The Photo Album

My mother has recently been going through her things and deciding on what she really wants to keep around or not.  In the past week, I’ve gotten a few odd and interesting things passed on to me, one of which is this very old and rather busted up family photo album.  One would think to cherish such a thing; a tome filled with ancestors, yet, I’m not even related to these people.  My mom didn’t pick this up at a flea market or estate sale, it was passed down from her mother, because these are her mothers’ ancestors and family; some of which she, my grandmother, knew.

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How To Speak Brit

I became a member of a new library last week.  It’s not even really a new place, as it was built in 1999.  It’s out in Oak Grove, which is a community, though they’ve tried to be their own town for years and years.  It’s actually where I attended most of my primary schooling.  But we were always members of the Hattiesburg Public Library, because it was the only one around when I was growing up.  I knew this one was being built, and I knew when it was an established library, though I was out of school by the time, but just barely.  But, I had only been once; when Wizard Rock bands were all the rage (inspired by Harry Potter of course).  A friend of mine got them to come to the church that I attended in my childhood (her current church) and I saw several bands play.  Later, some of those bands played at the Oak Grove Library, so I went.  

It was tiny, but nice, and yet I never even thought about joining.  Even my parents joined 10 or more years ago, though don’t go anymore.  It was really only because I attended a lecture at the Hattiesburg Library about a Mississippi authoress and they had none of her books to check out.  Which is really bothersome.  So, I looked into the Oak Grove one, and living in this county, I can join for free, so I just went and joined up.  They did not have any of that woman’s books either, but will try to get them if you request them. I decided to wait on that, for manners sake, but I did come away with some great books for two weeks, one of which is How To Speak Brit by Christopher J. Moore; and that’s the one I wish to talk about in this post.



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The Woodland Creatures

So, I mentioned in a not so early earlier post that I was house sitting.  It was only day one when I made that post and three weeks have passed since then, but I have photo’s.  Our friend lives in a neighbourhood in the city, but she’s backed up to a creek, so woodland creatures abound.  I even took the good camera so I could take photo’s of everyone without having to get close enough to scare them.  There’s also some photo’s of rain, because I love, love rain.


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Twenty Years

For some reason this summer, I have been thinking a lot on the year 1997.  It was rather a big year for me, but it was strange that I should be thinking on things.  It has been twenty years, but I hadn’t realized that until I started wondering why these things kept flooding back to me.  It would happen while on a drive in the car, remember a street I’d driven down and with whom, or passing a building that was of significance or some other such thing.  Sure that seems logical that passing tangible things would recall these memories, only it’s odd.  I still live in the same town that I did all those years ago.  I drive down these roads and pass these buildings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the past decades.  Does my brain just realize that it’s been twenty years and figures that it is an important lapse of time?


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The Sister and I are officially on holiday.  As of last night, in fact.  We are house sitting for a friend for most of July.  She’s off having a fab time half-way across the world.  I’m running on about three hours of sleep currently (I think The Sister can sleep anywhere), but I’m having a good time as well.  

While we may be on holiday, we’re only about 5 minutes away from home.  We’re not confined here and we can go home to check on our own kitties, but we are meant to house-sit; to live here.  Plus, there’s so many animals to take care of.  She only has two pets, two boy kitties.  But there are three feral’s that she feeds, among millions of wild birds, squirrels, raccoons, and apparently opossums and flying squirrels as well.  Really, she simply sets out bird food for the birds, but she’s totally OK with the other animals coming into her yard and eating that food as well.
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Classic Cars

Lucky Rabbit Antique Car Show


Classic cars have always been a pretty big part of my life.  Older, extended family members who grew up in the era always talking about them or pointing them out when they’d see one in the wild like it was a magical unicorn to immediate family and family friends owning and working on them.  Perhaps none which were in my immediate life had a sparkly new paint job, but they were always there and I suppose in a way they are like a magical unicorn.  I’m not certain that I would have a love for them if I hadn’t been inundated with them them in my formative years, but I like to think that I would.

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The Dark Crystal


My family is a strange bunch.  I’ve always heard that I was too young to see this in theatres and that only dad and my sister went to see it.  Even last week mom was sticking to that story.  Yesterday and today, my sister is convinced that we all saw it as a family.  I asked my mom when we came home and immediately she said, “Of course we saw it as a family!”  Regardless, I was only one, whether I did in fact see it in the theatres back in 1982 or not.  I’m going with no, since I don’t remember it.

I was so super excited for today, to see this film in the theatre, since it’s my most absolute favourite film of all time.  My family, however, thought that my excitement was a bit ridiculous.  Who cares!  I was going whether my sister decided to back or think I was weird.  I even didn’t feel so hot early today and I was still going!

So, initially Festival South had this as a free event, but later changed it to $8.  That’s fine.  I mean it’s weird to not have all of your ducks in a row for a festival with all of the correct information up front, but I’d pay $8 to see this film on othe big screen, so I let it slide.

It was raining when we left the house and was still raining a little when we arrived, which was nice as I do adore rain…  

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