Grateful For Day 02…

Two years ago there was a thing going around Facebook; to say something you were grateful for, every day for five days. I participated in that and found what I had written… figured I’d put them in here, as I like what I said.

Day 02 was all about my family.


(LEFT) Mother, Maternal Aunt, Maternal Grandmother. (CENTER) Paternal Grandparents. (RIGHT) Father, Brother, Sister.


I am grateful for my family. They are eccentric, weird, nerdy, awesome, creative & fun. There were rough times as well as good times, but we’ve always stayed together. We fight, laugh, & cry together. We’ve shared losses together & seemingly trifle & boring (yet wonderful to us) memories together. As a baby they shoved me in drawers to sleep & threw me in pools to force me to swim. As a child they wanted me to entertain them as a fat man & called me broccoli. They set up a playground slide in the dining room & a play house in the den. Horribly wonderful voice impressions while reading me to sleep or the effervescently soothing telephone voice that made me feel as if I was wrapped in happy clouds. Nonsensical family speak that we can understand just fine, but that baffles outsiders. And all the love. It may not be right upon the surface, with long embraces and ‘I Love You’s’ whizzing by every moment, but it’s there. It’s true & it’s constant.

They helped cultivate my love of creativity & of the arts, of cats & of kindness to animals; as well as automechanics, sci-fi, languages, & history. Of travel & dreaming, the calm of fishing & the resplendence of nature. I also include my parents’ immediate family in this wonderful list. I also wouldn’t wish their wonderful selves any other way, for I would not have turned out as awesome & weird as I am today (nor would I have had that safe place to be my weird, nerdy self without them).


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