Hunting Monsters… Halloween Style

So… Halloween has been decided!  Well, nothing is actually happening on actual Halloween, but a costume has officially been selected.  I have a Halloween party I’m attending this coming Saturday.  There’s also a Stranger Things Listening Party at the local record store next Friday and then Halloween Comic Fest at one of the comic book stores in town next Saturday; both of which have costume contests.

I’d been toying with the idea of Norma Desmond, as I mentioned in my last post, also perhaps a fortune-teller or just a witch, considering that being Norma Desmond is such a huge undertaking and I am just not prepared.  So, The Sister decided for us.



The Winchesters

We’re going as Supernatural.  Oh-ho that’s funny.  That makes it seem like we’re going as everything about that show.  No, no.  We’re just going as The Winchesters.  The Sister will be Dean (on the right) and I have to be Sam.

We love the show.  Huge fans.  Only not those types of fans.  (see above) Anywho.  But we do love the show.  It’s great and funny.  But as we’re human we see similarities between ourselves and fictional characters.  Being sisters, well, it’s only natural we’d be The Winchester brothers, since they are siblings.  However, if we were going to choose our favourite just because, (which we have done), it’s Dean… hands down.  If we were going to choose the one whose the best looking and most charming,  (which we also have done), it’s again Dean.

However, if we were The Winchester’s, The Sister would be Dean and I would be Sam.  And this’ll be hard to do without giving away spoilers for anyone who might be reading this, but haven’t seen any, or a lot, of the series.  And it’ll be weird, because we also plug out cats into fictional telly and film roles.


So, Castiel, or Cass as he’s most generally referred to.  He’s, umm… on the side of good & the good side sort of taps Dean.  (Remember, I’m trying this without giving too much away).   Also Dean and Cass are BFF’s forever.  The Sister isn’t too fond of Cass actually, but we both like him well enough as a character.  But, most people in life see The Sister as all bright and shimmery and shiny.  If she were a celestial body, she’d be the sun.  That’s about as close to Dean as you can get.  Whereas, the bad side, in a round-about way, tapped Sam and he does sort of get into trouble on the show with the bad guys and while he is nice, he’s the darker brother and that about sums me up.


Rowena | Marzipan | Crowley

Yeah, so I said this would get weird.  So, we have Rowena and Crowley batting for the bad side.  Actually, they’re not even all that bad and are really awesome.  They’re two of our favourite characters, and I’m betting a lot of peoples as well.  And that’s our cat, Marzipan sandwiched between them.  Why?  Because she’s basically a mix of both of these characters.  Rowena and Crowley are both very tiny people, but their ego and power and badassness make them huge, so to speak.  It’s the same with our cat.  Plus, she’s pretty bad, but also not so much.  And just too freaking adorable, just like these two characters.

Crowley is pretty much BFF’s forever with Dean also, but doesn’t really care too much for Sam.  Rowena tolerates Dean more than she does Sam.  Marzipan?  Yep, you guessed it.  Adores The Sister, as she’s her Twinny-Twin-Twin.  Me?  Not, so much, just sort of tolerates me if she has to.  What I’m getting at here is that people really dig Dean and people really dig The Sister.

The Sister is my older sister by six years.  Dean is Sam’s older brother by four years.  He looks after him, protects him, they’re in all sorts of things together.  While Dean is older, Sam is bigger, though in his case he’s just really tall.  I’m more wide.  ha ha ha.  Anyways.  There are differences; things flipped, like that Sam’s into meditation, yoga, and faerie unicorn fart food like salads and probably quinoa, kale and the like; where Dean’s into pie and cheeseburgers.  However, in similarities, Dean would rather shoot and ask questions later, but Sam is so studious reading up on lore and monsters, correcting Dean on grammar and knowing about history.  As there’s too much to list, we’ll just say that every time we re-watch an epi or are watching new one’s there’s always some new thing that we laugh about because it’s spot on for us; a parallel between Dean / The Sister & Sam / Me.


The Tattoo

But now, we’ll look at how we’re putting our costumes together and then just skip through a few of our favourite characters from the show.  The Sister sent this to me tonight with the comment, “We have to draw these on left side of chest.”  I don’t know how many people we’re going to have to pull our shirts aside for, but I’m game.  I’ll just say the boys get the tattoo to ward off evil.  We’ll obviously just marker it on each other.

Two Christmases ago I got us a four pack of buttons to share.  Same, Dean, Castiel, & Crowley.  I figured we could have each other, so I wouldn’t be stuck with Sam.  I’ll admit I also wanted Crowley.  But, somehow older sister trumps baby sister and I got stuck with Sam and Cass.  It was a funny sight that a 34 and 40-year-old were fighting over a button… of a man.  But hey, Crowley is really awesome!  Anyways, we figured we’d wear our buttons so that will be part of our costume.  Since the “tattoo” will be on our left chest, we’ll pin the button on the right side of our shirt.

Dean’s a rather lucky character.  He has quite a few outfits to choose from besides the standard jeans, T-shirt, flannel, military jacket, boots combo or the FBI blue suit outfit.  One is the old man robe and slippers.  Sam really has no such luck, so I’ll be wearing the afore-mentioned boot and t-shirt combo, no flannel (which is OK since sometimes he doesn’t layer.  Sometimes).  The Sister, however, can go in her pyjama’s.  It’s about the same style robe that belongs to our dad, and she’ll just wear a t-shirt, pyjama bottoms and old man slippers, which she herself owns.  Now she just wants to slip into these comfortable Dean clothes and wear them through Halloween!

I thought of another one!  Dean likes to nest.  So does The Sister.  When Sam and Dean get this really great place to be their base (which is in the .gif up there), Dean nests the hell out of it and keeps things all tidy and comfy cozy.

For the hair, she has that blonder brown hair just like Dean, but her hair is long.  She’s just going to wear it up and who cares.  I actually kind of have Sam hair.  And I have a bit of a widows peak too.  Thankfully mine’s less pronounced as I’m a girl (but I do love that I have one… and not because of Sam or Supernatural or anything), so, I’ll just wear my hair down… as is.  We’ll also carry two props a piece.  I do have two real knives… but umm… I don’t think that type of thing is allowed out in public.  So, we’re going to carry old toy rifles (pop guns from the fifties that were our moms) and a small container of salt each.  Salt’s kind of a big deal.  And we think we’re awesome for wanting to include that in our outfits!

And that’s about it.  We won’t be eyeliner dotting stubble onto our faces, though I had proposed that idea.  Part of me is sad, but the other part of me is kind of glad that I won’t have to worry with putting that on, not accidentally rubbing it off, and then not having to scrub wash it off my face afterwards.  I’m actually really excited, even though I’m all “I have to be Sam… ho hum.”  This is a great idea and it’ll be fun!  Sam’s not that bad.

Now, onto favourite characters to end this blog post!

Bobby Singer & Rufus Turner

Bobby, of course!  But yes Rufus too obviously and together they are mega awesome!


The Trickster

The Trickster is actually someone else!  Dun dun DUUUNNN!!!  But, I can’t tell you that.


Charlie Bradbury

Charlie, bitches!  Absolutely we love Charlie!


Chuck Shurley

Chuck, who also turns out to be someone else… but is also just Chuck.  Dun dun DUUUUNNN!!!!  Plus, this guy Rob Benedict & the guy that plays The Trickster, Richard Speight Jr. are funny together.  Check out Kings of Con.


This Guy!

This guy right here!  We’re don’t have telly, just Netflix, so we only just finished season… umm… 11.  Well, The Sister watched it twice.  So, of course we’re dying not knowing what’s happening right now since Supernatural just started up again.  Anyways, so far (up through season 11) this guy only had two epi’s, but Lassie (we’re also Psych fans) was epic in this role.  If I tell you his name, however, that would be too spoiler-ish, I think.  Check seasons 9 & 10.

Kevin’s Mom / Linda Tran

We like Kevin alright, sure, but Kevin’s Mom, Linda Tran, is super bad ass, though she’s only in a few epi’s.


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