And…. hilarity ensues!

In other news… it’s time for our segment on what this blog writer thinks is HILARIOUS!  She may or may not have an odd sense of humour.  You decide!  First, her favourite joke in the whole entire world!

A mushroom walks in to a bar and orders a round for everyone.  The bartender asks, “Hey, how come you’re buying everyone a drink?”, to which the mushroom replied, “because I’m a fungi.”  

Get it?!  Get it?!?!  Fungi.  Fun Guy.  ❤ !

Now onto the photo’s!


This one makes me laugh to no end.  It makes absolutely no sense (because Lord Thranduil never wanted the arkenstone), and he’s such a hipster?  and a fan of disco?  I don’t even know, but it’s one of my very favourite things ever because of its sheer absurdity.

This one is just so odd, that it make me laugh.  It’s written in Portuguese and says, “While you are ignoring me, I jump in the bifrost with Disney Prince Loki.”  Since Disney acquired Marvel, it does technically make Loki (and Thor) Disney Princes’.  But it’s just so random, and well, it just makes me laugh… a lot!


I just can’t even with how amusing this is!  If you’re not a Star Wars fan (gasp!), it’s a line from the first film that Han Solo (Harrison Ford) says to Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).  Obviously, it’s just so punny, to relate to unexpected company at home.  But the thought of them cooking and their faces.  This makes me laugh every… single… time…!

This.  This is just perfect.  Captain Kirk is awesome.  Captain Kirk thinks he’s awesome.  It’s the perfect photo.  I don’t think there will ever come a time when I won’t think this is funny.

I know that things get crazy on the internet and things become memes and tropes, but I don’t even know what this is.  For one, I’m always late to the party, so to speak, and I don’t remember this girl being a thing.  But she is hilarious!  And that’s also about how I feel when it’s time to have coffee.

And when memes collide.  Again popular things that I missed in their originality, but who cares.  Who wouldn’t think this is one of the best things ever!

Again… coffee.  I’d probably forgive you for not knowing a Star Wars reference (even though it seems somehow like sacrilige), but Harry Potter is everywhere.  But, if you are unfamiliar, Harry Potter has to shout at the top of his lungs Expecto Patronum to produce light magic to counter these dark forces, dementors.  One can also use it to send messages, but he doesn’t do that, he just screams at dementors.  Anywho… it doesn’t even mean to produce anything, like produce or bring me espresso, as is the case here.  It really makes no sense, logically, but fussy Harry Potter espresso take away cup is just so adorable and for some reason, it’s funny.

This is the type of thing that literally makes me snort and then half giggle.  It doesn’t make sense and it’s so odd that it’s just funny to me.  Perhaps, because I do sometimes drink my coffee from a tea cup and I find the Austin Powers films funny.

This is probably only amusing to me because there’s an entire back story (in my mind) to this photo.  Sure I like the film Napoleon Dynamite and Uncle Rico was funny and also smarmy.  But to me, this guy (Jon Gries) will always be Lazlo Hollyfeld from Real Genius, and somehow he’s wearing these seventies clothes, cut his hair, and is sitting in the most uncomfortable position and it makes me LAUGH!

Austin Powers in Goldmember is really funny.  I think they all are.  This bit though gives me hysterical fits of laughter just thinking about it.  Not the entire scene with the guy jokes.  Just the walking bit.  See, Austin Powers is standing on top of Mini Me.  So, he’s all disproportioned and has tiny feet and for some reason a large behind.  And the way he walks might just be the most hilarious thing ever in existence.  To me, at least.

Truer things were never written.  And I laugh thinking of William Shatner as Captain Kirk (not a drawing) ecstatically saying those exact lines (I’M GOING TO DO THE THING!) while waving crazy arms in the air.  Makes me laugh.

Informative and amusing.  I now tell the cats that their bee’s have been activated.  And then I giggle.

I’m not even a fan of Scooby Doo, but this is the funniest meme in a comments section that I have ever seen.  It makes me giggle.

Made me laugh.

This one too.


This one, however, made me laugh riotously!  It’s even a new thing between a friend of mine and I.  We totally Taft each other when we’re leaving our house on the way to meet the other.  It’s because I don’t have a working mobile, so I can only Facebook messenger her when I’m leaving and on my way, not when I’m there.  THIS!  I love this so much!

Now, we have things I have taken photo’s of, instead of simply finding on the internet.

This is a museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This entire wall consists of a lot of wall space, this random Kentuckian in a gilt frame, and then that door.  What’s so funny?  The oddity of it all.  See, a quarter of that door is blocked by the winding staircase (which is that white  bit across the entire top of the photo).  When you go up it, you see the other portion of that door.  It’s not a little door, but a full one… blocked by a staircase… when one lonely portrait underneath.

A little of my own humour here.  My dad kept blasting the heat in the winter time, wanting it to feel like the middle of summer again, I suppose.  I am one who rarely likes to run the heat in the winter.  So, while decorating for Thanksgiving, I saw this turkey for a vintage Hallmark Thanksgiving place setting (ya know, Pilgrims and “Indians” – that old thing), stuck it above the thermostat and wrote out words for it hoping dad would stop cooking us to death.  That was six years ago and it’s still there.

November first, and I’m driving through town coming towards the university campus and who do I spot?  Gandalf the Grey on holiday.

The Ice Calamity.  Two years ago it snowed in mid January.  This is pretty major snow for us in the deep south.  OK, stop laughing over our paltry snow.  So, I live at the top of a curvy hill.  People here aren’t used to snow and go out driving in it to see it… but also don’t know how to drive in wintry conditions like this.  That entire road was iced over.  People were going so slowly at the bottom of the hill that by the middle they’d just slide back down, because they don’t understand ice or physics.  Absolutely no one smashed into each other, which is good and what made this very amusing and enjoyably fun to watch for two hours.

They aren’t good photo’s because our windows need cleaning, but they were worth it.  Several years ago my mom ran back into our house because a giant pig was running after her.  Dad went outside to ascertain if she was crazy or not and was run back into the house as well.  The size of a medium (portly) dog with small tusks.  A giant pig was roaming around our front yard.  We’re not in the middle of nowhere.  We’re in old subdivision land right next to the city.

So, we have my dad and the next door neighbour college boys standing around in our yard, and then the guy that owns the pig trying to lasso him to take him home.  He lives right down the street and we never knew he had a pet pig.  You just can’t make this shit up, y’all!

What the hell even is this!?!  I just imagine Buddy the Elf as an unwilling passenger in the backseat screaming to get out.  The fact that it is the DVD stuck in the window just makes it that much more absurd and amusing.

My sister was writing out tips for me on how to write up my artist bio.  I got to this part and laughed and laughed and laughed… then went back upstairs and asked, “So, how exactly does one repreSLUT… and accurately at that?”  It’s ‘represent”, but I still laugh over this to this day.  Represlut.

That one Christmas, several years back, when I made a mockery of my mom’s Nativity scene EPIC!  All the Ju-Ju’s are representing.  Nunzilla is Mary.  Chewbacca is Joseph.  Curios George’s hand puppet monster is Baby Jesus.  Wicket the Ewok and one of the Toy Story Aliens are angels.  There are penguins and Littlest Pet Shop goat and lamb as the animals.  Villagers and Shepherds include a storm troopers, Yoda, and alien, Grand Moff Tarkin, RotJ Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Endor Han Solo, & Bumble the Abomindable Snowman.

Of course I couldn’t forget the Three Wise-Men on their journey.  Darth Vader, Greedo, & Boba Fett on Pokey.

Found in a coffee house in New Orleans.  That’s the best thing the best tip jar I’ve ever seen.

The anatomically correct M & M heart.

And finally, the Happy Tzatziki.  It’s amusing in an adorable sort of way and was not planned.  He just happened.


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