The Sister and I are officially on holiday.  As of last night, in fact.  We are house sitting for a friend for most of July.  She’s off having a fab time half-way across the world.  I’m running on about three hours of sleep currently (I think The Sister can sleep anywhere), but I’m having a good time as well.  

While we may be on holiday, we’re only about 5 minutes away from home.  We’re not confined here and we can go home to check on our own kitties, but we are meant to house-sit; to live here.  Plus, there’s so many animals to take care of.  She only has two pets, two boy kitties.  But there are three feral’s that she feeds, among millions of wild birds, squirrels, raccoons, and apparently opossums and flying squirrels as well.  Really, she simply sets out bird food for the birds, but she’s totally OK with the other animals coming into her yard and eating that food as well.

Right now I’m watching a telly show about Stone Henge, because I dig educational shows.  But, umm, it might be because it’s summer time, or a Thursday, but there isn’t much on at almost 8 in the morning, so next will be some paranormal shows.  

I’ve already “slept” in two different beds, finally had both cats indoors, together… at the same time… six hours late (grumble, grumble… and then really I laugh a little), and wondered briefly how her black cat was magical; being in two places at the same time.  That bit is kind of funny.  So, one of her cats is a slim and lanky black boy cat.  One of the feral’s is exactly the same.  This morning both of her cats were inside, I go out back to put food out for the feral gingie that’s out there and when I come back inside and turn around her black cat is out there.  I still need to bring the filled water bowl back outside and when I do, I say the cats name and say hello & he looks as if I’ve got two heads, which though her black cat is a little shy this behavior is odd for him.  I come back inside and three minutes later there’s her black cat.  “How’d you do that?” And he just looks at me like I’m stupid… which I am.

This happens two more times before 6 am because I’m in and out to get more bird feed or whatever.  An hour later I’m thinking, “Wait a minute.  I know she’s got a gingie and a tiger feral, but what colour is the other one?”  I look on her list of instructions and the third feral is black.  No wonder the cat outside was all wide-eyed and “AH!!!  Stranger Danger is talking to me!!!” while my friends cat basically rolled his eyes at me.   

So, we didn’t see an opossums or flying squirrels last night, though The Sister thinks she heard them, the squirrels I mean, but we saw raccoons!  Out back, a fat one swinging from a bird feeder and two on the ground, who both ran up a tree when I went to the door to look out (I was looking for her black cat).  Then the littler ones came down the tree and the raccoons didn’t care about us after that.  They are so cute!

You would think that I’ve never seen wild animals before or birds or raccoons.  I have… a lot.  It’s just that we don’t put out bird food at our house, nor do we sit outside, nor can we see into our backyard at night.  I’ve seen raccoons, in the wild, but it’s not a common occurrence at my house and well, I’ll just always think they’re adorable.  I’ll get excited when I see an opossum in her yard and I see those more around my house.  The birding is fun though.  My parents won’t buy bird food and for a long time we had outdoor cats and girls who were excellent hunters at that, so the birds tried to stay away from our yard.  

Long story short, I’m thoroughly enjoying the birds and other wildlife… and the kitties, of course I like kitties!  

The only problem though is that I live in south Mississippi and it’s July.  It’s not even 8.30 and it’s warm and muggy and not very pleasant out.  Last night it was hot and muggy.  Too bad we don’t have nicer weather or her jaunt overseas wasn’t in the spring or autumn, but oh well.  


I know that I need more than 3 hours of sleep, but I just can’t go back to bed.  Oh, what in the world am I going to do for the next 7 hours?


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