Star Trek to Fifty

So, I’m a pretty big Star Trek geek.  But only for TOS; as in The Original Series from 1966 – 1969.  I’m also not off-put to watch the new films featuring other actors portraying the TOS crew (the one’s with Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, & Karl Urban, etc)… (& I did watch a bit of TNG growing up as well…) But, that’s about the only places my geekiness lies is with TOS.  So, of course I was beyond excited about the 50th Anniversary and had myself a parrr-tay!

I grew up with it in re-run form and I quite like the simplicity and hokiness of the 1960s.  It makes me happy.  So, the same cast in later films from 1979 and up don’t really cut it for me because it’s not the sixties.  I might not be the biggest Trekkie out there, but I’m also not in it for a competition, but I mention it because I’ve been told more times than I can recall that I don’t count as a Trekkie because I haven’t watched everything Star Trek and because TOS isn’t technically canon.

Pfft!  My thinking is that if you love anything about Star Trek then you’re a Trekkie plain and simple.  It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t seen and really if Star Trek teaches us anything it’s to get along with people, so what’s with the pissing contest over whose the better geek?  Also, not canon my foot.  Without TOS and Lucille Ball there wouldn’t be any Star Trek.  She’s the only producer, with her then awarded part of Desilu Studio’s from her divorce from Desi Arnez, that would pick up the pilot back in the sixties.

I get that Roddenberry himself changed things later because he had more lee-way and money, but TOS is the great grandpappy of them all so to speak, so it really does deserve a bit more respect than the mockery I find it receives.  You don’t have to love it like I do, but really to hate on it and mock it makes one look a bit ridiculous when that person then turns around and says how awesome Mr. Spock is, or how awesome Lt. Uhura is; as in the sixties actors who portrayed them.  You wouldn’t even know who they are without TOS having been a thing.

There wouldn’t have been ten years with fans wanting more Star Trek between the end of the series and the first film.  Sure Roddenberry might have gotten some form of a series put on the telly at some point, but there’s no telling if it would have even captured hearts or taken off like it did.  Not to mention that Star Trek came out in the midst of the space race.  We were still in the infancy of sending people out into space and no one had landed on the moon yet.  Let me repeat that.

No one… had landed on… the moon… yet.  People my age take this bit of information for granted.  It was over and done with for a decade before my age was born.  We didn’t know a world without it.  It was the most perfect time for this show to be put on the air.  I’m aware no one realized it at the time because the moon landing wouldn’t happen for a few years (at the very end of TOS), but I think both things made a great impact by happening together.  Then there’s all the people watching the show and thinking, “I want that.  I’m going to strive for this world”.  And we have mobiles (cell phones), sliding doors, computers, scanners (medical and other), etc, simply because of this show; because fans were watching and later went out and made it.

So, there’s my mini rant of why I don’t understand how people Trekkies can hate, mock, or poke fun at TOS.  And of why TOS is important, though you don’t have to love it and enjoy watching it.

So, onto the major point of this post.  The Star Trek 50th Anniversary was yesterday!  Talk about it was begun two years ago on the internet, and when I first read the lines that the 50th Anniversary was coming up in 2016, well I’ve been preparing and waiting ever since.  First I pestered my dad about it, because he was the first person in the family to fall in love with Star Trek.  He never missed a single episode when it was first airing back in the sixties and would cancel date nights with my mom in order to watch it.  Incidentally, she really wanted to spend time with my dad, so she’d just go to his house and sit through that nights episode.  She detests Star Trek, but she does rather like Mr. Spock, but then he is quite likable.

But, my dad’s weird.  If he’s seen something before, he will absolutely not watch it ever again.  Ever.  So, I was telling him about the 50th Anniversary, but he wasn’t all that interested since I said we’d be watching a few epi’s.  When I told him it was two years from then, he really did give me this face.  o_O  But with him it’s all one eyebrow raise and he thinks I’m beyond weird.  He’s watched all of the films, and any new Star Trek Series that comes out, and even the newest TOS films… but only the one time.

But, I kept mentioning it randomly and pestering my entire family about it; both of my parents and my sister.  I was basically saying I was going to force them to have a party with me.  One that none of them had any interest in attending or participating in.  Two weeks ago, after my last bit of random pestering (maybe five times in two years, so honestly not that much), it dawned on me that they really had absolutely no interest and it really wasn’t fair of me to force them into this.  So, while it may seem lame to some, I had my own party, just me and my cat Scully and which ever other cats wanted to hang out in my room last night, which was our large brown Siamese, The Baby.

So, my initial preparations were found on Pinterest.  I’d first decided to make a few items and a few few things.  But, I nixed the food things because it was just me.  This is what they were.

Frosted cookies; but not the people, too much work and they would look really bad.


Mr. Spock Punch


And coconut macaroons, though it seems morbid to be eating Tribbles!


But I did make the non-food items!


For the food though, I decided that I would purchase junk food from the sixties.  There was only one item that wasn’t available in 1966, but did become available during TOS, that I really love.  Pizza Rolls.  They aren’t pictured, but I totally heated up some pizza rolls.  And we don’t own a microwave, so I was 1960s-ing the hell out of this party already.  I used the oven.  I’d also made homemade chocolate chip cookies the day before, because they’re awesome!

Bugles (1964), Bottled Sprite (1961), Peanut M&M’s in vintage packaging (1954), Pizza Rolls (not pictured 1968), that bag is the chocolate chip cookies and those are my DVD’s of TOS (not very 60’s, but I watched them on the telly, so it works).


I also TOS’d my Facebook page for the event.  I was offline for most of the day, but later found out you could officially TOS your user picture, but my mobile wouldn’t cooperate and wouldn’t use an existing picture, so I didn’t do it.  But this is what I did.


Set my background to this official wallpaper that’s a few years old. Changed my user picture to LT. Uhura because she’s beyond awesome!


Found a picture online that showed everyone major (yes, I like Yeoman Rand even though she’s not on that long) and made an update.


Then I participated in the official Star Trek Anniversary Selfie on Instagram and shared it to Facebook & Twitter.

Then it was time to party.  I didn’t start until about 20.30, because well, I wanted to start my party when an episode would have aired back in the sixties, because I’m odd and it’s great.  I also chose a disc in Season 2 that I hadn’t watched recently (because I had been rewatching over the summer).  So, for four epi’s I played TOS Bingo and not once did I win.  But it was pretty fun, so I’ll continue to play while watching until I at least win once.

Season 2, Epi 21; Patterns of Force


Season 2, Epi 22; By Any Other Name


Season 2, Epi 23; The Omega Glory


Season 2, Epi 24; The Ultimate Computer

And this is what I learned.  Though upon reading the board game so that I could make my own, it was hilarious because these things do happen in TOS… but also not as much as one might think.  Not once in four epi’s did Bones say, “He’s Dead, Jim.”  And the epi’s I chose were very phaser free, so the main crew members barely had any, much less to heat rocks with.
Mr. Spock doesn’t give exact estimates really in any of the four epi’s, but three of them might probably could be counted, so I did, but they weren’t his normal exact estimates.

Mr. Spock will generally always raise his eyebrows or say “fascinating”, except that one time.  And only once in four epi’s did he say “illogical”.  He did say something was logical twice, but that doesn’t count.  Captain Kirk will always do a karate chop and have an overly sweaty forehead and get into a fight, but I knew that since the last epi was a computer there’d be no fighting and he’d force the machine to commit suicide.  I thought briefly of placing the tile piece on that spot at the start, but I made myself wait.

And out of four epi’s Captain Kirk only kissed a woman once.  Surprising.  Though it’s always either because he quite fancies her or because it will help them get out of a jam, like in this instance, since the aliens normally felt no human feelings or emotions, but because the aliens chose human form then the crew members could overload their senses.  But I also remembered he’d be kissing this particular alien woman just as Scotty would be getting another of the aliens drunk.

Also… The King of Cartoons! (William Marshall; Dr. Daystrom; The Ultimate Computer)

So, I had a lot of fun planning my TOS Anniversary party for one + cat.  And it was a really, really good day too.  I even went to the post office to purchase the Star Trek stamps and Brenda (yes, I know the postal workers’ names) is also a Trekkie.  I asked for a sheet of the stamps and she exclaimed “YES!” while doing a slight fist pump to the side and then saying, “Aren’t they awesome?”, which I silently agreed to.  She also asked if I wanted a bag for them, and she never asks me if I want a bag for my stamps.  But, I understood that these were super important stamps.  I said yes, because I like those vellumy postal envelopes.  It was awesome that she was so excited over those stamps too & that now I know she’s a Trekkie as well.  Warms the heart, yes?


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