I’m a bit hungry, so I’m going to picture talk about food this early afternoon.  I like to cook.  Well, that’s not technically true.  I like the idea of cooking, but I haven’t mastered the perfect juggle that it takes to have things cooking all at the same time to end up being ready on time, nor the cleaning as I go part.  I get hot, things are chaotic, sometimes I get fussy.

It’s gotten better.  I started with two sinks and the counters piled full of dirty dishes and food items splattered all over the place, including myself, temper aflare, to end up serving food that was tepid and burnt.  Now I’ve somewhat got the cleaning part down pat.  Have the dishwasher empty before hand, rinse off and reuse bowls and measuring things and spoons, be less in a hurry so as not to fling stuff everywhere.  There might still be just a few dishes, rinsed off, in one of the sinks, but they’re ready to go in the dish washer, and only on a few occasions do we have some items of food that are cold while the other is hot.  I have learned to keep things warm in the oven.



I am getting better, though I still have a habit of taking too much on at one time.  Last night was a good example.  I was making a recipe I’d never made before.  And I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies as well, and prepare side dishes… AND make biscuits from scratch, which I’ve also never done before.  I need to remember what I keep telling myself.  Bake the cookies one day, cook the food the other, and don’t try to do too many things that you aren’t accostomed to yet.  Fry this chicken recipe and use frozen biscuits.  Next time make scratch biscuits for breakfast or something.

However, I do adore baking and am quite good at it.  Not fantastic, mind.  I’ve not gone to any fancy baking schools and I do still have quite a bit to learn about things, but I’ve come a long way in my baking abilities, though I was never really fussy when it came to baking.  For some reason it always just came naturally to me, so I always found it quite enjoyable.  That is, The Sister will be whipping up some savoury dinner and has the natural instinct to know what to add to counteract this sort of taste or what to add to enhance this other one.  I’m that way with baking, since I started at age eleven.  I just knew things I could add or that this perhaps isn’t best in this recipe, so I should choose to add this other item instead.  That sort of thing.


So, I am the type of person to take a photo of a dinner or baked good because I’m really proud of it.  So, I thought it’d be fun to take a look.  I also just really enjoy food, so a lot of this aren’t things that I made, they’re just glorious.


A friend of mine canned some cantilope preserves. I added a tiny amount to vanilla bean ice cream. Party in my mouth!


A dinner I made: Grilled curry spiced chicken, yellow rice with pineapple, and fried plantains.


We are definitely rice eating people, so I had to take a picture of this license plate.


Who doesn’t love a fresh toasted baguette and Brie for their snack?!


Is it weird to take a photo of cucumbers you’ve just sliced? I say no!


Popcorn Explosion!! Reminded me of the book from my childhood; Popcorn by Frank Asch.



New Orleans version of Sweet Potato Casserole served in cleaned, individual grapefruit halves that I whipped up one Thanksgiving.


The pretty cappuccino that The Sister made just for me, complete with cocoa heart decoration.


The Pineapple Upside Down Cake that I made for dad’s birthday one year.


The powder ingredients that go into my chili.


Scrumptious homemade whipped cream!


The Christmas that we made breakfast, homemade Chex Mix, AND Gumbo. Mmmm….


Pumpkin guts turn into very lovely things. Toasted pumpkin seeds and also…


These fresh Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Glaze. They are truly one of the best things ever.


Lemons are lovely.


Homemade banana pudding with real custard (not instant pudding) with homemade meringue, before and after being toasted.


Making cupcakes with “sweet” in different languages.



Homemade quiche. So yum!


The beauty in squash, zucchini, and red onions.


My fabulous Butternut Squash Soup. This time paired with a grilled green apple and brie sandwich on French bread.



Making homemade butter!


Homemade confectionary delights of Christmastime! Rice Krispies Treats, Humdingers, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.


The time I thought rock candy on cupcakes would be swell. It’s pretty, but never pair these things together. Ever.


My homemade chili. There’s beans, hamburger, and sausage in there, you just can’t tell. Glorious colour though!


First time making blueberry frozen yoghurt sandwiches and bread; blueberry foccacia bread. I also made dinner, changed out the door knob and my family & I played cards, which is why this is such an odd collage.


Molasses Cookies!


Homemade Fetuccini Alfredo. I like sausage. It’s divine with sausage.


The beauty of sliced okra.


The time I went out and found fresh produce at the farmers market.


And then The Sister & I turned it into a glorious soup, which we named Sister Soup. She fried an egg, sliced it in strips and topped our soup with it. O…M…G…!


The time-consuming process of my first, and only, attempt at making Cake Balls.


They were good, but weren’t worth the effort because they were entirely too sweet!


Saving the buttermilk from the homemade butter just for dad.


The one time I was selected to host a food House Party. I made gourmet pizza’s with the Saute Express cubes.


The Alpaca Lantern I carved up one Halloween. Whose guts made those glorious Maple Glazed Pumpkin Cookies.


The Halloween Feast that I made for my family. Butternut Squash Soup, fresh green beans with butter, almonds, and cranberries, cornbread dressing, and mini apple pies in apples. I haven’t mastered breads or poultry, so I purchased the rolls and the rotisserie chicken.



The Christmas that I forced my mom to be my personal cookie elf. She’s helping me make Lebkuchen.


Wedding cake and frosting from scratch. The recipe called it wedding because it’s almond flavoured, though this was not for a wedding.


Oatmeal Scotchies, which is the recipe from the bag of the Toll House butterscotch morsels. So delic!


Pizza Quesadilla’s which were a hit with my family.


Homemade Wienerschnitzel, and sauerkraut. The spaetzel was pre-made and just needed boiling, but I found a recipe on how to prepare it with herbs and butter.


That time I made those easy 3-ingredient cookies with just banana’s and oats (with a bit of chocolate). Very bland and no one really cared for them.


Ah, beignets! There’s nothing more perfect. We eat them every time we go to New Orleans, we purchase them at a local place, but mainly we make them at home; either from scratch or from the Cafe du Monde baking mix they sell in grocery stores. These were purchased from a place in Bay St. Louis.


One can never go wrong with nonpareils! It’s the simple, seventies, version of sweets decorating. We are not a sprinkles family. Only nonpareils for us!


Meatball Bubble Biscuits. Not a fan of the name, but these were really, really good. I used frozen meatballs, but I can make homemade meatballs and will make those the next time for these as I think it will be better.



The same time that I forced my mom to be my personal cookie elf. Now she’s helping me make sugar cookies, which later we would frost.


My most recent dinner as of two nights ago. I made fried chicken from a 1736 English cookbook via the youtube channel of Jas. Townsend and Son. Seriously go look that up and make this chicken. That’s fried parsley on top, don’t forget that. Forced mom to make biscuits from scratch too.



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