Grateful For Day 01…

Two years ago there was a thing going around Facebook; to say something you were grateful for, every day for five days. I participated in that and found what I had written… figured I’d put them in here, as I like what I said.

So for Day 01, naturally it was cats.

I am grateful for cats. ALL the cats. The former fuzzy family members from years past to the current fuzzy family members that have us all wrapped around their little pee-paws. Random cats that I see out in the world. Sleeping cats, playful cats, cats that let me pet them or get in my lap. Big cats, wild cats, feral cats, neighbourhood cats. That people make pages for their cats, that cute cat comics like PusheenCat Versus Human, and Garfield exist, even all of you sharing photo’s of your adorable and weird cats.

I am grateful for all of this because cats make the world a better place. They are comforting & happy, healers & teachers. Beautifully odd floofy creatures that make my heart melt with their kitten tricks, purrs, chirrups, & general feline ways.


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