The Woodland Creatures

So, I mentioned in a not so early earlier post that I was house sitting.  It was only day one when I made that post and three weeks have passed since then, but I have photo’s.  Our friend lives in a neighbourhood in the city, but she’s backed up to a creek, so woodland creatures abound.  I even took the good camera so I could take photo’s of everyone without having to get close enough to scare them.  There’s also some photo’s of rain, because I love, love rain.



First off, the cats that we were taking care of.  These are our friends cats.  The skinny, black cat is Astro and the chubby, grey one is Bodhi Mon.  They were so sweet and awesome.  


Here are the stray cats we were tasked with feeding and some snails, real and metal.  The orange one’s name is Number 9, though I called him Plan 9 (as in Plan 9 From Outer Space).  He looked sort of like a worn teddy bear.  Adorable and pretty much he would peer in through one of the low window panes at me and if he’d been wearing a watch, he’d have been tapping his food and looking at said watch in an effort to get me out their to get him his food faster.  The black one’s name is Chekotey, or something like that.  I called him Chechnya, because I couldn’t remember his real name.  I got him and Astro confused a lot actually, because Astro is allowed outside.  The snails were practically microscopic and would come out after a heavy rain.  Took me FOREVER to actually get a clear shot of them… and you know snails, they barely move!  


Lots and lots of squirrels.  Or perhaps the same squirrels over and over again.  I don’t know, they all look the same.  But there were at least four because that’s the most I counted at one time feeding at the base of the tree.  There were also at least four raccoons that I saw at one time.  This one was eating cat food out back at dusk, and I started it when I went out to top off the food and water.  He’s across the yard and up a tree really high.  Great thing I have a camera with excellent zooming capabilities.  The turtle (or tortoise?) would come up to the back of the house every time there was a rainstorm.  He’d let the water fall on his shell off the eaves and then eat some cat food.  One day the rain was so bad that there was a miniature flood on that cement patio and he had to swim for it!


Isn’t it adorable?!  Our friend knows there’s raccoons and opossums and doesn’t mind that they get into the cat food that she leaves out for her cats and for the strays.  This guy was eating at the front of the house and I could take photo’s through the storm door with my mobile.


I never had my mobile with me when an opossum was around, but I did see one eating outside the storm door in the same place as the raccoon above.  I was going to get a photo, but startled him instead.  He stepped in the water and left, leaving two foot prints and a musky smell behind.


These were images that I shot around her neighbourhood.  It’s difficult to tell this small, but that tree in the second phot has a heart in the trunk.  ❤ !


Now we’ll move onto birds.  She has quite a few bird feeders about because she enjoys bird watching while sitting outside.  These are a few Cardinal shots.  I would never have captured a photo of these guys, because if you tried to approach they’d all fly away.  I had to be sitting in a chair by her front door and use the zoom.


So, it was lightly raining one day and I was sitting out under the eaves taking photos of birds.  I was just trying to capture the photo’s before they flew off or moved and wasn’t paying too much attention, until I looked back through the photo’s later.  The first Cardinal one I came to, I thought, “damn, I don’t remember Cardinals looking so ugly!” and then remembered she’d told us about one who was missing all his head feathers but one, and she’d named him Buzz.  Ah, so this is Buzz.  Poor guy.  The second photo was from a week before and he’s kind of gnarly too, almost looks like a mobster in some American-Italian mafia movie.  “You talkin’ to me?!”  Haha.  The last one I especially like because it’s like they’re having this really serious conversation about what they watched on the telly the previous night.


Found out that our friend is not a fan of the Blue Jays.  I adore them!  I’m not really into birds, as in I can’t name a bunch of them, I don’t go birding, I don’t know which call goes with which bird, and I don’t know which birds are related or their scientific names.  But, I like some birds well enough and those are some Owls and then Blue Jays and Crows.  And our friend has a bird book and now I know that Blue Jays and Crows are related.  Well, no wonder I like them!  Her (and my dad just chimed in on this too) view is that Blue Jays are mean.  I find Mockingbirds to be meaner by far.  I am not a fan of Mockingbirds at all.  But Blue Jays I love to the moon and back.  Plus none of them ever attacked any of our cats, so there’s always that going for them too.


So, that’s at least two different Blue Jays for these photo’s.  The top set was the same bird, the photo’s taken in succession, and the same goes for this set here.  


So, here we have a Red-Headed Woodpecker, that same Blue Jay from set 2 screaming at some bird (hehe so cute!), then that same Blue Jay telling a different Woodpecker to get off the bird feeder.  And lastly, some female bird (I say female, because she’s all bland, as females go in the bird world) and a Chickadee.  It’s so cute.  I feel like they could be BFF’s, but maybe it’s because the Chickadee’s such a small and chubby bird and just looks friendly and happy.  The Blue Jay and that Woodepecker definitely are not friends.


My absolute lucky shot.  It’s the same one from the little house feeder and he’d flown to the tree to the left of that.  I had noticed him going back and forth between the spots, so I aligned my camera with this hole in the branches and while I was hoping to get a clear shot of him facing me, I got one clear shot and this was it.


And glorious, glorious rain!


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