About Alien Tea Shoppe

Enjoying a fine pipe


Perhaps you’ve been reading this quality and quite odd content and you’re wondering whose penning all of it?  It is I!

I have gone by a lot of names and titles in my life, living in dream worlds much like Anne “with an E” Shirley.  However, instead of choosing a name like Lady Cordelia Fitzgerald or being given the title of Carrots, I chose names like Junethon or Vivian, and was given titles such as Empress of Doom or That Girl.  I even wished I had partly been named after my paternal grandfather, Merrell.  But the gal who is writing all of this was christened Sarah Katherine; which thankfully the Katherine bit is after my maternal grandmother whom people called Kappie when she was younger, however that just doesn’t work well for me, though it’s adorable.  Some people call me Sarah Kay, others call me Sarah Katie or even Kitty.  Sarah is fine enough, though it’s never been a name I ever adored to the moon and back, though I will say that I’m glad it’s spelled with an H, as it seems more solid and had less of a chance of flitting away with the secondary A.

Also very much like the Anne girl, I tend to prattle on and I am not very eloquent.  I can never seem to get to a point because so many things, I feel, are worth including.  I can not help but find generally everything fascinating in some way.  I do try to keep each post down, but if you’re new, be forewarned that I am quite wordy.

My innate nature is to be a loner.  I do like company but I like completing tasks and such by myself.  I suppose it might stem from an inability to be able to count on people?  I’m used to doing things for myself, by myself, and I do not enjoy group projects.  So, most of my learning has come from my own exploring.  If I don’t know what something is I will research it until I know it backwards and forwards.  If I’m interesting in something I’ll venture into it.  So, I am self-taught in a wide variety of subjects from photography to art to military history to baking.

Language is something that I adore, as are accents.  I have always been fascinated by them since I can first remember.  I am told that the baby sitter that my parents hired in my infancy was a Scottish girl who was at university here to learn Russian.  She’d speak to me in her native brogue as well as practice her Russian on me with faerie tales and the like.  In my childhood I’d randomly say, over and over again to the point of completely annoying, any new foreign word or phrase that I would learn.  While I did take French in high school, I’ve gone onto to self-study German, Russian, Hindi, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin, Choctaw, and Cherokee.

I also adore music and will have it playing any time that I am working around the house, on the internet, or on my art; as well as while driving around in the car.  I enjoy a wide variety of music and listen to it utilizing Spotify, Pandora, online radio stations, CD’s, iTunes, iPod, and vinyl records.  My taste preferences range from historic Jazz and Blues, and most things in the decades between the twenties through to now.  Musicians and bands ranging from Perry Como to The Doors, Rammstein to Johnny Cash, The Partridge Family to Finish Folk Music.  Nothing is ever really the same and you never know what song or artist will spin next in my playlists.

Which is akin to this blog in many ways.  I cover a wide-range of topics; frivolities to politics, cooking to music, various aspects of my life to anything really that catches my fancy on that particular day.  There’s never any knowing what I will write about next.




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