Casino’s”.  Not all of them turn to this for revenue, but it is a source of revenue for the entire tribe.  They are not degenerates for having a casino.  You go read all you can about that actual daily lives of a tribal member or whatever tribe and tell me how you’d bring in revenue if it were you.

Just seriously.  Find other and varied sources for information.  Actually learn truthful things and stop believe stereotypes about people.  Actually go out and learn something.  Figure out what’s really behind the people you keep weirdly idolizing or hating.  Stop listening to conservative fear mongering talk radio.  Stop worrying about what other people are doing.  Stop trying to peak into everyone else’s sex lives.



If you’re a Christian, then actually be one.  Jesus basically told you to disregard everything that was said before (meaning the Old Testament) and follow what he said; what he told you to do.  I can guarantee that there is no mention of abominations, gay people, intolerance, hatred, or harassment of any kind in the New Testament.  Besides if you’re going to keep up with the Old Testament stop being the asshole that picks and chooses what to believe and what not to believe.  If gay marriage is a sin and an abomination then you need to have a full beard, get circumcised, stop eating cheeseburgers, stop eating pork, stop having extra marital affairs, stop eating fat, go kosher, stop eating shellfish and anything else it says it there.

And as for this Traditional Marriage malarkey, go read the Old Testament again, as all the marriages accepted in the bible include concubines, sex slaves, rape victims, prisoners of war, and polygamy.  You can’t pick and choose and say it’s only about one man and one woman.  I’m not saying we should be accepting of sex slaves, rape victims, or POW’s as marriage potential, but you’ll pretty much agree that any of those, as well as concubines and polygamy are not cool, yet they are OK according to the Old Testament, so you’re argument of only ONE viable marriage is invalid.





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