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The election day for a new US president is tomorrow.  Really the first thing that comes to mind is that I’m really, really going to miss these guys.  I wish we could just vote them in again, although I’m sure they’re done since it’s a stressing job.  What I’m not going to miss are all of the negative and moronic comments about them, which I generally had to hear on a daily basis… from my own parents, no less!

Honestly, The Sister and I can’t quite understand how we turned out with parents like we have.  Our parents aren’t terrible people, but they are rather queer.  My mother really had no ideas of her own.  Probably never did, I don’t know as I wasn’t around when she was younger.  But since I’ve known her she’ll go where ever which way the wind blows, and sometimes she follows the wrong wing.  She once got caught up with this really crazy woman.  Not to be mean, but the woman had severe issues.  Basically incest.  Her parents and grandparents would mess around with the kids in the family, so she’s messed up because of that, and they did it to her own kids.  She was also extremely Catholic, but in that schizo way.  So, Halloween was of the devil, Barbie dolls were of the devil… everything was evil and she couldn’t stop talking about the wee little baby Jesus.  So, my mother who had always adored Halloween now thought it was evil… and Barbie dolls… and anything else this woman didn’t like.  And we were supposed to talk about the baby Jesus a lot.  That woman went away and mom latched onto other crazy ideas.

Perhaps my dad has always felt this way about people and things, but really none of our troubles began until he started listening to Conservative Talk Radio.  Forget Oldie-Goldies music from the fifties and sixties as his listening choice.  If he’s in the car, it has to be Conservative Talk Radio.  And then he’ll bombard you will all sorts of political “facts” and really it’s just all hate.  My dad never spoke badly about anyone and was friendly with everyone.  I do remember when our coffee-house was open, if he found out a guy was gay, he’d be a little wary, because he didn’t grow up knowing gay people, and didn’t really know what to do with that information.  I can understand that.  He wasn’t really afraid of them or hate them.  It’s like those sitcoms where someone doesn’t want to do or say the wrong thing, but end up doing it anyway; like saying “Shrimp” or “tiny bit” in the presence of a Little Person.  Or other such scenarios.  Dad was more afraid of not knowing what to do/how to act that he thought he might make a faux pas, not realizing that you just treat other people like people.

However, things are different now.  I’m not sure exactly what it is.  Is it because my parents are old?  Have they always been this way, but didn’t show it?  Are they just addle-brained and get caught up in something?  Because these aren’t the people who raised us.  These aren’t the people we learned from by action or words.  These people are crazy.

So my mom is both for a woman’s choice to decide… and also severely against it.  All depending upon whom she’s talking to at the moment.  She wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders… and also Donald Trump.  She’s just wishy-washy.  She complained that no one would give proper respect to Lil Bush, but refuses to give proper respect for The Obama’s.  Now, I say Lil Bush, because that (probably short-lived) cartoon of the same name was funny, plus it denotes the son, not the father.  However, I still gave him respect because he was our president.  So he was George Bush or President Bush.  The only time I made it funny, was some really conservative girls were talking about the presidential candidates when Lil Bush was up for a second term, and they both said, “I LOVE bush!”  “Oh, me too!!”  and my friend and I snickered like 13-year-old girls in the back seat.

Anywho.  But, ever since Barak Obama was first running for the presidency, my mom refused to even give him a name, much less say President after he was elected.  He was Bama Dama because she detested him so much.  It’s Bama Dama this or that… and then “and that wife of his…”  That wife of his?  You mean First fucking lady Michelle Obama?  All I heard from her was First Lady Laura Bush this and that when Lil Bush was in office.

I don’t even dislike Lil Bush.  I don’t think he should have been president, but I don’t think he’s that bad of a guy.  I mean, come on, if the Dali Lama likes you, you can’t be all bad, right?  And I was here and present and effected by Hurricane Katrina and I still don’t hate the guy.  Besides he signed the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act of 2007, which gives funding to reopen Civil Rights era cold cases.  The bill wasn’t proposed by President Obama, then seneter, but he co-signed it.  That’s a pretty big deal and a pretty awesome thing in my opinion.  Those people should never have died like that and they deserve to be properly laid to rest with resulting justice.  It’s also simply called The Emmet Till Bill, and it was only written to go for a certain amount of years, and it’s ending soon.  I have signed a petition in hopes it’ll go back through.  The then President Bush signed it first go too; didn’t force it to keep getting circled in congress before finally signing it.  If that’s his only good thing, then it was a great one, I think.

But as for my dad (getting back to the main topic again now), he says some truly awful things now; all of which are things that he is repeating like a ventriloquist dummy from the people speaking it on Conservative Talk Radio… or Fox News.  That basically all females are sluts, there is no such thing as rape because girls are evil and lure men into sleeping with them and lie about things, that abortions are like candy and they just want the baby out so they can go out and party and have more sex.

That gay people are pedophiles or are into bestiality.  That they turn adopted children gay.  That transgendered people are an abomination and will rape little girls in the bathrooms (except, I thought rape was fictitious, right dad?), that gay people shouldn’t be allowed any rights, especially not the sanctity of marriage.  That people aren’t even really gay, they just think they are and conversion therapy sounds like a good idea to set them straight.

That black people and Muslims and Mexicans are everything wrong with this country.  They should be kicked out.  They should have to be Christians, if they aren’t.  Christians are being persecuted non stop.  Black people should respect cops more.  Pull up their pants.  Get off welfare, get a job.  Black people are lazy and disruptive.  I like black people, but…  And abortions and contraceptions are because crazy people wanted to make it so that black people couldn’t have babies, which is terrible.  Really?  You’re spouting how they’re terrible people… tell me how it’s logical to hate them, yet want them to keep populating the US with the same people you already don’t like?  It doesn’t even make sense, whether you know facts or not.  It should make one stop and take pause; to question what they are actually listening to/taking in.

Abominations, abominations, abominations; political agenda, political agenda, political agenda.  It’s all I ever hear come out of his mouth.  And whose fault is everything that’s wrong with the world?  Obama.  Give me a fucking break, y’all.

Besides the fact that half of that shouldn’t make sense to dad on even a personal level.  The fact that with his words he’s basically calling his wife and two daughters; his sister and his mother sluts and whores.  You can’t have it both ways.  ALL women can’t be sluts, except…  If they all are, then they all are.  Which includes me and his mama.  Say that to him though and he gets angry.  Well, you should be angry.  You’re listening to people who are telling you that your own mama was a whore.  Why would you listen to that?  Why would you voluntarily swallow those words as gospel truth?

We haven’t discussed the personal aspects of rape, as in most women are raped, as in his own daughters and wife, not to mention BOTH of his mother in-laws (moms birth and adopted mom).  I’m sure he knows about mom, as that’s how they bonded in high school; by all of their tragedies.  Or the fact that this is how his own wife came about.  The product of rape.  Sure he can hoot and hollar all day about how he’s glad my mom wasn’t aborted, but you know what?  That woman despised my mother because all it did was remind her of him.  And my mom has to live with how she wasn’t wanted.  So, basically we were all asking for it and we were all lying because men don’t rape.  Seriously, dad?

I could go on and on about the inaccuracies or illogicalness of all those topics, but I won’t.  I will mention the Christianity though.  How ludicrous it is that those Christians are screaming for things to be their way or the highway, but they’re the one’s who are down-trodden and put upon.  Give me a break.  Besides the fact that dad is a Mormon.  Mormons are a cult according to Christians.  Mormons don’t count.  I’ve tried bringing this point (among many others) up to dad.  But he’s still ready to throw it all in with a group who hates him just like they hate Muslims or gay people.

It’s just maddening and I can’t stand the people who my parents are/have become in the face of politics.  Sadly, it won’t stop though.  If Trump becomes president, would they really relish in the world he’ll create… or would they be afraid?  Oh, they’d definitely revel at first, but after a while I just don’t know.  And if Hillary wins, I’ll have to hear the same BS for another four or eight years.  But, do you know who I hope wins?  Certainly not Biff Tannen with his alternate 1985 universe.

I always vote for the person who has the most platforms and ideals in common with what I believe.  My dad always assumes The Sister and I will vote Republican.  In our state you have to state a party when you register to vote, but it’s not enforced.  I didn’t really know anything about voting, never read up on candidates as a kid, I mean who does.  So, when I went to register to vote I had them put Republican because that’s what we all had.  Even the lady at the office said it didn’t matter, to just pick one.  It was just for formalities sake, but didn’t matter when voting.  I’ve never once voted Republican in the 18 years that I have been voting.  It was mainly alternate parties because I liked their platforms; The Green party to begin with.  I didn’t like the Republican or Democrat nominees early on, but the Green Party candidates always sounded good.

That was until two women were running for president/vice president.  Their platforms were only for black people… and as an afterthought, Latin Americans.  It was very angry and very fuck you to everyone else.  Umm, last time I checked the US composed of a lot more people than one group, with one group as a fucking afterthought.  What about the Indigenous peoples?  The Native Americans who were here first.  Contrary to what many people think, they’re still here.  There’s still a lot of them.  They fight in wars for the US and they can and most certainly do vote in national elections.  What about the Asian Americans or the Muslim or Indian (from India) Americans?  What about everyone else?  I’m not saying that black people don’t need better things, but they’re not the only people, or people of colour that matter or need better laws, protections, etc.  So, no thank you.

But I still researched every single candidate and voted with my conscience.  I didn’t vote for Obama the first go round.  I certainly wasn’t going to vote for McCain with his wolf-killer partner in crime VP nominate Sarah Palin.  I remember when the Republican party announced them and when I came home, mom was jumping for joy that a VP was also named Sarah (like me) and wasn’t I just super thrilled?  “Oh you mean that bitch that keeps having wolves killed for no reason?  I’ve been trying to shut her down on that for two years now.  I won’t be voting for a wolf & wolf-pup killer.”  Mom was crestfallen.  She and dad of course voted for them and were super pissed off that “Bama Dama” won.  Me?  I can’t even remember who I voted for.  They seemed good at the time, I know.  But I was totally OK with Obama’s first win.  When he ran a second time, I checked all the candidates and none of the third-party people appealed to me at all, and Obama was the best, plus he’d been cool during his first run and so I voted for him the second time.

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So, of course I’m voting tomorrow.  Not merely because this will be important on human rights issues for just about every group of people out there, and also because voting will result in who is more at favour in Congress.  I certainly do not want the GOP ruling everything.  But, most importantly, I vote because I am a woman.  Women suffered and bled to get me the vote, and what a shame it would be if I wasted all of their efforts by spitting on it.  I’m voting Hillary Clinton, not because she is a woman, but because I like her platform and ideals the best.  Plus, and I know it’s so teenager-ish and not logical at all, but I really want Bill to be the First Lady, because that would be epic!


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