It’s The Little Things…

So, random things have been coming across my Pinterest feed or popping into my mind all willy-nilly, or perhaps my Facebook newsfeed.  Things that bother me.  Little quirks, mainly of things that just bother me.  Though there are two that are not trivial at all.  The trivial one’s are simply annoying and personal.  However, if logic and understanding were better implemented with the last two, it would solve a lot of problems.  Misinformation and personal justification are not really your friends.

You’ll see, but first we’ll start off easy with some trivial annoyances.


Staged Bedrooms:  These both came in through Pinterest.  Now, I’m not an immaculately tidy person.  I don’t make my bed and in fact leave my bed looking worse than the first photo.  However, these are staged photo’s to show what rooms can look like; interior design models; bed linen showcases, etc.  I know that they’re going for the “gently lived in” look, so perhaps you can imagine yourself possibly reading the Sunday paper or having some coffee in that bed.  Take it for a mind test drive, so to speak.

I don’t like it.  Everyone already pictures themselves into a room design that they’re drawn to; imagining if it’ll really work for them on a daily basis.  However, these pictures are selling an image, an idea.  It’s almost like a hotel showing you what room you could possibly get upon booking with them.  You also imagine yourself there… or not, depending on how you react to the decor.  To me, the messy picture doesn’t invoke an image of me relaxing in that bed.  It makes me think that someone has broken into my imaginary house and mussed up my bed, some sort of slob… perhaps they haven’t bathed.  You wouldn’t book a hotel that showed you a photo like that, yet I don’t understand why people like it, or how it’s become a new trend.



Staged Food:  Again, I’m not a tidy person.  I’ve made my fair share of food that came out drippy or messy.  It tasted great, but that’s life.  Is that what these photo’s are trying to evoke?  Real life?  Are they like the messy/straight bed’s above?  Because staged food photo’s are selling me the idea of a recipe.  If I don’t find it appealing, then I’m not going to want to make it.  They’re supposed to be pretty, and not sloppy.  But, somehow, sloppy, greasy, messy food photo’s are all the rage now.

The photo’s on either end make me say, “Oh, nope.  Nu-uh!” because I already know I’m messy, so if these staged photo’s are that messy, then my kitchen will be covered in caramel syrup or I’ll be cleaning cheesy tomato grease goo off of everything for years.  All I can see is a mess, not a quirky great mess, but an unappetizing sticky mess and I’ll skip right past the recipe.  The middle one, well it looks like the mini pot pie vomited, so it’s unappealing.  They were trying to fancy up their staged photo, and well… I think they failed.




50 Billion Foot High Ceilings:  I come across the craziest staged room photo’s on Pinterest, pertaining to extraordinary ceiling height.  I do love the background wall in that first photo (they were selling various wall papers, and this is one), but that super high ceiling coupled with the lone light bulb on a string makes me feel like they found an abandoned warehouse and staged only this one section.  So, it’s awkward and odd to me.  Plus, I’m just not a fan of super high ceilings.  I don’t mind a bit of a high ceiling, but not overly so, and never in the bedroom.  So, I’ve supplied a ceiling height I’m comfortable with over my bed in the second photo.  Not the outer ceiling, I’m talking the reading nook insert into the wall.  Perhaps even the height of that second interior shelf would be better.  And I have a theory as to why that is…



Low Ceilings:  These are odd pictures, but I’ll explain.  Growing up, I wasn’t used to a lot of room.  I did have my own bedroom, but it was very tiny, so was the bedroom I slept in at my paternal grandparents’ house; and only a tiny bit bigger than tiny at my maternal grandmothers house.  I was used to small.

So, my parent’s purchased a late 70s model Econoline Van.  Nothing super fancy with a top bunk or tv’s or anything.  Just two front seats, two middle seats (with optional table insert) and a bench couch that would slide down and forward to make a bed (which is what is pictured in the first photo.  The couch converted into the bed.  The interior of this van is more like an RV, but the couch to bed is what we’re aiming for).  So, my sister being a teenager, wanted the entire bed to herself and figured that I could just have a mid chair… or the floor for all she cared.  Well.  That bed overhangs on the front about 2 ft.  As a kid this was a nice, quaint hang out/sleeping spot.  Not to mention that all of the air conditioning vents were under there, on the wall separator (which you can see in the photo is faux wood with a door?..  ours was just blue seat material over metal with six to air circular air vents).  I do love the cold, so of course I would choose these cozy, cold and dark cave area.  My sister complained about not getting an a/c, but surprisingly my parents were on my side.  “You kicked her off the bed.  Perhaps you should have through that through first.”

Then, once, my parents got a really great deal on a cabin rental in the mountains.  It was a cabin made to house a lot of people.  Everyone was excited… except me.  I got my own room.  It was larger than my childhood bedroom (with attached slant-ceilinged playroom) and this room that I’m typing in now (which was my sisters childhood/teen bedroom) combined!  The ceilings were extremely tall.  The bed was a ginormous California King, when all I’d ever slept in was a twin.  There was no furniture besides two end tables and a rather small, for the room, free standing closet… with no door.  I tried sleeping in there that first night and I just couldn’t do it.  I did not feel safe.  I did not feel secure.  I felt like a bunny trapped in a field without cover.

Half-way through the night, I left that room for good and opted for the twin bed under the stairs.  I put my pillow closest to the stairs instead of further away, so I’d feel more secure and spent the rest of the week with that as my bed.  My entire family made fun of me.  It’s not my fault that my parents chose a very small room with only a double bed in it that was dark and cozy like a cave.  They could have gladly had the California King room for giants.  In later years, my sister would remember this incident and remark, “Hey, you’re Harry Potter!  You slept under the stairs too!”  Ha… ha… funny.



Staged Drinks:  Again with the whole staged, but super messy photo’s!  I feel like I’d make a bigger mess than these people.  Oh, I realize they’ve staged it messy on purpose.  But, tell my mind that with its first instinct.  Plus, all I can see is sticky and unappatizing, and I’ll just move along until I find a recipe that isn’t going to explode on me.




Cats As Food:  Obviously I don’t mean cats used as ingredients in a recipe because that really would be horrifying!  No, I mean figurines, pet assessories, or art that’s meant to be cute (but isn’t), depicting cats as food; as in those Sushi Cats.  I always feel like they’ll be serving cats as the main course and it just bothers me.  However, cats as part of a piece of food (not as a dish), like these Avocato’s (get it!  It’s so punny!) is too adorable!  It makes me feel like the seeds of avocado’s are magical cat faeries and I should definitely help them to grow.




That I’m Too Young/Shouldn’t Know Anything:  This one has far reaching tones.  I shouldn’t know anything about railroad travel because I wasn’t alive.  Or I shouldn’t know anything about the sixties because I wasn’t alive.  Or how I shouldn’t know about rotary dial telephones, typewriters, or record players.   I just don’t understand that.  They don’t mean that I can’t really understand exactly what life was like (besides the fact that I did grow up with those last three items).   No, they mean that I wasn’t born, so how could I even know about racial segregation or that you could smoke in train cars, or that first manned space shuttle to the moon, or what a typewriter is much less how to use one.  Yeah, I know.  My mind recoils, “Are they fucking serious?!?”, but the only thing I can respond with is, “It’s called reading.”  Or educational video/telly show, or sound recordings, or newspaper articles.  Did these people not think that things were recorded for posterity, or for advertising in those time periods?

The biggest one, however, is with television shows.  “How do you know about (insert show here)?”  “They’re called re-runs.” is always my response.  Why they don’t understand that I’ll never know.  These people are old enough (were either adults or kids in the fifties) to know that re-runs came about because of I Love Lucy.  She had to leave the show to have her first kid, so they put on old episodes while she was gone, and TV stations have been airing re-runs of telly shows ever since.  They even experienced re-runs where in the seventies they could watch older shows from the fifties and sixties.

So, yes, I bloody well know all about (and watched) I Love Lucy, The Waltons, Dragnet, Hazel, Life With Elizabeth, Bewitched and anything else you can think of.  I’m not too young for anything.  Just because, perhaps, other kids my age didn’t know how a typewriter worked or what an 8-track was, doesn’t mean that no one could know.  Plus, with re-runs happening all the time, every time, unless I was banned from TV, of course I’d know!




One (or a few) vs A Great Many:  This one really bothers me.  I really only see Conservatives do this.  They’ll share some meme of one or only a few people that seem to agree with their stand point (because sometimes it’s not that cut and dry and we really have no idea what was happening with a photo), in an effort to negate anyone else whose point of view doesn’t match theirs.  Or that person who says, “Well, my friend so and so is (insert black or Asian or Native American) and they said it’s OK.”

I agree that you can’t please all the people all of the time.  However, you should be listening to the majority.  Your friend so and so who is Native American might (I say might, because do they really exist, or are you trying to back pedal?) be OK with you wearing a feathered head dress and hooting and hollaring around, or perhaps he supports the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipe Line), or that The Washington Red Skins should keep the name and image.  But he is not the majority.  The majority of Native Americans do not want the DAPL and they do not think it’s OK for you to act a fool while being “Indian” or for them to be used as a mascot with a degrading moniker.  Majority rules is not a saying for nothing.

It’s the same with that one random black guy saying that the Black Lives Matter movement is stupid.  Or a small percentage of black people supporting Trump.  They don’t speak for everyone.  The majority of black people agree with Black Lives Matter and did not vote for Trump.  You can’t use a small group or lone individual that happens to agree with you and say that’s all there is to it.

Say I agree that Poppies at the best flower, but the majority of a group says they aren’t because people drew poppies on the dead after they massacred them.  I still like Poppy flowers, but I would be mindful that the flower is now tarnished because of genocide, so I shouldn’t try to get it passed as the nations official flower, or use it on a banner in a parade that the group that doesn’t like them (for a very good reason), organized.  And I certainly wouldn’t listen to one or five of the people from that group saying Poppies are cool.  That’s fine that they think that, but the majority of their people don’t like poppies.  I wouldn’t use that one random person to keep being an ass; as an excuse to not listen to people who wish to be listened to and have very good reasons for being listened to.

Conservatives seem to see it all as trite.  Like that these groups of people are causing trouble for no reason.  No.  They are making waves, and it makes you uncomfortable, but that’s no reason for them to stop.  You want some football team to have some old hag woman with buck teeth as their mascot and call it White People’s Grandma.  You’d be pissed if people were making fun of your dear old (or dead) grandma and no one cared.  And if your kid was gunned down because they said he “looked shifty” even though you knew your kid was a good kid, you’d be pissed that your kid was killed and the other side didn’t care.

These people aren’t asking you to give them all of your money, or your first born son, or saying that we can’t say the word window or that we now must say the sky is green.  This is how you treat them, and their concerns, like they are inferior and stupid; that they don’t matter.

Majority rules.  That one token person does not represent all of the people of that group.  That small group doesn’t represent the entire group.  It’s the same with the majority of women wanting equal rights, or not wanting what little rights they have stripped away.  A random or small group of women who do think this way, well, I’m sorry.  You can have your opinion, but the majority of women have spoken.

Should I bring religion into it?  Would it help those people?  Say you are a Southern Baptist.  One church in the Southern Baptist Conference wants to invite gay people into their congregation, and the SBC kicks that church out of the group. (Actually it was the local, regional chapter, but the church is no longer listed with the SBC because of their open views towards homosexuality)  It did.  It happened.  So, what if non Southern Baptists want to believe the shunned church, the lone wolf in a sea of Southern Baptist sameness?  That homosexuality, as viewed by Southern Baptists, is A-OK.  You Southern Baptists would be mad, because that one lonely church certainly doesn’t represent your organization or beliefs.  You want the people to know that the majority of you see homosexuality as a sin.  You want people to listen to the majority, because one or a few certainly do not represent your morals.

Same thing.  Which, also leads me into my next and final point of this post for things that bother me.  These last two have not been so trivial, as mussed up beds or messy food, but are rather important and make it onto the list because people are bombarding me with it lately.



Not Listening To The Source:  I find this happening with everyone.  Where you want to listen to your own peers and like-minded people, instead of hearing it from the source.  Ya know instead of getting your information straight from the horse’s mouth.  So, you might have grown up Baptist and heard all of these things, from other Baptists about Catholics, but never once thought to hear it from a Catholic as to what they actually believe.  Or you are a Christian, who hear from other “reputable Christians” (if you’re Baptists, then other Baptists; Methodist, then other Methodists, and so on) that Mormons are a cult and aren’t Christian.  Or you hear from white Christians about all the evils of Islamic people.

But, you don’t actually ask the people you’re bad talking because why?  You think they’ll lie to you to get you to convert?  They’re not going to lie to you.  They’ll tell you exactly what they know and believe.  This would solve a lot of problems and not make you look like an idiot when you spout nonsense that you know nothing about.

I grew up Catholic.  We don’t eat human flesh or drink blood sacrifices.  We don’t have naked rituals to our Goddess, Mary.  Just as Mormons aren’t a cult.  They are weird, but does this make them scary or a cult?  No.  My dad and aunt are Mormons (and Missionaries still come to our house) and I’ve met plenty of them from here and out west from Utah.  I don’t really care for their approach of chatting you up on frivilous matters, getting to know you, and then slipping religion in there.  It feels cheap.  Like, we could have become friends, but that was a tricky maneuver, so not now.  And they’re not all the same.  Just because my dad wants to start every conversation with Joseph Smith or “In The Book of Mormon”, and drone on for hours, he also was a convert and I’ve not really experienced that with other Mormons.  They believe they’re Christian, so they are.  Just like most Christian religions believe they are Christian, though they don’t really follow what Jesus said, and they also don’t like other Christian religions that aren’t their own, I’ve noticed.  But if you want to say you’re Christian, which doesn’t merely meaning believe in Jesus and having his picture up, but actually knowing what he said and didn’t say and following what he told you to follow, then by all means say you’re a Christian.

But, if you talk to the people in question, you’ll find they’re all just people, and for the most part they’re humans just trying to live life, and you’ll find out all the truthful answers that you won’t find else where.  So, this whole business with you thinking that you know what you’re talking about with terms like Jihad, Sharia, and Hijab; perhaps stop listening to the misinformation peddled by Christians, and actually ask Islamic people about it.  Or better yet, watch video’s or read articles that people of the Islamic faith have actually written.  They’re not trying to con you.  Islamic people aren’t radicals, those are different people, like a crazy uncle you don’t want to associate with.  They don’t represent all Islamic people, which I just talked about this in my last point.  Majority.

Plus, it would be helpful if you understood basic things too like Iran is pronounced as ear-rahn and not eye-ran (as in I ran away from a fight), or that Iraq, is ear-rahq and not eye-rack.  Also that Arab refers to people from the Arabian Peninsula.  Or that Middle East really only refers to things that are actually in the Middle East, so not the North East, as in the Caucasus region like Turkey or Armenia, and not North Africa, as in Egypt or Morocco.  Or that Islam is not an evil religion.  (or that it’s not the only religion in those regions and I’m talking more that Judaism or Christianity).  A lot of things one may like about it, historically or modern, were implemented by men.  Sort of like how white Christian men, are deciding what can and can not be gleaned from The Bible and imposing it on others.  So, men’s pride and interference does not make the religion, so stop acting like it does.


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