Grateful For Day 03…

Two years ago there was a thing going around Facebook; to say something you were grateful for, every day for five days. I participated in that and found what I had written… figured I’d put them in here, as I like what I said.

Day 03 was all about friends and “enemies” (the latter of which are not pictured).



IMG_8983 - Copy - Copy-horz-vert


I am grateful for my friends. I have known some great people in my life who were friendly & friends who remain in my life to this day. At the same time it is a huge circle & also a small one. I treasure all of these people who have entered my life & enriched it. Bringing love, fun & whimsy for whatever amount of time, allowing me the space to grow & flourish. I am also grateful for the fact that they could see me, really see me & accept me.

I am also grateful to the “enemies”; the people I’ve known who entered my life, made a giant mess & flew off quickly. They are not treasured like my friends, but these people challenged me. Without them I would have not met the obstacles, nor risen above those obstacles. I would not have grown as a person. I would not have been challenged to find out who I really am or strive to be the best of who I am. I do not mourn their leaving as I once did; thinking I had done something wrong in a “friendship” that wasn’t, but nor do I mourn the trail of wreckage they left in their wake, because from that wreckage I am always reborn like the phoenix. Without them I would still be stuck on level 1 walking in circles.


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