Natural Disasters

I’ve been watching the BBC documentary show, The World’s Worst Disasters, and well, I learned something, which I suppose is the point of a documentary, right?

The snow pictured above was featured on episode 11, entitled Extreme Weather.  Let’s discuss, shall we?

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Bicentennial Bingo – Civil Rights & Asking Questions

In this blog post I’ll be coving the Bicentennial Bingo game board squares of Visit A Site Important to Civil Rights & Ask Questions About Mississippi.  There are a lot significant sites in Mississippi’s Civil Rights and there is a lot to learn, which I encourage you to do.  There is also a lot of information and random facts one can learn about this state which should be informative and fun.

So, let’s get cracking, shall we?  Yes, lets!

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Bicentennial Bingo – Authors to Craftworks

Continuing with my foray into Bicentennial Bingo, we’ll be covering the spots of Mississippi Authors, State Parks, Volunteering, The Pines Region, and Mississippi Craftwork.  It’s a large grouping, simply because I haven’t immersed myself properly in any of them as much as other sections, or they simply don’t warrant their own post.

But never fear.  This will be interesting and while there will be information, it won’t be too much.  So, let’s dive in shall we?  We’re hitting Mississippi Authors first.  Hurrah!

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Bicentennial Bingo – Museums

The first square of Bicentennial Bingo says to Visit A Museum.  There are a lot of museums in Mississippi.  A lot.  There will even be two brand new museums this coming December; the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History.  They even opened a new Grammy Museum in the delta last March.  I’m excited to see the two that are opening in December.  However, it doesn’t matter if the museum is super teeny tiny or very grand and large.  We’ve got them and I have hit a lot of them.  My family is really big into museums.

There are various types of museums, but if they have an actual museum tacked on to them (and are not merely a cultural place, which I’ll say for later), then I’ll list them here.  I’ll also list them by region [Delta, Pines, Hills, Coastal, Central/River], since that is how Mississippi is divvied up.

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Bicentennial Bingo – Mississippi

Mississippi is currently celebrating her Bicentennial of statehood and the Mississippi Library Commission has put together Bicentennial Bingo.  Being a native Mississippian, I’ve pretty much won at Bicentennial Bingo.  Go me!  But, as a native Mississippian, I can help you should you decide to visit during our Bicentennial year, or at any other time.  Mississippians love exploring their home state and I am no exception!

This will be my introduction blog post, with subsequent posts to follow.  I already tried working on just the museum section and realized this all needed to be broken down into more readable posts instead of a giant novel.  So, in this first post, let’s get a basic feel for Mississippi and an idea on Bicentennial Bingo.

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Mental State of Health

Mental Health is a big topic of late.  With the passing of Robin Williams and Carey Fisher to a current Mississippi bill that is slashing funding for mental health, or the overturning of a national bill denying individuals with severe mental health problems from purchasing guns; the topic of mental health is everywhere.

Robin Williams was battling depression and committed suicide two years ago this coming August.  Though Carrie Fishers’ death was not mental health related, she was an advocate for mental health awareness.  Her cremated ashes were put into a Prozac pill urn.  It was one of her favourite possessions, this giant Prozac pill, and it was not unknown that she suffered from depression and bi-polar disorder.

Autistic spectrum disorders are being highlighted in television series and films including Parenthood, Snow Cake, Mary and Max, and Temple Grandin.  Females are now being identified as falling into the Autistic Spectrum denoted as Asperger’s Syndrome, when it was previously thought that it was a male dominant syndrome.

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This Lovely Southern State of Mississippi

So, there’s several things happening (or not) right here in this lovely southern state of Mississippi.  I am being insincere with that lovely bit.  This state may be where I’ve lived out my entire life so far, where most of my memories are, where I feel a great connection to the land… but this state is far from lovely on a lot of points.  The weather, for one, has never been my cup of tea, and it’s only getting worse, but technically that’s not the fault of the state as in land and trees just doing what they do.  Besides, one good thing about Mississippi is how rural it is; as we hardly have any factories, so have hardy any of that type of emission… and we’re not big cattle people.    So, the weather is just a technicality, most people residing here love it.

However, barring any unsavoury history, because we all know the atrocities of Mississippi, historically speaking; but on most counts it seems just as backwards as it ever did, sadly.  People do make strides, but then other people like to take it back about fifty steps.

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