Grateful For Day 05…

Two years ago there was a thing going around Facebook; to say something you were grateful for, every day for five days. I participated in that and found what I had written… figured I’d put them in here, as I like what I said.

Day 05 was all about the wonderful and glorious differences of people.



Datoga, Scottish, Kayan, & Hopi


I am grateful for what the world brings to the table. Though food is included, I’m talking more than food. All the differences, all the variations, all the world & feeling in a fabric colour, a design, a sound. That the people of the world are all the same, yet different.

Everyone has a basic human structure, but every one of those structures is all so different. And there are so many differences even within those differences that humans are certainly not carbon copies of one another & it is beautiful. It is an amazing thing to just sit some place in your little town & watch the people walk by. Even if you focus on what type of person (all female or all Caucasian) no one is even remotely the same & it is wonderful!

That we all have language, yet each click, diphthong, slur, cadence, pitch, trill, intonation, flow, rhythm, jilt, jolt, & pace are all different. Every language is beautiful, every single one makes music, down the the last little letter. That language is so much more than even the actual word meanings, that the mere sound can encompass emotion & all of its history in just a few sounds that make up a sentence. To hear them & see them written is absolutely amazing; to know that out of nothing THIS is how that culture decided on telling its stories.

That there is not one single religion, but that Hinduism, Islam, Judiasim, Buddhism, Shintoism, ect all exist. There there are different sects even within those religions. That there are sects of Mysticism as well. That Druids once worshipped tree’s, that Egyptians once worshipped cats, that people once worshipped the secret ways of women. That people believe in the power of rocks, or the sun. That all people have always believed in something (or nothing) with a multitude of variations. That everyone’s creation stories are different.

That there is so much difference in cuisine depending on region, availability, traditions, as well as personal taste. One can never be truly bored with food. Name one ingredient & every culture will have at least one (if not more) ways to use it & they are all different.

That we all share in common birth, marriage, death, celebrations, holidays, rituals, & festivals – but they are all different by some varying degree (or completely) between peoples.

That music is a shared aspect for all humans, but each culture came up with their own instruments, their own arrangements, their own unique styles. I am also in love with the fact that the singing voice is different between people’s. The high tonal trill of the Chinese, to the throat wavered up & down of the Indians to the loud & forced, but precise beltings of the Italians in their Operatic wonder.

I am grateful for all the peoples of this earth & all their millions upon millions of differences & tweakings & workings of the human world. I will never run short of things to learn or experience in this life. I will never be unamazed at how people craft their corners of the world.


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