Sarah… The Animated Series

So, like all twelve-year-old girls, and apparently most gay men and adult women, I too like to cartoon myself.  You know the one’s, the most recent of which was Powerpuff Girl Yourself.  These cartoon me platforms are easy, are an instant bit of happiness and pleasure in one’s day, and they’re rather fun.  So, I thought I’d show you just a few of my cartoon selves; plus it’s just a bit of a break in between all of these recipe shenanigans I’ve gotten myself into.



Enchanted Sisters


This is technically not a cartoon yourself game, but it is still really cute.  I follow the Jim Henson Company on Instagram and this came through my feed last year.  Enchanted Sisters is a really cute book series for little kids, soon to be, I believe, an animated series.  It is about the Sparkle Sisters, who are based on the seasons of the year, and Mother Earth  But you can see which sister represents you, or your kid, based on your birth season and read all about her.  So, this is adorable and charming.


Mii Creator


If you’ve ever played on a Nintendo Wii game console, then you’ll be familiar with the Mii character, which is simply the avatar to represent you for tabulating scores, and playing some of the games.  But, you can create your Mii version online with relative ease.  There is a slider bar to choose how skinny or plump you are, or wish to be.  I do not mind that I am heavy-set and like to be as accurate as possible in things, so I like to choose the larger size.  This was the plumpest side of the scale.  It is weird.




You’re probably starting to see a pattern here, n’est-ce pas?  Most of these character creators do not have an option for body size, and with Meez, you must be skinny.  Oh, you can choose thin, overweight, or even pregnant, but that Meez version of me up there is the overweight option.  Ha!  I laugh at you Meez character generator!  This has been around for a while and is a gaming and networking site for teenagers, where creating your Meez is just to show your representation in the community.  Also, you must purchase the clothes… and not with fake game money.  *Gasp!*  However, sometimes I just like to go in there and create myself, and in simply trying on the clothes, there’s no worry to purchase.  However, you must take a screen capture of your Meez to save.  It is also not completely easy, as there are a lot of clothing and such options to get through.


Mad Men Yourself


Oh-ho!  This one was fun.  Also, they have a pretty fair plus size representation, I must say.  I admit that I have not watched Mad Men.  My initial excuse is because we don’t have television, but now that it’s streaming on Netflix, I really should watch it.  I have seen a bit of it though since The Sister was watching it recently.  I will say that this one was really difficult, only because I couldn’t decide because everything is so Mid Century fabulous!  But, there isn’t a lot to choose from and it is easy and fun.


Peanutize Me


Turning yourself into a Peanuts Gang character is pretty awesome.  I grew up watching all the holiday specials and mini movies and reading the comics.  This came out just before the new films’ release.  I haven’t watched it yet, but I definitely will!  So, all the kids are chubby, so there’s no sizing option available, and basically I look exactly the same as my Meez and my Mii.  I chose this background scene because I live in a big blue house and as someone who rarely experiences snow, of course I’d choose it for something like this.


South Park Yourself


I used to watch South Park back in my late teens and early twenties, so when I came across this, I figured, “Why not?”.  They obviously didn’t have a green top and they’re limited on skin shading, and of course South Park kids are all chubby, so… but I’m in snow and there’s a cat!


Powerpuff Yourself


This is the newest one to come out and just about everyone I know, male and female, Powerpuff Girl’d Themselves.  Of course I’d do this one as I was an avid watcher of The Powerpuff Girls when they first came out.  I’d love to see the re-boot, if it’s ever on something that I get.  So, there was no snow option, but nature is always good.  Of course I’d choose a cat, if it’s available and it’s pretty much the same me that’s in all of these types of things.


As an added bonus, here’s who I really am on the inside!  In my early childhood I would tell people that I was the grandma.  I dreamt of the day when my hair would be beautiful and grey.  Perhaps in my past life I passed away in my dotage, but was still spry.  I’ve never wanted to have children, but I do love to bake and teach kids things, so I’d still love to be a grandma.  (yes, I’m laughing).  Actually it’d be more like the southern Auntie thing.  If there’s an older lady whome you’re not related to, but are close with, it’s more endearing to call them Aunt or Auntie so-and-so instead of just Miss/Mrs. so-and-so.  They are very much like a part-time grandma.  So, I’ve got my fab grey hair, large granny glasses, and of course a cat!  Now I just need some part-time kiddo’s.


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