Persecution. I don’t think that word means what you think it means…

Read this article today, America Isn’t Growing Hostile Towards Christians, It’s Growing Hostile Towards Religious Bullies, and I really couldn’t agree more with what was written.  But, I do have things to add.

For one, my father is Mormon, practicing and then non-practicing, and then practicing again… you get the picture.  He also can’t stop listening to Conservative Talk Radio or watching Fox News on the computer.

Constantly, he is bombarding me with either Mormon teachings or some ridiculous thing he heard from a Conservative journalist or talk show host.  Things like Gay people want to have sex with children and animals to women can’t get enough of sex and if they get knocked up, they go have an abortion and then go out to party to get knocked up again because it’s the most awesome thing ever.  But also about how Christians are being persecuted.

What I don’t understand is how he can buy into that camp?  Christians are not really a unified group.  Most will have you believe that they are by spouting the term “Christians” around…  except they pretty much all hate each other.

And this is generally speaking.  This is purely in reference to those Christians, the one’s that spout hate and fear and think they’re being persecuted, when they themselves are the ones doing the persecuting.  This in no way reflects the cheerful Christians who generally like everybody.

So, on the entire basis of Christianity, Mormons are seen as a cult.  Baptists hate Catholics.  Catholics are going to hell because they are evil.  Catholics think only their religion is the true Christian one, and therefore all the other ones are false.  Methodists and Presbyterians are really only semi-tolerated by Baptists, but are seen as inferior.  How are these people even banding together when they can’t agree if the other is Christian enough or not?  How can my dad band with them when they think he’s part of a cult; which means they don’t accept him at all; he doesn’t count as a Christian.  It’s completely illogical!

Then there are those extremist Christians who believe that Jesus was white, was not a Jew, and they are his direct descendents and they and only they are getting into Heaven, because all other Christians are false.  Also that Jews should be killed.

Or how about Christians who hate the Jews because they killed their lord and savior.  In their thinking, yes Jesus was Jewish, but somehow he denounced that heathenism when he because a Christian.  Umm… Jesus never denounced his race or his faith.  He didn’t want Jewish people killed, he forgave them because they didn’t understand.  He was never a Christian.  Ever.  Where do people come up with this stuff?  He was simply trying to bring new understanding to the Jewish Faith, much like Martin Luther would later do.  Luther didn’t want to form a new religion, he just wanted to help improve the Catholic Church, but in both instances, neither was accepted and new religions sprang up.  However, Christianity, didn’t come along until after Jesus, and not even at first.  His disciples were still spreading The New Way, which was basically Judaism reformed.

Which leads me to the topic of Christianity vs Judaism.  So, in Judaism you have the Tanakh, or Jewish Bible.  It’s basically everything from the Old Testament and a few other bits like high holiday information and such.  Christians have the Old Testament and the New, with the New being all about Jesus.  To be a Christian means that you follow the teachings of Jesus.  Period.  That’s how Christianity came to be founded.  That’s what Jesus was trying to accomplish.  For you to follow HIM.  So, being a Christian that quotes from the OLD testament and claims that they are a Christian is quite hypocritical.  It would just make you some sort of Jewish person who’s weird because they aren’t actually Jewish.

This, in part, is why these Christians are seen as bullies.  They’re illogical, they don’t know what they’re talking about, they are hypocritical.  They’re quoting things that really having nothing to do with them.  Jesus’s main message was to LOVE.  Love everyone.  Accept everyone.  If you’re talking badly about other people, berating them, forcing them to do what YOU want, playing the martyr, criticizing, NOT befriending, refusing service, etc… then you are not showing love and therefore have missed Jesus’ entire point.  Can you really call yourself a Christian?  No, you can’t.  Not if you wish to be taken seriously, or actually be a Christian and not have it be some horrid lie.  Not if you actually want to follow Jesus, your lord & savior and not have HIM think you’re some kind of hate mongering idiot.  Plus you can’t just pick and choose parts of the Bible to use in your arsenal.  It’s illogical and makes you look like an idiot.

And this is one major reason I am not longer a Christian.  For one, it was my parents constant fights over which was better; Catholicism vs Mormonism.  It was the constant tug of war over religion and my soul.  A lot of abuse there, folks.  All in the name of religion, which is not really unheard of considering world history is littered with all the “good” intentions that paved the road to hell.  People slaughtered, enslaved, raped, pillaged, burned, tortured, locked up… all in the name of religion.

The other main reason was because most of the people I have ever met who were Christian were uneducated assholes.  Mean and cruel.  People who had no idea of history (anything from the fact that Jesus was a Jew, to the times of pre-Christianity with people following his words, to Catholicism and then Catholic Reformation (precursor to Protestantism) in 1130 with Arnold of Brescia, and others to follow, that Luther was only trying to reform the Catholic church but Protestantism took off because of this, that Protestantism gained another large foothold all because King Henry VIII wanted a divorce, etc).  People who judged you for every single little thing.  Fearful, hate mongering fiends.  Why, in all of Gods green earth, would I want to be associated with a group of people like that?!

But no matter how many times I’ve counteracted my own fathers hate mongering with “Jesus loves everybody” or “You’re really only supposed to be following the New Testament” or “But all the other Christians see you as a cult, dad!” to anything else that might pop into my head to get his negative words away from me.  Nothing works.  He does take it in, ponders it over, but like a dog that’s been beaten, he goes back to what he thinks is safe; back to his conditioning and continues to funnel in all the hate messages put out by fellow “upstanding and moral Christians”.  The same people who probably do fantasize about sleeping with someone of the same-sex, or with children.  The same people who do cheat on their spouses.  The same people who boast morality under fake flags of virtue while hiding their dirty secrets from the world.  Hypocrites.

They do run the country.  They have more power than is good for one group.  They’re just playing the martyr so they can continue keeping anyone and everyone who dares to go against their beliefs under their boots, down in the mud.  But, people have had enough of that shit.  They and their religion are not being threatened, but their hate and fear mongering certainly are!  And that is not a bad thing at all.  They just don’t want to lose power that they should never have been able to seize in the first place.  Power over others is NOT love, they’ve just deluded themselves into the thinking that it’s the same thing.


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