2016 Year in Review

My head is swimming from politics, so this post will be anything but!  I have those coming up, I just can’t stomach writing them at the moment.  We’ll just do a light-hearted review of 2016.  A month by month collage breakdown of my personal year.  No, really, it’ll be fun, I promise!



  • I found an abandoned birds nest in my front yard which was made of pine straw as well as remnants of one of the tatty blue tarps my dad keeps around.
  • The sister found a how-to on making coiled bowls in a book from the library, so we started making them.
  • I participated in a postcard exchange the previous year, where the postcards would go to Antarctica with scientists and then mailed back from there, thus having a postmark from Antarctica (which is a once in a lifetime chance).  The postcards for my dad and I arrived during this month.
  • I went out on a photography adventure to capture images all over my city.  This is one of the window grills on our historic Art Deco post office.





  • Tried and enjoyed Cuban food for the very first time.
  • Made homemade Chinese food.
  • A homemade beauty giveaway that we won the following year finally arrived.
  • I tried the lemon scented charcoal and coconut butter tooth polish with amusing results.
  • Dad was admitted to hospital for a procedure.
  • Before going in, however, he made me Eggs Benedict for breakfast one morning on a lark.





  • Had a Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday Party.  I wore my Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure shirt, the sister and I applied Pee-Wee tattoos and we watched the new film together.
  • I purchased Year of The Monkey stamps at the post office because I am a Monkey and I collect stamps.
  • Friends came for a visit and brought me some lovely lemon creme almonds among other goodies.
  • I voted for Bernie Sanders and stopped and had a mini interview with a lady who was showing her support for him near the uni campus.  I took her photo and the button she offered, and wrote a blog post about it here.
  • Participated in a Photo-A-Day Book challenge and this was my favourite prompt.




April / May:

  • Attended the Zoo’s Birthday Bash and was allowed into the enclosure with the sloths, and was allowed to pet them (even though I’d already petted Chewy (who’s pictured) before at another special event the previous year.
  • Took our mom to her high school reunion close to the Louisiana border and The Sister and I left and explored.
  • The Sister and I made homemade cheesecake together, our very first time, for her birthday.
  • I made the recipe for 1736 Fried Chicken.  Which is a fried chicken recipe from 1736.  It was phenomenal and I really want to make it again!





  • Attended a friends fandom themed birthday party.  I made sugar cookies and piped Dark Crystal themed designs onto them.
  • I won a piece of art in a giveaway.
  • The Sister and I both won a moonstone ring each.
  • The Sister, Dad, & I took a day trip down to the coast to purchase shrimp off the boats.  We also went to the new visitors Center in Biloxi.





  • A friend sent The Sister & I each a copy of her favourite book; The Wish List.
  • The Sister & I won a colouring book giveaway, each receiving a colouring book of our choice.
  • We went swimming, a lot.





  • My first ever Jury Duty Summons, which arrived in July, but my date was 01. August.  I wasn’t chosen, but it was nice to have the experience.
  • Was part of a giveaway on Instagram with The Sister and several other artists, most of which we didn’t know in person.  My art went to a lovely lady in Australia.
  • A friend gave me the book Nicholas & Alexandria as well as the film poster from the movie which came out in the seventies… because I’m super into the last Tsar of Russia and his family.
  • Discovered a public garden in my city.
  • Won a really nice giveaway with a candle, bath salts, body butter, moonstone earrings, and two journals.
  • The Sister started teaching aromatherapy classes at the local yoga studio.  I have attended all of them and they are the highlights of my Friday evenings.
  • Won an ACEO sketch of a fat orange kitten.  I was so pleased!





  • Hosted a party to celebrate Star Trek TOS (the original series)’ 50th Anniversary.  It was just me.  I had food and drink that was available in 1966, I watched four epi’s off of my DVD’s and played Star Trek Bingo.  Honestly, (and probably sadly) it was WAY more fun than my actual birthday which happened a few days later.
  • Participated in Redditgifts postcard exchanged and received this one from the UK.
  • Was doing a lot of illustrations in my room since our central A/C was out and the weather was beyond hot.  This illustration is everything that I wanted to be as a child.
  • Turned 36 and these were my gifts.  Star Trek TOS stamps, Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) Barbie doll, the last Dark Crystal Creation Myths book, an Art Deco colouring book, The Little Book of Hindu Deities, and a few bath scrubs.





  • The Sisters’ aromatherapy class on Nutmeg, where no one attended, so I gathered “people” for the class like the skeleton and the Ganeshes.
  • Attended a Dia de los Muertos art exhibit downtown.
  • Attended a friends Halloween Party where The Sister & I dressed as Sam & Dean Winchester from Supernatural.
  • Won some candles at that Halloween Party.
  • Watched our cities Halloween Parade because The Sister was in it with the rest of the yoga studio staff.
  • Won an online costume contest (as Sam & Dean Winchester) and received a gift certificate to use at the local Middle Eastern restaurant.
  • Participated in an art a day giveaway and won… by default because no one else participated.  Still haven’t received my winnings and I might never.  But, it was still fun drawing the prompts.
  • The Sister and I hosted our own Stranger Things Listening Party with costume contest and we both won!  Mainly because the people can be snooty at the place in town that actually was having a Stranger Things Listening Party with costume contest.
  • Cut all of my hair off.




  • The Sister had a Crystal Workshop at the local yoga studio which I attended.
  • Tried to have Super Fun Library Day on the 23rd.  It wasn’t as fun as I’d imagined it to be, or has it has been in the past.  Did find a Walter Anderson art piece there that I’d not stumbled upon before… even though it’s in the main lobby.
  • Drew illustrations of some crystals for the Crystal Workshop.
  • We had Thanksgiving early (the first week) because of medical issues with dad.
  • Participated in an Oracle/Tarot Challenge.  I used my Housewife Tarot deck for it and for one day you were supposed to express yourself with writing, poetry, art, etc on the card that was chosen.  I created a collage of The Moon, since that was the card I drew for that day.
  • Voted for Hilary Clinton in the Presidential Election.  I also wrote a blog post about my experience this year while voting.





  • Purchased our tree and decorated for Christmas.
  • Won a homemade bath products giveaway.
  • Was asked to be in a giveaway and supplied the mixed media collage shown at the top right.
  • Used my Christmas gift from last year and made some homemade cheese which was excellent.
  • Discovered this Ginkgo tree with The Sister in our downtown park.  It’s obviously been there for years, but I think the weather has always been too hot for it to change from green to yellow… or perhaps that was just a particularly magical day?
  • Won a Stinky Yogi giveaway of rollerball essential oil blends.
  • Bartered a piece of my art for homemade bath products.
  • Was asked by an owner of the local yoga studio for a barter trade.  Free entrance to her classes in exchange for photographs for her to use.

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