How To Speak Brit

I became a member of a new library last week.  It’s not even really a new place, as it was built in 1999.  It’s out in Oak Grove, which is a community, though they’ve tried to be their own town for years and years.  It’s actually where I attended most of my primary schooling.  But we were always members of the Hattiesburg Public Library, because it was the only one around when I was growing up.  I knew this one was being built, and I knew when it was an established library, though I was out of school by the time, but just barely.  But, I had only been once; when Wizard Rock bands were all the rage (inspired by Harry Potter of course).  A friend of mine got them to come to the church that I attended in my childhood (her current church) and I saw several bands play.  Later, some of those bands played at the Oak Grove Library, so I went.  

It was tiny, but nice, and yet I never even thought about joining.  Even my parents joined 10 or more years ago, though don’t go anymore.  It was really only because I attended a lecture at the Hattiesburg Library about a Mississippi authoress and they had none of her books to check out.  Which is really bothersome.  So, I looked into the Oak Grove one, and living in this county, I can join for free, so I just went and joined up.  They did not have any of that woman’s books either, but will try to get them if you request them. I decided to wait on that, for manners sake, but I did come away with some great books for two weeks, one of which is How To Speak Brit by Christopher J. Moore; and that’s the one I wish to talk about in this post.



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