Baby Neshie Approves This Message

The Sister teaches aromatherapy classes at the local yoga studio.  I am able to attend, for free, because I’m her sister and I take pictures and sometimes help out in other ways.  This class was to be all about Nutmeg essential oil, autumn oil blends, and types of oil diffusers.  It’s also the last aromatherapy class before Halloween.  Needless to say things went slightly weird and well, hilariously fun!

Her classes have had pretty good attendance, except for tonight when no one showed up.  But, that’s OK, because then we had room for other students.

Here we have The Sister, then Creepy Wooden Man, Lord Ganesha, Skelly, me (not pictured obviously) and then Baby Neshie on my right.

It was my idea, because I get wacky ideas and think that I’m funny.  But The Sister was all set up for the class, so we just grabbed random “people” from around the studio and set them in the spaces.  And because I’m hilarious, they did indeed interact with the smelling and sampling portions of the class.  And of course I named them all!  How could I not?!

This is basically what happens when you have someone like me in an environment where I’m completely comfortably.  I actually improv with my wacky ideas; bringing them to life.  I like the people that attend The Sisters’ classes well enough, but I don’t know them.  I know her (The Sister, I mean) and the skeleton was pretty OK and Lord Ganesha’s super swell, so yeah.  (It was her idea to add Creepy Wooden Man into the mix.  I didn’t play with him).


First off, did you know the anatomy of Nutmeg?  Because I sure as heck didn’t.  I knew that it was a seed, but I didn’t realize it was encased in fruit from a tree.  Nor did I realize that Mace is some weird red spiderweb shell thing before it ends up as white powder in a spice container in your kitchen.  I’m beyond amazed at this new revelation!

The Sisters’ photo of her clay button diffusers and autumn essential oil blends.

The Sisters’ picture of the salt diffuser, Nutmeg essential oil, & a hanging terra cotta diffuser.

Baby Neshie smelling the Nutmeg essential oil.

Skelly smelling the salt diffuser.


Lord Ganesha and Baby Neshie smelling all the autumn oil blends.


The Sister demonstrating how clay diffuser buttons work.


Me smelling scents with those groovy Neshie Boys.

The autumn oil blend and diffuser button I chose to take home.


The Neshie boys with their autumn oil blends and diffuser buttons. Baby Neshie chose Lord Ganesha. Oh-ho!


The advertisement for the class on pretty shimmer shine paper.



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