The Dark Crystal


My family is a strange bunch.  I’ve always heard that I was too young to see this in theatres and that only dad and my sister went to see it.  Even last week mom was sticking to that story.  Yesterday and today, my sister is convinced that we all saw it as a family.  I asked my mom when we came home and immediately she said, “Of course we saw it as a family!”  Regardless, I was only one, whether I did in fact see it in the theatres back in 1982 or not.  I’m going with no, since I don’t remember it.

I was so super excited for today, to see this film in the theatre, since it’s my most absolute favourite film of all time.  My family, however, thought that my excitement was a bit ridiculous.  Who cares!  I was going whether my sister decided to back or think I was weird.  I even didn’t feel so hot early today and I was still going!

So, initially Festival South had this as a free event, but later changed it to $8.  That’s fine.  I mean it’s weird to not have all of your ducks in a row for a festival with all of the correct information up front, but I’d pay $8 to see this film on othe big screen, so I let it slide.

It was raining when we left the house and was still raining a little when we arrived, which was nice as I do adore rain…  

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