Festival South


So, my city hosts this thing every June called Festival South, well at least for the last five or so years.  It’s this month long festival with various free and paid artistic events held in different places throughout the city.

I’d never been big into it in previous years because the things that I was even remotely interested in were super early in the morning or were paid events.  This year, however, there are several things I want to attend, all of them free.

The first event is the Annual Day Lily Show at the convention center on Saturday 3. June.  I like flowers, so I wouldn’t mind going to see this.

The second event is the next evening, Sunday 4. June; The Festival South Film Expo Opening Celebration.  It’s the only Film Expo even that is free and you might could meet a celebrity or two.  Gary Grubbs does live here now and The Sister & I have seen him in the movie theatre lobby on two occassions, so if we could meet him that would be super swell!

I’ll break here to say that one reason I’ve not been interested in previous years is because they’re pamphlet and information online is so confusing.  It’s probably not confusing to everyone, but it certainly is to everyone in this family.  Last year I did make it to two events, but realized that there had been three events that I missed because I couldn’t read their crazy collage map of events with its lack of information.  Which is the second point where it’s confusing.  Some of the events last year that I missed just had a title and no description.

One that I almost missed, until someone that I knew told me what it was, was simply labled something like “A Great Way to Heaven Religious Art Exhibit.”  That doesn’t sound interesting.  But what was it?  Russian school kids who had painted art, while many of them did feature religious themes, it was still a non American interpretation.  Knowing what it was about made me say, “Oh!  Yep, we’re going to see that.”  One thing that I did miss because I couldn’t find it in their menagerie of useless information was that members of THE Russian Ballet were here and giving a FREE preformance.  I would totally have gone to see that!

But, I digress.  Let’s move on, shall we?

The Dark Crystal (& Star Wars) on Video Disc… yes, of course I kept them!

On 6. June is the most exciting thing ever!  They will be showing, for free, at the local cinema, The Dark Crystal.  It’s part of the Bicentennial Celebrations since Jim Henson was a Mississippi native, however, The Dark Crystal is my most favourite film of all time & I never saw it in the theatres.  I was only two when it came out & my mother, being in charge of the new baby, declined to go.  However, I did start watching it the next year (while still being two), because my grandmother purchased a Video Disc player and that was one of the discs she gave with it.

I’m not entirely certain of my very first time to see it, but I have strong memories of trundling into my parents room in the morning while they were still asleep, climbing up on the chaise lounge that was infront of the south window & sitting on top of it to access their small telly and the disc player which resided on their chest of drawers, then quickly sliding down the back and making my way over to their bed where I would perch on the end and watch the screen with rapt attention, quoting along with every single word.

I watched that film every single chance I could get.  At that early age always going into my parents room to preform the same routine any time of day between 5am & whenever they put me to bed for the night at that age.  I always had to gain the top of that chaise lounge a lot; with Video Disc players, the film would go black and that was your cue to stop the disc, and flip it over.  I always loved that part and it would happen during drawing of the essence scene, where that mad scientist-esque Skeksi was draining the essence from Kira, so not half-way through the film, but at an intense moment near the end.

So, of course I would HAVE to see this film in the theatre!  Two summers ago, they brought back E.T. and The Sister and I paid to see it.  They only show the “retro” films at night, when they do, and so it was $9.  I’m dying a little over that price y’all, I won’t even lie.  But, though I had seen it in the theatre as a kid (because it had an extremely long run, so I saw it when I was four), I don’t remember seeing it on the big screen.  So, I’m OK with that being a film that I paid a lot to see in the theatre.

Forgive me for rambling, but that will happen from time to time on any of my posts.  So, I nice segue here is that there are two other films that I have now seen in theatres that I didn’t originally get to see.  Star Wars (ya know now it’s subtitled as ‘A New Hope’, but the original from 1977).  They were supposed to continue with the rest of t he trilogy, but didn’t, so I still have yet to see my favourite Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, in theatres… but perhaps one day that will happen.  It came out a few months before I was born and while I’m sure it had a long stay in theatres, my mother detests Star Wars so wouldn’t have seen regardless of me being born or not.  :/

The Sister & I in a completely different state to see this film!

The other was Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark.  While I’d only seen Return of the Jedi originally in theatres, I did see the last two of Indiana Jones as a kid; The Temple of Doom & The Last Crusade.  In fact, I loved Indian Jones so much & that was to be the last film forever, that I saw The Last Crusade in theatres four times!  However, as you can guess, I was too young to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in theatres when it first came out.

Contrary to what I’m writing I really am not a huge ‘have to see it in theatres/see it multiple times/have to drive far away to see it/go to special screeings type of gal’.  I have done all of that sure, but really not a lot.  I did see Star Wars Episode IV: The Phantome Menace in theatres three times.  LOL  The first was with The Dad & The Sister.  The second was a few weeks later because my friend (who does do this sort of film thing A LOT actually) made that her Birthday celebration.  Then a few years ago when they re-released it in theatres I went again for nostalgia sake.  Plus, they had a weekened to show it & I could choose a matinee price.

I did see The Fellowship of the Ring twice, but that was because it was so good that when a friend who hadn’t seen it yet invited me to go, I said yes.  Then there was PotC: The Curse of the Black Pearl.  I saw it initially, and then that friend I mentioned wanted to see its very last showing ever.  She paid.  I agreed.

I did see two midnight showings; LotR: The Return of the King, which sucked because it was exceedingly crowded, stuffy, warm, and some 10 year old kid was eating strong smelling jerky beside us.  The second was Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part II, which actually was a pretty enjoyable experience as they’d learned their lesson and every single theatre was open for the film to accomodate people.

That friend I mentioned?  She’d see lots of films multiple times in theatre and would go to any & all midnight showings, dressed in costume, or drive hours away just to see a film.  I’m not knocking it, I’m just not that girl.  Unless it’s a film that’s important to me, then I’ll actually drive 2.5 hours to see it, which I’ve only done once and that was for the re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  And it was completely worth it to see it on the big screen, even though I’ve seen that film hundreds of times in my life.

So, needless to say, I’m beyond excited to be able to see my favourite film ever in the theatre.  And I’d paid to see it!  But, double bonus, it’s free.  [EDIT:  Ermm… so my town is apparently not on top of things.  The tickets were free, but yesterday they now say $8, so my parents aren’t going to go.  I’ll still pay to see it, but geeze y’all, you can’t do that to people!]   They have a 10am and a 2pm showing, so of course we’re going to the 2pm one even though that’s a tad early for us.  They’re also showing The Muppet Movie to days after this, but we don’t HAVE to see that in theatres.  Nor do I have to see The Laberynth, which I detest anyways, & good too because they’re charging $15 to see that one!


They also have a Mobile Exhibit of Jim Henson that will circulate, which right now is at the theatre, so hopefully it’ll still be there during The Dark Crystal.  Seems like it would considering that they’ll still have three weeks left to move it to other places.

The last Festival South event I’m sort of interested in (but am sort of not too) is “We Are Mississippi” which is a 3 hour long music extravaganza to showcase the music that makes this state what it is.  It’s free, but it’s also three hours, so I’m not certain yet if I will go to that or not.  It’s on 10.June.

Non-Festival South related, there is that same friends birthday coming up on 2.June, then an Antique Car Show downtown on 3.June, which is the same day as the Day Lily Show, but that is 1-4 and the car show is 9-4, & I’m pretty certain that I could swing both.

So, busy week coming up and I’m excited.  Yay!


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