Grateful For Day 04…

Two years ago there was a thing going around Facebook; to say something you were grateful for, every day for five days. I participated in that and found what I had written… figured I’d put them in here, as I like what I said.

Day 04 was all about the awesomeness of nature.



I am grateful for nature. Sure she may be cruel, but she is also so very beautiful & lovely. I have encountered so many wonders & am always in awe of them all. From fat bumble bee’s buzzing around, drilling their homes up into wood or simply falling asleep in your windowsill. To spiders that spin intricate webs so delicate & strong. The ingenious flight of birds or their many brightly coloured plumes. Ancient relics still alive after all these millions of years; the alligator, the horseshoe crab, the elephant, the dragonfly, etc.

So many tree’s with their varying barks & leaf shapes; some, their death & regeneration through colour or even the ever living & poisonous Yew. Or that there are still groves of ancient tree’s which are thousands or years old. Or that a tree can be the size of half my house. Of all the millions of species of animals & plants, so different, so the same; all inhabiting every inch of the space on this planet from caves to mountain tops to inhospitable locales like desserts & the frozen wastes at our pole extremities. That there are mountains or varying degrees; densely thick with tree’s, weathered down, snow capped, sparse tree’s, snow covered & that they make my heart sing with their ancientness & secrets.

That spiders have book lungs, that there are flightless birds, that water can flow backwards, that fish can have legs, that mountains can breathe, that tree’s can come out unscathed in a forest fire, that tree’s can bend, that lightening striking sand can form glass, that sand is just miniscule parts of calcium or glass, that water can be brilliant colours, that caves can have a constant temperature, that crows can remember who’s nice & who’s not, that snakes shed their skin, that spanish moss & pineapple are related.

That lightening can light up the sky in its radiant flashes, that if a person is struck it leaves river tributary tattoo-like marks upon the skin. That life survives by the light & heat of a giant star. That our moon controls the oceans. That in the middle of nowhere the night sky is so beautiful it seem like a dream. That there are such wonders as rain, snow, & hail. That there is such a thing as wind. That the sky can rumble.

There is so much to see. I am always fascinated, always intrigued… even in my own front yard.


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