“Man does this country need some Jesus”

That was quite a whirl-wind for the last twenty-four hours.  I will admit that most of it was quite ugly.  However, I am just naturally a hopeful person.  I hold out hope, even when the time for it has passed.  I’m sort of ridiculous in that way, but it’s who I have always been, so I suppose I will always be this way.  This is probably why the Disney film, Pollyanna, is such a favourite of mine.  Pollyanna is an always seeing the glass half full sort of gal.  She plays the Glad Game and tries to find something to be glad about.  It’s very difficult for me to actually be glad today, but I have found some small bits that made me verklempt.

First, however, The Sister and I went to vote in the early afternoon.  She did not like my photo’s because they were not pretty enough.  But, they were true and sometimes I don’t like to take the pretty shot of something.  We parked and I said I’d be a minute because I wanted to take a few photos.  I’ve never done this, but knew I’d be writing a blog post about me voting, so I figured that I should include some pictures of my own into the mix.

Our precinct is a former fire station.  It’s not glamorous or pretty and it never has been.  It’s just a larger metal building attached to a smaller one with a bit of cement drive around the side.  It’s not a place to rave about, but it’s always been just fine.  However, yesterday it seemed very wrong.  I’d never noticed the ditch before, but there it was in plain view of the Vote Here sign.  Also, while it’s never been a pristine parking area, it has never been jumbled with debris before.  It was like maneuvering though a video game; and also extremely uninviting.

This is the actual portion of the two buildings where voting takes place.  People always enter through either door.  For preliminaries I enter through the right door because that’s for Democratic voting.  I should also just enter through that door during normal elections because they break you down by alphabet and O – Z are on the far right, which is the category in which I fall.

The Sister reminisced on her first times voting here (or going with our parents), with the tall curtained booths and where the voting attendant would hand you a paper ballot.  I missed out on a lot of things that I was looking forward to; curtained booths and paper ballots being one.  Another was using actual typewriters in typing class.  In grammar school, I learned that I would be using a typewriter later in life, or filling in a paper ballot, but when I was old enough, the paper had been replaced for electronic machines with cards and the clackity clack and hum of an electric typewriter had been replaced by 32-bits of glaring beige; the computer.

Generally when voting here, the voter attendants are rather nice.  On this day they glared and it did feel unwelcoming, which is not a feeling I’ve ever felt in my eighteen years of voting.  It was the first time I was glad to be away.  I’ve also only ever voted in one other precinct.  When I first registered, they assigned me to the precinct that was right next door to us.  My family figured that if I, living at the same address, was to vote there, that this must be their new precinct as well.  So we trooped over there together on foot.  I was on the books, but the rest of my family weren’t.  The elderly lady attendants, however, said they were sure it would be fine if they voted here as well.  I’m certain that none of our votes counted on that day… and it was a our state’s Representatives!  The following time we voted it was at the old fire house where my family has always voted since living in this house.  But it was still pleasant and either place, but also not the only kerfuffle from my area.

My city, Hattiesburg, is in Forrest County.  I live in Lamar county, and though the city limits is literally at my property line and my address is Hattiesburg, I’m not a part of that city.  And the closest Lamar country city, Purvis, doesn’t include me either.  So, I never get to vote on any city-wide things like ordinances, Mayor, city council, etc.  I’m also not included in Hattiesburg’s recycling pick-up program.  I have to schlep that stuff across town.  The only local (not state-wide) things that I’m allowed to vote in are for Lamar County this or that; sheriff, coroner, school district, and the like.

But back to Hattiesburg/Forrest County.  They have voting mishaps quite regularly.  This time it was at least one precinct in mid-town where voters were told they weren’t on the rolls because they were listed as inactive, though they voted in the primaries and in city or state related things earlier this year or last year.  They were allowed to fill in an affidavit slip, but were having trouble afterwards at the City Clerks office, in recognizing that they really should be on the rolls.  Sadly, though apparently not surprisingly, it was a large majority of minorities having the difficulties; blacks and Hispanics.

And so, after the polls closed, I watched with horror as Republicans gained, or remained in, control of everything.


Not that our Electoral votes count for much.  We have six, which is pretty low, though not the lowest.  But very early on, Mississippi, yet again, was swathed in red.  Out of six nationally elected officials, one is a Democrat… and he’s not in my district.  Our Governor is a Republican and most of my state voted for Trump.


These are the results from around noon today.  Before I went to bed around 1.30, Republicans had control of the House (pretty early on, actually) and had just gained control of the Senate.  Trump was four votes away from winning, while Hillary still needed 55.  It was pretty dismal.  I left and curled up in bed with my alarm on making rain sounds and I read ghost stories to help me feel better, which was just before my father burst in my room and smugly announced that Trump had officially won with a sneer on his face.

I didn’t really respond and went back to my ghost stories before falling asleep.  Today, I actually cried.  I’ve never gotten emotional over politics or various victories for either party before.  But then, no one since I’ve been alive has rallied so much hate, fear, & distrust among the American people.  Revolting disgust for other human beings; a campaign trail full of fear mongering and distress.  I had to wake up to the sobering fact that my own parents fed on this pestilent tirade of hatred; fell right in line, swallowed it whole, accepted it and are happy to be on the side of oppression and seething hatred.

Obviously, I knew it was coming, I blogged about it just two nights ago.  I’ve been bombarded with it for several years now, but how do you actually admit that your own parents, whom you’re supposed to look up to, love, and be proud of could actually think and feel this way?


I’ve seen a lot posts stating that various groups of people are scared right now; LGBT’s, people of colour, Muslims, and women.  I’m really only in that last group… women.  I hardly think my other two counts of not being “perfect” would really amount to much.  But, considering that I grew up being told by white people that I wasn’t white enough or that our new President hates fat women… well, I don’t know.  These might actually come into play, but then again they might not.

It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I like people.  OK, I’m not much of a people person, per say, as in I encounter a lot of mean and snarky people.  But in the grand scheme of things, I really like people!  I like that everyone and everything is diverse.  That people have different languages, colours of skin, customs, etc.  I’ve always liked that humans were not grey and bland carbon copies of one another.  Diversity is absolutely fantastic!  It should never be used to single people out or judge them, but it should definitely be noticed and I think celebrated.

I have never felt the overwhelming desire to hate an entire group of people.  Ever.  I’ve only ever wanted to know more about them; to expand my own little world to encompass us all.  My own father has accused me of siding with “the enemy” or being a terrible person because I happened to be listening to music from the Middle East, or drawing girls that aren’t white, or reading about people from Thailand.  This only started when he began listening to Conservative Talk Radio after the 9/11 attacks.  It also told me that my own father actually knows nothing about me, because non of this was new post 2001.  Obviously people make things person, because first and foremost, that is what they know, and that is how humans react to things.  I understand the anti rape culture movement of “don’t try to explain it with… ‘but your own daughter or your sister or your mother!'” I agree that it is about all women, whether you know them or not, but also humans have a tendency, I have found to not care about other people and only their own.  So, it seems to be a double-edged sword.

The reason I bring it up, is because I am human and I do this as well.  I, of course, don’t wish any ill will on any people.  I want all people to have the same rights as everyone else.  I don’t want groups of Muslim people or LGBT’s or Indigenous peoples or any peoples to be bullied or hated or downtrodden.  I have never wanted that.  I will never want that.  I will never believe that it is the right way of thinking.  So, I am upset when terrible things are happening to people, whether I am that person or not.  When black people are being attacked, it is sad.  When Muslims are being feared and treated horrible, it is sad.  When LGBT’s are being hated, it is sad.

But, I can not help but also take it personally.  I am a woman.  A man who sexually assaulted women and thinks it’s OK has just been voted in as President.  My own parents helped vote him in.  My own father thinks so little of his daughters to not want a man who sexually assaults women to be president.  My own father, who complains about the abominations that are a gay person all day long, claims he wouldn’t disown me if I were gay.  We had an argument earlier this year about it, but it was the first of many.  He chastised me once for watching the telly show Will & Grace, because apparently that means I’m gay and therefore a horrible person and an abomination.  This last time when he asked me point-blank if I was… “I’m not, but even if I was, why the fuck would I tell you?  You’d hate me and throw me out of the house because I would be an abomination!”  His response was of course he would never do that, because I’m his daughter.  “Really?  That’s now how you make it feel with all your political agenda abominations Christianity talk any chance you can get to weasel it into a conversation.  If that’s not how you feel, then fucking stop preaching about it!”  We haven’t talked about “the gay agenda” since.  But my mother was the same way, except with the whole being a whore thing.  She was always ranting and raving about how premarital sex is evil and girls who get knocked up she be disowned by their parents.  In our later years, when confronted, she said she would never have done this to us.  Then why proclaim it all the time?

And here’s the kicker.  I really just don’t get.  My cousin is a lesbian.  She has a girlfriend.  Her parents and siblings know this and are perfectly OK with it.  Yet she and her entire family just voted Trump in as president.  I honestly can’t wrap my head around that one.  Honestly… it’s OK if you are gay, but everyone else that is must suffer?  Did you plan on getting married to a lady one day, because the chances of that are looking pretty slim to none right about now.  Hang the fact that it’s on the books currently.  Did you plan on renting an apartment someday with a lady, because you probably won’t be able to do that.  Did you want to not be harassed and sleep soundly in your bed at night?  It’s not that it was great before, but I’m pretty certain that future is looking really dim right about now.  Or… are you really not gay at all?  Because it sure seems like it from where I’m standing today.  That it was all a ruse, to seem what… cool?  Try something different, but fuck everybody else who actually is this “wrong abomination” that you voted to help erase?

But then, they all seem to hate everyone who isn’t a white Christian, so who the fuck even knows, man.  Honestly, I questioning everything right now.  How am I not a bible thumping fear mongering hate the world hypocritical Christian with a rebel flag and KKK signs hanging around all over my house?

And I don’t really know that many people currently, because I don’t get out much and people come and go in your life.  But, besides always being someone who was curious and fascinated about the world and enjoyed diversity and saw it as wonderful… how could I ever forget my beginnings?  A woman and her family were a huge part of our lives when I was growing up.  She’s like a mother to me and her children, my siblings.  There’s this bond there, though we don’t see each other much now; it’s just there.  It always will be.  We’re family without the blood line.  This woman and her family are black.  Besides the fact that I just don’t have it in me to hate people, how could I ever feel or follow any way that dislikes or hates black people.  How could I do that with a clear conscious?  How could my parents love this woman and her family; consider them family but hate who she is; and everything that the colour of her skin is supposed to represent that is so distasteful?  How could you do that?  How could you do that to her?!?  How can you even sleep at night now knowing that people hate her without knowing her simply because she’s not white and you just gave them all the keys to implement horror for her?  I feel like it’s a blow against the people I hold very, very dearly in my heart.

Or how about my Armenian Aunt.  These people don’t know the difference between anything, so have no real idea that the peoples of Northern African, the Middle East, and the Caucasus region are all different.  Or that simply because you might hail from a certain country in one of those regions does not make you a Muslim… or that Muslim people are just people and the extremists are no different from any extremist of any colour in the world whose opinion seems to be law, but is not felt by the majority of the people they are supposed to represent.  I always hated hearing stories of how my aunt was terrorized and traumatized and hated upon because she wasn’t white growing up in the south.  She’s not blood related to me, but I LOVE her.  She’s my aunt.  Just because people in the south, and America in general know the difference between black and Muslim now, doesn’t mean it’s any better for either group.  But her gorgeous half-moon eyes will give her away.  It’s apparent that she’s not white, and I’m sure equally apparent since 9/11 that she’s from “somewhere over there.”

However, she is not Muslim.  She’s a non-practicing Episcopalian.  She, along with countless Middle Eastern peoples, is not a terrorist.  She isn’t someone to be feared.  I didn’t worry for her before because she lived in Canada and really only weekend in the states.  But, now she lives in Florida most of the time.  However, she is wealthy, and people generally don’t care who or what you are, or what you do, if you have money.  But, what if people glance at her through slitted eyes of hate?  What if people are always mean and rude to her, the way they always have been.  It hurts my heart.  She’s MY aunt Jan.  She’s beautiful and she doesn’t deserve people hating her because they don’t know her and assume she’s lesser than or some sort of threat.

There’s so many people out there who are someone’s aunt Jan’s or surrogate mother.  But for some reason people just see them as a faceless mass of evil and everything that is wrong with this country; stains that need to be removed.  How can someone think this way?  How can people have so much hate in their hearts; just stirring around in there, ready to latch on to the next thing to hate and pull it down into the mire.  How can people live with themselves?

I just don’t understand it and it keeps making me cry that people can hate the people who I love so dearly because they don’t live up to this weird convoluted expectation of what is supposed to be perfect and right.  I don’t want any part of your “perfect” or “right”.  I may be deemed as some sort of hippie dreamer with idealized fantasies, but I don’t like people hurting or suffering.  I don’t like hate.  It hurts everyone.  Everyone.

I feel like I’m lost in a sea of hate.  That there’s too much separation from one person to another by this seething monster of discourse.  I’m hoping things won’t be bad, and I’m probably childish for holding out any type of hope, at anytime in my life, for anything on which I held hope high for until the bitter end… but I can’t be someone who I’m not.  I can’t follow a drummer that doesn’t call to my heart.  I just can not be what apparently most people want me to be.  I will always be a big softy; a sissy crying in the corner when an animal is hit in the road or a person is treated like they don’t fit; like they are lesser than.  I can’t help that I have all of the feels.  I have to be true to me.

Read an article today, and it sums up exactly how I am feeling.  Here’s Why We Grieve Today.  It isn’t because my candidate for president didn’t win.  It isn’t because I’m a sore loser.  I didn’t care much when my political person won or didn’t win in the past, because it was the same old thing.  This time, however, a man spoke of nothing but negativity, fueled by hate; spreading his fear mongering.  And his followers lapped his words up and in turn became crazy, hateful people.  And this is who won.  This is who is representing our country now.

I’m not even all that worried about him.  I mean I am a little worried that the Republicans control everything, given their track record to spout Jesus everywhere and Christian right and oppress others while saying they are oppressed.  But really it’s the masses.  The people who supported him.  They’re who I’m worried about.  Whether these voters voted for him because they wanted to show a big fuck you to the system, or because they were just worried about fetuses (and not babies that are actually born) or whether they actually supported his hate speech against the LGBT’s, the women, the people of colour, and the Muslims.  A lot of those people did spout back out the hate speech and members of my own family have said “those” people need to leave now.  Those undesirables that aren’t white, straight, and Christian.  Those people who are harassing people openly or from the anonymity of stranded notes or from behind computer screens.  Those people are out there.  People, when riled up are scary beings.

I’m not saying this will be 1930s Germany, but no one really thought that would go the way it did… except for perhaps Hitler.  But it was the perfect breeding ground for distrust and fear in post WWI Germany.  And a man who could prey on that fear and incite great emotion in people did just that and look where that ended up.

Right now, in America, you have white people not knowing the difference between Muslims and terrorists.  9/11 = Muslims = bad.  It’s all their fault.  You have people gaining rights that the white people think they shouldn’t have.  Asking for clean water, wanting to be President, not wanting to be killed by cops, wanting to live here, wanting to make their own decisions, wanting to love whom they wish.  They don’t like it and in steps Conservatives telling them that those people are wrong for wanting these  things; that it’s not their place.  Riling those people up by saying that their way of life is being threatened and that they are being oppressed.  Then they lay blame.  It’s all their fault!  You’ve got to fight back.  This country was founded on God and Christianity.  Unborn babies are more important than the mother or babies that have been born.

It basically boils down to, “We’re losing our 1950s power and we don’t like it.”  You might think I’m making this up, but I’m not.  I can use my own blood family as an example… and they are not the only ones I’ve experienced this from.  They don’t openly talk bad about black people, they even know an OK black person at work or have that one black friend.  Yet, they do talk about how ignorant, stupid, and worthless they think black people are… on occasion.  That black people are lesser than.  Then they’re all nice and smiles again and “good” manners and black people are cool.  Or how they tell me that their dog, who is barking at me, only does that to black people.  Which they feel is OK, that their dog should bark at black people because they laugh about it, but then they quickly realize that saying I’m akin to a black person is the worst insult, so they back pedal and say, “Not that you are a black person, God no.  Nothing like that at all!” and the conversation fizzles out.  Because honestly how do respond to that?  To blood family, people who are your elders, and you were raised to not sass your elders.  And really, what could I have said that would change their minds after fifty something years of this apparent hatred that has been ingrained into them?

And really where did it even come from?  It’s not like I was constantly running amok as a child.  I actually spent time around these people.  They gave me advice or had conversations with me, or I simply hung around while the adults were talking.  I never, once remember any of my blood family speaking ill of other cultures or religions, in all of my youth.  The only things I noticed were that my extended blood relatives didn’t much care for fat people, though most of them were fat, so sadly me and an older cousin were ridiculed for being overweight.  And the one time that my grandmother said that her husbands baby sister married “that eye-talyen”.  She didn’t even say that she hated all Italian people, she just didn’t like the man her sister-in-law married, who happened to be Italian, and well, it was kind of funny that she pronounced it so incorrectly.  Were they always this way?  Did my grandparents and great grandparents raise their kids to be this way?  Or did they all just go crazy?  I’m really unsure.

Or having other relatives talk about the chinky people or the spick market or how they were very wary that Mexikins were remodeling the floor in their home, and she had to keep on them to make sure they didn’t steal anything or that they weren’t doing shoddy work.  Not even because they seemed like they were checking out the house or having too many breaks, just simply because they weren’t white people.  And then when she got to know them, they were invited to dinner, but of course she wouldn’t use her best dishes and glasses (insert laugh), because these Mexikins were pretty OK (but apparently still gross?  dirty?  clumsy?  I don’t even know!).  I don’t even know if they were Mexicans because anyone who speaks Spanish is simply “the dreaded Mexikin” to these people.  This revelation didn’t surprise me entirely knowing the type of people that these people are and from where they hail, but I’d still never heard them speak like this about people… until recently.  Oh and god, the shit they were saying about Muslim people.

So, really the articles that I have read that reference to not be delusional, you knew this was coming, you knew people felt this way…  well, I agree.  We did know, but also, do you ever really expect it?  Don’t you just say, “Surely not.  Surely people are good and kind.  Surely most people do not blindly hate.  Right?”  It’s denial, sure, but it’s also affording some sort of last-minute hope.  But with more than 50% of the white population voting for him, it’s still a blow.  I don’t even know exactly how many people agreed, either openly or secretly, with the hate speech about non-white, Christian, straight people.  I know a fair amount, as I said, who mimicked like a parrot things that he or Republicans and Conservatives in general were saying along those lines.  But, how many just glossed over it all?  How many just wanted to vote for him simply to see what happens; simply as an up yours protest to the system?  How many heard only “jobs” and nothing else?

And what is it really about the hate speech?  While I do feel like I don’t even know my own parents now, which is true, and that I feel like I’m trapped behind enemy lines… I do know that my parents love me.  They’d probably have something to say about it if I came out as a lesbian, or dated a person of colour, but they wouldn’t disown me.  I’m sure they’d have far more to say on the subject if I was transgendered or decided to become a Muslim (or probably any religion that wasn’t nothing, as is now, or a Christian one), and there might be tension, but I’m pretty certain they wouldn’t disown me, but I’m also pretty certain there’d be shouting.  Or if I had premarital relations with a boyfriend or became pregnant, they wouldn’t disown me.  If, however, I decided to terminate the pregnancy, there’d be some iffy conversation, but I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t be disowned.

I realize that there are certain things that really stress my parents’ blinder view of 1950s sensibilities.  I’d be crossing a line with them, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker on being family, while others were only be more of a difficulty in understanding for them, but wouldn’t really be crossing their line.  And that’s where we are different.  That is how I, and fellow like-minded thinkers can’t even begin to grasp how the other side is thinking.  My view is that I AM every woman out there.  So, if they wouldn’t hate or disown me for premarital sex or getting pregnant then why are they so worried with all the other women out there and what they are doing?  If they wouldn’t hate or disown me for falling in love with a woman, or marrying her, then why do they rally so hard to deny it from others?  I’m under no disillusionment that my parents would say, “Well… we don’t agree with your marrying a woman… but… if that’s what you’re going to do, OK.”

It’s not perfect.  In a perfect world, according to a lot of democratic or LGBT people they should openly accept it, no questions.  But that is asking a lot from people whose mindset is hard to deter on these subjects.  I think a weird agreement is pretty good for people with limited vision.  Not everyone in Pleasantville is going to paint Modern Art on their restaurant or light up a tree from passion.  It took time for most of the people in Pleasantville to get adjusted and accustomed to things they didn’t understand, things that were new to them.  And then there were people who were going to die trying to keep the old ways alive.  It’s just people, I suppose.

But I don’t understand those people who think gay people are an abomination, “oh, but my kid’s gay… well, that’s OK… but just for them.”  Or they hate people of colour, “Oh but my kid’s dating a person of colour… well, that’s OK… but just for them.”  I just can’t wrap my head around that.  It’s highly illogical to me.  At least the person who didn’t like gay people, but their kid comes out, and then they’re like, “Well, OK.  I like my kid.  His head isn’t turning green and he’s not murdering kittens.  Perhaps I was wrong about hating gay people.”  Seems more logical.  As does the person who hates gay people and disowns their kid for coming out.  Not that I agree with the last one, it’s horrible.  But at least its consistent and not hypocritical.

And I have to wonder about the white people who say that they aren’t racist, yet say such horrible things about other races.  Can they really not see it?  Can they really not see that hating a Muslim person, calling them a Sand Nigger, or saying they’ll kill us makes them a racist?  None of what they said is nice, nor is it logical.  It’s overt fear of the unknown.  Have these people never watched Star Wars?  Fear leads to hate, which leads to anger, which leads to the dark side.

Which brings me to The Sister.  She is of the philosophy that was people say about others, they really mean about themselves.  I’m not sure where this comes from… Buddhism?  The Dali Lama?  Pema Chodron? Thich Nhat Hanh?  Sanskrit?  She talks a lot OK, sometimes I get confused by where something comes from.  Anyway, there are others out there who believe this.

It would make sense.  That everything really is selfish and turned inwardly.  So how I’m wondering how in the hell people could vote a man in to be the president, but he’s a sexual predator.  A lot of people in the world are sexually abused on one level or another.  A LOT.  There’s also the whole thing about a beaten dog in a cage.  It’s been beaten and confined for so long and if you remove the cage, it’s so conditioned that it will not run away because it still believes that it is in a cage.  And there’s also the human mentality of well it was done to me and I want people to suffer like I did.  Not every person thinks these ways, but there are a lot of people who do.  You yourself have encountered more people who torment others to make themselves feel better than the people who have suffered, yet choose to help others.

What if these people heard these words, but instead of thinking, “yeah who cares about women.  Let’s molest all of them” to really hearing, “Yeah, that was done to me.  Good that others are suffering like I have!”  It is not unknown, nor is it uncommon that people who were bullied will idolize what was done to them, idolize the bullies instead of working against that.
It’s not a lovely analogy, but what about “He who smelt it, delt it.”  It is also not uncommon for people to throw blame onto others for things that they have done.  I’m not saying everyone is this way, but these are also not random instances.  It’s not all men who scream that gays are an abomination that turn out to have had sexual relations with me, or watch gay porn, or anything else along the same lines.  But there are plenty of them who will scream and hollar to point your attention away from themselves for doing the exact same thing that they admonish another for.

Or is it ignorance?  Do these people simply not know enough, read enough, to actually know what the hell they are talking about in the first place…  Or is it that these people simply refuse to see it any other way.  They’ve got their blinders on and they are absolutely convinced that the volcano will no erupt, though the lava is heading right for them?  My own father, said that it was liberal propaganda agenda with the Trump sexual assault stuff.  It was just the liberals making stuff up, because Trump wouldn’t take advantage of women like that.  The evidence is there.  It’s not faked by a side.  But, he wouldn’t see it any other way than that of which he wanted it to be.  How how Conservatives compared Trump and Bill Clinton.  That’s like comparing windows to kittens.  One man touched women, without their consent, because he felt that he could.  Another man just wanted to have sex with women, and well they wanted to have sex right back with him.  The difference is consent.  Consent with one situation and lack of consent with the other.  But they can’t see it that way, apparently.  To them consent is obviously not in their vocabulary, and if it was OK for your person then shut the fuck up about theirs.



Or how yesterday my own mother, who voted for Trump, had this to say.  “I like Hillary.  She seems like a classy lady.  She would have made a great president.  It’s a shame she didn’t win.”  I’m sorry, but really in my mind I had to interject and realize that my mother quite possibly has no idea what she even says anymore.  You can’t vote for Trump and be excited that he won and call former First Lady Hillary bad names, including Killary… and then state that she would have made a great president and it’s a shame she didn’t win… but you’re not sorry that you voted for Trump and you are not being snarky or condescening?!  I’m surprised my head didn’t explode from the sheer absurdity of it all.

Then to end, my mother states, “She ran a good race… for a woman.”  What does that even mean?  You’re a woman… or hadn’t you noticed?  Do you not think that you are good enough to be President of the United States of America?  Do you think so lowly of yourself as a female that you have to tack that on there?  Perhaps The Sister has something with this whole it’s really about themselves philosophy.

Because after that, I notice a post from an extended blood relation.  She’s a super Christian gal, who is straight and white.She  reposted and said some pretty despicable things about people who are not exactly like her.  She also, of course was a HUGE Trump supporter.  People didn’t agree with her choice of candidate and this is what she had to say about it.  “Man does this country need some Jesus.”  I couldn’t agree more with her.  Yet, while she is of the mind-set that I would need some Jesus, or anyone else who thinks that Muslims, Women, People of Colour, & LGBT’s should NOT be oppressed, it is in fact her that needs some Jesus.  A whole lotta Jesus, I’d say.  She needs to spend more time reading the NEW testatament, ya know the one that actually references dear old Baby G, and not the version of things he came to correct.  We have two different oppinions on who Jesus was, and I’m gonna say that I’m the one who’s correct since I can actually read and retain what Jesus is supposed to have said in the NEW testament.

I’m not even a Christian and I can whole heartedly agree that this country does need some Jesus.  And fast.

But there are some bright points that I have found, some really great things that were practically going unmentioned.

I Voted Stickers on the grave of Susan B. Anthony | >>wakeupmississippi.org
I Voted Stickers on the grave of Susan B. Anthony | >>wakeupmississippi.org

I had absolutely no idea that women have been putting I Voted stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave for years now.  Susan B. Anthony was the first woman to vote in an election.  Illegally, I might add.  She was a huge voice in votes for women, but sadly never made it to the age when women could legally vote.  It’s heartwarming and touching.

The grave of Ida B Wells | >>vox.com
The grave of Ida B Wells | >>vox.com

Or that people were mentioning all of the female firsts in politics and how I Voted stickers should be put on their graves too.  Ida B. Wells did in fact get some I Voted stickers.  And it is important to note that when women gained the right to vote with the 19th Amendment, it was just white women.  Women of colour came later.  So, technically Susan B. Anthony didn’t fight for the rights of all women.  But she was a suffragette and I owe a lot to ALL suffragettes.  That is how I see it.  I may not be a black woman, but Ida B. Wells and Sojourner Truth are just as important to me as suffragettes as the white women in the latter part of the nineteenth century.  I feel that ALL women should have the right to vote, so any woman fighting for it, is OK in my books and just because my lot already had the right to vote, it was hugely important that other women gained that right as well.  Or else… where’s the fairness in that?

Or how there are 21 women in the senate now.  It’s only one up from the last total, but it’s something.  Or how several very awesome women are moving on up.  Five for Congress and one elected as head of their state.

Minnesota Senator Ilhan Omar | >>zehabesha.com
Minnesota Senator Ilhan Omar | >>zehabesha.com

Minnesota has elected Ilhan Omar to Congress.  She is the first Somalian-American, as well as the first female Muslim to be serving in the House of Representatives.

Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal | >>thelogicalindian.com
Washington Senator Pramila Jayapal | >>thelogicalindian.com

Washington state elected Pramila Jayapal to Congress.  She is the first Indian-American to be elected to the House of Representatives.

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth | >>dailymail.co.uk
Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth | >>dailymail.co.uk

Illinois elected Tammy Duckworth to Congress.  She is the first Asian American woman elected to Congress in Illinois, the first disabled woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the first member of Congress born in Thailand.

California Senator Kamala Harris | >>urbanmecca.net
California Senator Kamala Harris | >>urbanmecca.net

California elected Kamala Harris to Congress.  She is a lot of firsts for the attorney general of California (2010 – 2016); the first female, the first African-American, the first Indian-American, and the first Asian-American in the position.  She is also, now, the first Indian-American female to serve in the senate and the second African-American female.

Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto | >>dailykos.com
Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto | >>dailykos.com

Nevada elected Catherine Cortez Masto to Congress.  She is the first ever Latina elected to the senate.


Oregon Governor Kate Brown | >>publicbroadcasting.net

Oregon elected Kate Brown as Governor.  She is only the second female to be governor of Oregon and is the first openly gay governor of any state.


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