For The Win…

I just won some free art through an Instagram giveaway.  I know, go me, right?!

I was never one to have much luck at winning contests or giveaways, but in the past year I’ve done quite well with four really great items.  So,  I wanted to make a small post about my fabulous wins.


First up, we’ll talk about the item that I just won.

Screen cap from Instagram feed

So, The Sister finds contests on Instagram for us to enter.  This is one that she found last week, from 5alive | Miranda Wildman Art, and as I was interested in it, I entered.


Screen cap from Instagram feed

The next day I was tagged to notify me that I won.  I am very gleeful when I win things.  I’m grateful, plus it’s a rather new experience for me.  I kept shouting. “I won!  I won!  I won!  I won!  I won!  Oh my gosh, I won!” and ran straight to The Sisters’ room to inform her, before first responding to the artist about my shipping details.  I admit that I didn’t really know what I’d won.  I mean I knew it was art, but was it on paper or canvas?  What mediums?  I just knew, some sort of art would be winging its way to my door soon enough.


Yesterday a large box arrived through UPS.  It was my art and it was wrapped very, very well.  I was impressed to find that it was done on wood.  Very, very cool!  I’m just pleased as punch, I can tell you.  Now I just need to find the perfect place to set or hang it up.












Screen cap from Instagram feed

Next up was another Instagram giveaway that The Sister found.  The Sister was receiving a monthly Buddhibox subscription and this was hosted by them, but the prize would come from Bears Beauty Hemp.  You were to tag two of your friends, and if you won, then all three of you would receive a prize.  So, The Sister won, but she tagged The Mother and myself as her friends, so we each received a beauty box each.

This was a Christmas holiday giveaway contest for last year (2015), but there were delays in shipping, so this actually arrived to us in early February, but it was like extended Christmas which is always fun.  Everything was really awesome, and all of the dark coloured bottles and pots are glass, which is so wonderful!  We’ll reuse those.  Actually I’ll reuse all of the packaging, because the clear plastic bottle that contains the toner will be a perfect travel container for my normal toner.  Also The Sister makes our deodorant, and I’ll shove mine into the deodorant container when it’s all finished, so it’s easier to apply than with my fingers.




Actually, I’ll admit that the tooth polish was a bit weird as you can see above.  It cleaned well and it was nice, but it made me feel like a dirty extra in a period piece film like my mouth was rotting.  Also the coconut oil made for a very difficult and messy clean up.

Moving on!



So, last October a local record store/coffee-house was hosting a film night out-of-doors.  They were playing the silent film Nosferatu with live music from a Texas band, The Invincible Czars.  They had a raffle going; $1 a ticket.  I had only $2 with me, so I purchased a sticker and then one raffle ticket.

oct won - Copy

And I won!  They had several different prizes up for grabs, but I won free food, which is always appreciated by this stomach.  So, I split the winnings with The Sister.  We got a free smoothie and shared it, then on a different day we purchased some tacos from Qdoba and split them as well.  Both happened during the month of December because we are procrastinators!  Also, I’m such an awesome little sister, right?


Screen cap from Instagram feed

The last winning is from a giveaway in the spring of 2015 for this gorgeous handmade mug.  The Sister found the giveaway and I entered.


Screen cap from Instagram feed

You guessed it.  I won.  Also, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m forestofice.  It’s forest of ice, not foresto fice, fo rest ofice or anything else weird that people imagine it to say because they have trouble breaking words down.

On a side note, I chose this username several years ago (twelve-ish?) after having checked out the documentary film, Walking With Dinosaurs narrated by Gilderoy Lockhart Kenneth Branagh, from the library.  It was done in sections and my very favourite section was the ice forests of Antarctica, and I just played around with that, choosing which phrase would work best and came up with forestofice.  Although thinking on that now, forestsofice, with an S, might have been a better option?


Collage featuring my favourite mugs

Anywho, I won that gorgeous mug and it’s gotten a lot of use.  I adore it.  And that officially concludes items of which this girl has won.  I’m proud and honoured of my winnings and I enjoyed each and every one of them.


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