This Strange Life – The Weekly Roundup

I live a strange life, there’s not really any denying that.  I’ve also had a strange past week, which I suppose is really only strange, because it’s too many things all in one small grouping of time.


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Of Sports and Sciences and Maths

Recently I keep remembering all the things my dad and I have done together in the name of science!  Well, and sports… and really just school in general.  Things done with dad were different than with mom, but that’s a whole different area to tackle right there.

For the most part mom shuttled us places; girly places like Girl Scouts or Dance and Piano Lessons, as well as doctors appointments and the like.  Sometimes she’d help us tackle something artistic, if it was something to do with Sunday School, but for the most part, help with school work or extra curricular activities fell to dad.


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Sci-Fi Memoirs of a Geisha

I just finished reading this book; The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco.  I checked it out from the library last week.   It looked promising with its lead in of  Let me be clear, I never intended to raise my brother from the grave…;  however I was sorely, sorely let down by this tome.


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Came across this article today, An American Dialect Dictionary is Dying; Here Are Some Of Its Best Words.  It’s a good read, because I didn’t even know about DARE (Dictionary of American Regional English), there is a digital copy to paruse through (even if they did, sadly, lose their financial support), plus this is my sort of thing right here.  Actually, I really want this in hard-copy now that I know of its existence.

If you’ve been reading awhile then you’ll know my love of language, mainly non English language, but also the rare words no longer used in English, be it British or American.  I’ll even add some into my repitoire; things such as wilkes (corners of the mouth), collywobbles (fragment thoughts that distract), and ninnybroth (coffee).

So, this post will be yet another language post.  Huzzah!  I’ll just want to briefly mention a few words from this map supplied by The Huffington Post, move into an Only In Your State article about Mississippi, and then I’ll bring my own gems to the table.  Let’s get started, right?




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I’ve always been plagued by nightmares as far back as I can remember.  Mainly I just have bad dreams that leave a sour taste in my mouth and leave me feeling like I ran a marathon in my sleep.  For the most part, the nightmares I’ve endured have ended the same way, perhaps leaving me feeling weird.  Some of them, however, have raised a solid emotion of unadulterated fear from my depths.

Last night was one of those nightmares.


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Camp Shelby Centennial

So, I kind of dig war.  Well ancient and historical wars mainly pre-dating World War II.  I just like learning about it, it’s not that I like the blood-shed or calamity.  I do think it’s important to support our troops, though I think the war machine that is us should step back a lot.  I never like the real people in charge of these wars though.  It’s always greedy men wanting more than they should have and getting the little people to die so they can have it all.  Regardless, I still find it fascinating and do go to see battle sites and war museums.  

About thirty minutes south of me is Camp Shelby, which is an active Army base also with a Military History museum.  They opened in the midst of The Great War and were celebrating their centennial on the 18th of July with a big to-do.  Dad is big into war too, more so than me considering that he was in the Marine Reserves, his dad fought in World War II, and he’ll watch any and all war movies, shows, and miniseries.  So, I told him about it and we went.  



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Coastal Holiday

If you’ve been reading, then you’ll know that posting is shoddy and non-consistent, mainly due to the fact that trying to execute a blog post via an iPad is not exactly ideal.  But ya make do, right?  You’ll also know that The Sister and I house sat for a friend for three weeks back in July.  This is important because via that friend we were handed a free condo for a week on the coast.  

Her friend had already paid for it, but couldn’t use it.  Our friend couldn’t use it as she’d be working.  We’d done such a smashing job house sitting that she knew she could recommend us and we wouldn’t leave the condo a wreck after being there.  We were the only takers, and thus starts our holiday.  



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