The Tale of How The Winchesters DIYed Some Sparkly Lip Gloss

Considering that November is finally coming to a close, it is high time I discuss this years Halloween.  I should considering I did an entire blog post on past Halloween’s and touched on this years costume idea.  This year was low-key, a bit busy, and some pretty swell things happened.


So, The Sister and I did dress up as Dean and Sam Winchester.  However, not on actual Halloween, but on the Saturday prior.  There was a party at The Sisters’ work that we stopped in on and then a party with friends afterwards.  Lucky for us that our dad had a robe that was pretty similar to what Dean wears around the bunker, as well as having a very Sam-esque dress shirt for me.  Oh and our mothers antique Roy Rogers pop gun rifle is pretty close to accurate, when you don’t have a sawed off shot gun to fire salt-filled bullets at ghosts.  For artists, we’re not very good and drawing demon symbol tattoos on each other, but they’re good enough, though entirely too large.  And it took about thirty minutes to style my very Sam hair (same shade and close enough cut) into the perfect Sam style.


We made things at the party with friends.  Decorative pumpkins and lip gloss from cocoa butter and sparkle-shimmer crayons.  Yes, very Dean and Sam of us, I know right!  One of the idea’s came from our friends previous Halloween party that she attended, in which she received the homemade Standard Book of Spells Grade 4 pamphlet book.  The sucker ghosts were just party favours.

In addition, I also made a pipe cleaner spider, which Dean was not at all fond of.  It too came from the Harry Potter themed activity book.

I entered our serious Dean and Sam photo into an online Costume Contest for the local Lebanese restaurant.  I won’t pretty much by default, but, still… I won!  So, The Sister and I ate very well that following week.



This is the only photo from the work party.  The Sister said I should do my best Sam’s a Baby stupid pouty face, so I did.

We attended the local Halloween Parade.  Well, The Sister had to go, because she was in it.  She was a Yoga Faerie along with other teachers from Greenhouse Yoga.  She’s in the second photo on one foot pointing, which I believe is Warrior 1, or Warrior 2?

Then later that night we were going to go to the Stranger Things Listening Party at the local record store, which is pictured in that photo of The Sister doing yoga poses in the street.  They were going to listen to the first album on vinyl, have Eggo inspired food and a costume contest.  But we really did not feel like going out and being with people, so we had our own.  I streamed both albums via Spotify and we worked on The Sisters upcoming Crystal Workshop.  We dressed up… ok well I did, as a crazy cat lady.  The Sister just wore her loungy clothes and said she was a sleepy witch.  And we both won the costume contest that we held.

I dressed up as the crazy cat lady, only better, for another place the following day.  There are feathers and an actual cat toy in my very messy hair.  Also my make-up is all smudgy and my lipstick on all haphazardly.  My earrings are mismatched and I’m carrying a toy cat for Christs’ sake.  I felt it was awesome.  The loser guys at one of the local comic book stores didn’t even realize that I was in costume.  Like I always go out in public with a cat and my make-up all crazy (or make-up at all) and cat toys in my hair.  *rolls eyes*



On actual Halloween I made homemade pumpkin cookies (from for real pumpkin and not that canned stuff), while The Sister carved our Jack-O-Lantern.  The cookies look weird, but that’s maple glaze icing drizzled on top, so they’re not moldy or anything.  And The Sisters’ Jack-O-Lantern was very, very sad.  But, our dear friend brought his daughter over to Trick-or-Treat at our house and spend a little time.  We never get Trick-or-Treaters!  One year we had a neighbor boy stop by and another year two girls about age ten came by.  With the boy we had purchased some candy, but with the girls we weren’t prepared, but I gave them each a package of Keebler cookies since dad was delivering those at the time and we had cases of them.

So, needless to say we were excited over a real Trick-or-Treater, but also getting to spend time with our friend.  Also it was cute how his daughter, in a family who psychosomatically believe that they are allergic to cats, adores cats and was ecstatic to be surrounded by so many of them.



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