The Loss of Mind

Sure, I like to dabble in Conspiracy Theories.  For fun.  Like imagining if Extraterrestrials really are out there, or if the Denver Airports murals really are a sign of the end times.  I am, however, not a real Conspiracy Theorist.  Take this article from Popular Mechanics August Issue.  I read it back in August when it landed on my doorstep.  I’m the guy writing the article and not the people on the cruise.  I don’t keep my drinks on lock-down and I only dabble in the X-Files-ish possibility that the Government is out to get me.

However, with the events that have transpired in the past week, what the hell else am I suppose to think?  I did read Yonatan Zunger’s piece entitled Trial Balloon for a Coup?  As well as’s piece 6 Reasons Why A New Civil War is Possible and Terrifying.  Or the piece by Jake Fuentes entitled The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It.

All of which, I might add, I read after I started realizing that these troubling things, seemed to be weird and beyond troubling.

I have no idea what the hell is going on up there in Washington at the moment.  I will certainly not believe that it’s political business as normal, because it isn’t.  And it isn’t merely the fumbling delusions of a man ill equipped to take office.  There’s always people there to show you the ropes… that is unless you decide you know better and throw them all under a train.  That much is clear… well for anyone who isn’t shouting “Liberal Propaganda” while gratefully being force-fed propaganda in their quaint and cozy Conservative quarters.

But something is certainly amiss, beyond limiting people’s rights or the threat there of.  And Trump has not thrown everyone out (though it’s not for lack of trying apparently), there are still people to show him how things work, so I won’t buy the quibble that he’s new and needs to get into the rhythm of things.

There is simply far too much happening in such a short manner for a logical person not to say, “Wait… what’s really going on?”  There’s too much pushing, far too much for a normal Presidency taking the reigns.  It’s one thing to appropriately select your own advisors or to advocate your own people to fill certain positions, but it’s another entirely to dismiss or advance people without the proper protocols.

You also don’t go around promoting any one news source when you are president.  Besides the fact that the particular news source in question is very biased and very pro fake news – ahem Fox News.  Doesn’t matter.  If he had endorsed CNN or a news source in the UK, it wouldn’t matter.  You don’t get to dictate which news source the people should or shouldn’t be watching.

Or the fact that the Muslim ban is convoluted.  Trump, while running for President stating that he would most certainly create a sweeping Muslim ban.  Putting a ban into place and saying it is not about Muslims.  Saying he would give preferential treatment to Christian refugees only.  Former New York Mayor, now cyber security to the White House, Rudy Giuliani stating that it always was a Muslim ban, and then back pedaling.  Or the fact that the entire ban was so broad.  Too broad almost to grasp.  Seems very much like ants sending out scouts to test the area; to feel for any dangers that lie ahead or if food is available, but in this case to see how far one can push something before it snaps.  What happens if we push this to this point.  Is there a danger?  Do we recoil?  Or have we pushed to our advantage and can continue to proceed?

Or the fact that Guiliani even knew and the leader of Homeland Security had no idea.  Which also seems to be happening a lot.  The very select and sanctum inner circle to Trump seem to keep making all of these plans without bothering to go through the proper channels.  Not to mention that he added at least one Nazi (come on!  You call a spade a spade, you don’t pretty it up) to his inner circle, Stephen Bannon.  The fact that he just keeps moving up the ranks of security all willy nilly, without so much as a by-your-leave… that alone sends up red flags and sounds alarm bells.  Who is really in charge over at the White House?

Or that the Republicans and Trump and his advisors giddily want to smash the ACA into the ground.  There’s no talk of a back-up plan.  Or that Trump wants to keep Indian Health Services intact.  Why?  Why would you do that?  Why would you take everyone off of affordable health care except for Indigenous People.  There are people who are happy about his proclamation to stay the IHS, but that doesn’t make any damn sense.  It doesn’t make me happy for the Indigenous People, it makes me worry for them.

You want to poison their drinking water, but you want them to keep having affordable health care?  That’s like saying you hate citrus fruit, but eat grapefruit every day.  It makes your face contort into a wide eyed, disbelieving grimace while shrugging your shoulders.  It makes absolutely no sense and baffles the mind.

Saw this statement on Facebook today and the love and likes about it was astounding.  Significant numbers, because apparently the majority of either side see no need to research things.

As shared by our group’s friend Maureen Brown:
For everyone who DID something, small or big, your efforts have been successful. Because of you:
1. Federal hiring freeze is reversed for VA (Veteran Affairs). 
2. Court order Partial stay of the immigration ban for those with valid visas.
3. Green card holders can get back in country. case by case basis
4. Uber pledges $3M and immigration lawyers for its drivers after #DeleteUber trends on Twitter. 
5. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) enrollment ads are still going to air. 
6. The ACLU raised 24M over the weekend (normally 3-4Mil/year). 
7. HHS, EPA, USDA gag order lifted. 
8. EPA climate data no longer scrubbed from website. 
9. More people of different career/religious/economic/race backgrounds are considering running for political office than ever before. can’t be confirmed.
10. MOST importantly, since we live in a participatory democracy, the people are engaged.
While more is needed, sometimes you have to celebrate your wins.
Stay vigilant, but also take self care seriously. Activist burnout is a thing. Marathon, don’t sprint.
(Feel free to copy and paste to share. If you click “share,” it will only appear to our mutual friends.)

First of all, no where in the history of the US, has one protest, or even the threat of one protest made a difference overnight.  Do you realize how many women had to march to gain the right to vote?  How many cities?  How many times?  They wanted voting rights starting in 1848.  It took them almost 80 years to be able to vote.  80 years of petitions and marches and protests and rallies.  And that was just the white women!

Women’s rights to contraceptions or even abortion were not an overnight success either.  Women started speaking up in 1914 and contraception wasn’t widely acceptable until 1942, and that acceptance started coming under fire in the early 1960s… and that hasn’t gone away.  As for abortion, it didn’t come under fire until the first half of the 19th century.  Up until that time midwives happily supplied women with any type of feminine and reproductive care that they needed… and everyone was OK with that.  Women didn’t fight for it, but continued to obtain abortions safely until the mid 1800s, then simply continued to get them illegally.  It wasn’t until the 1960s that they started fighting for that right again.  Roe vs Wade or not, the issue has seen opposition since the mid 1800s and it’s only increased.  We’re still far from victory.

It takes years for these things to even break the surface of the government… and sometimes they never do.  Indigenous peoples are still fighting for Government treaties to be upheld, or to even be seen as a people.  Most of their protests never see fruition.  So, to state that one women’s protest over health care (despite having sister marches) and one night of protesting at various airports for immigrants would reverse anything…  Well, it’s either not true, or we’re being toyed with.

So, I researched the above statements, because I research everything that I read.  I go through all the news, finding reputable sources, whose statements are the most recent.

01.  The most recent news says that the freeze is still in place.  Only things older say it’s been lifted but, in fact, it hasn’t.

02.  The Partial Stay is only temporary and the White House refuses to acknowledge it, which in essence means that there is no partial stay according to The President and his advisors, so it’s technically not a win.

03.  Green Card Holders are only being admitted on a case by case basis.  What that basis is, no one’s discussing it.  Everyone else is barred except people with dual citizenship and foreign diplomats.  So, no, that statement isn’t actually correct up there.

04.  Uber did pledge $3m, but it’s not so cut and dry, as Uber is not a very ethical business to begin with, nor the fact that blanket statements don’t really mean anything and they didn’t really call out Trumps views on the matter.  Also, would they have pledged money if their rival hadn’t done so first?

05.  No, not so much.  HHS didn’t state that ads will be run.  They stated that ads will be run, only if they deem it worthy, because they’re not going to continue funneling money into a failed endeavor.  I’m paraphrasing, but that’s all there in the article.

06.  The ACLU did raise that much money in one weekend.  However, they’ve accumulated so much money, that they’re just going to funnel it back into Silicone Valley and specifically to Trump’s advisor, Peter Thiel.  So, umm… that didn’t go well…

07.  Some news sources, from five and six days ago, are stating that gag orders were lifted.  However, five or six days ago, gag orders certainly weren’t lifted; or else why were people still going rogue and why were people talking about gag orders if they’d already been removed?  The most recent article I could find, which didn’t simply cull and cobble information together, was about the EPA not lifting gag orders, although it did lift it’s grant freeze.

08.  There are absolutely no news articles stating that the EPA’s climate data was back on the White House website.  There’s only one saying why it’s gone and it’s only one day old.  Also, a search of the White House page results in this scintillating tid bit about An America First Energy Plan, which is anything but environmentally friendly in any sense of the word.

And honestly I can’t really determine if there’s a tap dance going on up in the White House with statement upon statement that cancels the other one out… or if people and the news are just reporting any ‘ol thing now.

Red Dawn || >>
Red Dawn || >>

Gut feelings are a good thing.  They’re a good thing to listen to, I think.  However, I like to impart logical with feelings.  But, since Trump was elected as president I have had an overwhelming feeling of suffocation and of being trapped.  I keep thinking about this stupid wall.  There’s absolutely no logical basis to even have a wall to begin with, so what’s wrong with my mind going on a different route to ponder.

There’s lots of reasons why it’s illogical.  Illegal immigrants from Mexico can come over into the US by boat or airplane, the latter of which is exactly how they’re getting in the most, so this giant wall is nothing but a farce.  It’s not to say he doesn’t really want to built it or that he won’t even try, but there’s no need for it.  The statistics for illegal immigrants causing crimes is paltry at best.  The numbers for it are a flash in the pan compared to how many are actually here.  You’re as likely to die by a moth shooting down your wind pipe than you are to be subject to criminal activity, personally, by a person of Mexico, illegal or legal.

It will damage the ecosystem.  You might think it’s just a vast wasteland of nothingness, but tons of animals live there.  There’s also terrain and rivers to contend with, not to mention damaging the ecosystems with in, or the flow of that river… or that fact that the river doesn’t supply water just for the US, but for Mexico as well.  Cutting off a source of water for another nation, well that’s below the belt, but it’s also terms for fighting.

Or the fact that we’ve seen this wall before, diving East and West Germany; East and West Berlin.  Separating families.  And a large wall will separate, but exactly what is being separated?  I’m under no delusions that Trump or his people actually like Mexicans (or any other Latin Americans) or Muslims… or anyone.  So, of course it’s sound reasoning that they would want to keep “undesirables” out of the country.  However, walls also keep people in; keep them prisoners; to trap people.  All of the borders of the US are already heavily patrolled by the Government, whether it’s border patrol, the coast guard or armed forces.  All along the Pacific, Atlantic and the border with Canada.  What if the motive (or one of them) is to keep us detained.  To keep us inside.

And what about all of this meddling by Russia.  It’s been proven that Russia had their hands all up in the recent election with intent to help Trump win.  Trump and Republicans screamed about Clinton’s emails and wanting her investigated.  This comes to light however, and Trump does not wish to pursue it, nor do the majority of Republican officials.  Oh, really?!  Why not?  I’d certainly want to look into it… unless of course, it would lead the red hand of blame directly to my face.  And it’s no secret that Trump and Putin, the President of Russia, are on rather friendly terms.

Are we headed for a Red Dawn Cosplay of Doom?  And I’m talking the original from 1984 where the enemy was Russia (USSR), not the remake where the enemy was Korea.  I have no idea.  What else am I to think?  It’s certainly a very slim possibility to put on the table of discussion.  It does have certain merits which should keep it from being discarded.  Though I agree that it’s all speculation at this point.  We can see what’s happening, but to what end result?  That we can not know until it’s almost too late (or until it is too late).


Or how about the theory of a new Civil War.  The country is very divided.  Honestly try to deny it.  You can’t.  The country is angry and frustrated.  Emotions are running high and seemingly being propelled by rocket fuel, no less!  It’s not the placid here and there shuffle of previous decades.  There’s no civility for the opposing side, nor is there a laxed regard for politics.  Even your great auntie who doesn’t know anything about how the government works and never cared about politics before certainly is reading up on things now and has very, very strong opinions.

Everything from Reproductive Rights to food is a hot and sensitive topic.  There’s not a lot of meandering roads left.  You’re either on the correct road or your not.  Grey area’s are gone from any topic and everything is only seen in black and white; in absolutes.  Absolutes are never, ever a good thing.  Ever.  Watch Star Wars, seriously people.  Only Siths deal in absolutes!  There’s not been a bombing of an abortion clinic in a very long while (that I’m aware of) and thankfully too.  However, there is great unrest, rioting, murder, religious building burnings, protests, counter protests, information, disinformation.

There is civil unrest, racial unrest, religious unrest.  There is no rest!  Men pitted against women, straight people pitted against the LGBT community, white people pitted against any ethnicity, Christians pitted against any other religion or non religion, the North pitted against the south, the south pitted against the west, the west pitted against the mid-west, and all other varying regional round-abouts of hatred and lack of respect and trust.  The government pitted against the people and the people pitted against the government.

I’m actually surprised that war hasn’t been declared by now, with headlines stating “First shots fired at New Fort Sumter.  War!”.  I’m glad it hasn’t, but there is a lot of turmoil and tension that is boiling and brewing in this land.  This theory doesn’t surprise me at all.  The playing field is primed and ready to go and has been for the past ten years.

Could the Government simply be pitting us against each other further?  People already hate others for protesting, though they have every right to protest.  Giving people all sorts of things to protest will only incite more hatred from the opposition.  It will also only incite more hatred from the protesting group towards the people who are in such strong favour of Trump and all of his policies.

Most people will hee-haw over any theory even having a tiny bit of merit.  But both seem plausible and frankly after the whirlwind that was January, they seem very probable.  But to what end?  Why would the government want a Civil War?  Decimate the population?  If they’re so worried about over population then they’d totally be on board with contraceptives and abortion.  Create a new US and hope that their followers are still left standing?  It’s no secret that Putin wants the US to fail, but why would the government want Russia in it’s bedchamber?  To control the US?  To implode the US?  Do they want our resources?  Does our Government just want a giant Russian World?

While facts are stacking up and things are looking bleak with regards to everything that’s happening, and looking at how history always unfolds itself (Cuba, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Korea, Russia, Germany, etc), and analyzing things perspectively and logically, the actions are presenting themselves for view and aren’t all that ashamed to hide.  However, just because things do start following a pattern does not necessarily mean that they all end up in a Totalitarian/Dictatorial regime.  But it is something to watch out for and ponder.  I don’t know which way this ill wind will blow.  I’m certainly hoping we won’t end up in some post apocalyptic, war-torn, suppressed existence… but I’m keeping a watch out, none-the-less.


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