Getting Back To Business

My computer went kaput a few weeks ago, and today I’m the proud owner of a newer model.  It’s quite untraditional, but I think that it suits me rather well.


I have an iPad that I inherited, and was able to find a bluetooth keyboard, with rather good ratings, over at Best Buy today… on super sale!  It’s really nice.  Sort of like a futuristic typewriter, rather than a desktop or laptop.  I’m really pleased.


More importantly, I’m really pleased to be able to write again; to type.  Pretty ecstatic, actually,  so, prepare for some blog posts in the coming weeks.

So, what have I been doing with my time?  Let’s take a quick look, right?



I’ve been learning about Wildflowers.  Identifying them with my identification books and online, learning which one’s are native and which one’s aren’t, reading up on their uses and taking lots of photo’s of them.  I’ve also taken photo’s of mosses, because I like them.


Attended a lecture at the local uni with The Sister.  It was about the first newspapers in Mississippi; before statehood, which was held because my state is currently celebrating it’s bicentennial of statehood.  There was also Earth Day, which held lots of fun, free items and information at the local farmers market, where I obtained a miniature basil growing kit.

There’s also always time for telly, educational and otherwise.  That top right photo is of a Siphonophore, which I had just learned about, among numerous other things, in the BBC show, Weird Wonders of the World.  The Sister and I have also been watching The Golden Girls, out of order from discs chequed out from the local library.  I have been watching the older Scottish series, Hamish Macbeth, which I’ve been enjoying, besides the fact that Robert Carlyle is so dreamy!  We also watched the films Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them as well as Doctor Strange.


Created a new collage, and have been enjoying the rain.  I also cooked Easter dinner by myself.  It may have taken nine hours for what should have been a three hour meal, but oh well.  It was still delicious, and there’s the homemade banana pudding to prove it.


Created my very own Invader Zim button at the local art walk, had a yard sale with The Sister, and I won a hosting spot for the Tryazon More S’mores party, which I was really excited to win.


Attended a Bicentennial event at the local library.


Attended an exhibit at the local uni and you get fab mid century architectural detailings, a nice stroll and some old books.


I also enjoyed some southern breakfast foods and some healthier fare.


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